Highlighting the Contributions of Women to HPC
Welcome to the WHPC March Newsletter! This month’s newsletter is full of inspiration and opportunities, and we are thrilled by the number of organisations chipping away at the diversity and inclusion challenge. As we are well aware, there is no ‘silver bullet’ that will magically ‘fix’ diversity and inclusion, but all of these small contributions, however small they may seem, really do have a great cumulative impact.

This month sees the launch of Barcelona Supercomputing Centre’s Bioinfo4Women programme, and WomEncourage has opened its call for posters at this year’s annual European celebration of Women in Computing. Also in this newsletter: a great resource to get your group talking about unconscious bias and the problem of ‘hidden women’ whose contributions have been quietly erased from history.

We are delighted to let you know that we will once again be running workshops at both the ISC June conference in Frankfurt and SC18 in November in Dallas. We are also thrilled to be working with the main ISC18 conference organisers to showcase the work of talented women who present at the WHPC workshop in the main conference poster session. Keep an eye on our social media for details.

Finally, we share with you this paradox: a study in Psychological Science using an international dataset of almost half a million participants confirms that more gender equal societies have fewer women earning STEM degrees. The research also explores the causes that are driving these counterintuitive findings. Read the summary in the British Psychological digest to find out more.

Barcelona Supercomputing Centre Launches the Bioinfo4Women

Bioinfo4Women, the “Outstanding Young Female Bioinformaticians Programme,” aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and the experience of young researchers who have an outstanding career in science and technology though trainings and mentoring. Through the programme, the centre seeks to give greater visibility to the contribution of women in different fields of science, with a particular focus on the areas of personalised medicine, bioinformatics, and HPC.

The Bioinfo4Women programme aims to establish an international network of female bioinformaticians and institutions in this field, and involve them in the project's activities, thereby multiplying its impact.
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Understanding Implicit Bias

Implicit or unconscious bias is a constant theme in the world of diversity and inclusion. Many institutions are now making training available, and in some cases this training is mandatory for managers and those who hire. Good quality training is sometimes hard to get, however, and sometimes the hardest thing is knowing how to approach sceptics.

If you are looking to learn more and discuss with your colleagues, this white paper is a great resource to get the conversation going in your own department/group/company.
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Help us Shine the Spotlight on Forgotten Women

Part of WHPC’s mission is to highlight the contributions that women make to HPC. We do this through multiple routes, including sharing blog articles by women on their work, providing a platform for women to talk about their work at our events, and sharing stories about great women on social media. But sometimes we are still surprised at how infrequently women are talked about in the HPC media. Of course, we shouldn’t actually be that surprised, as we need to break a culture of hiding women’s contributions that has been around for centuries. We were therefore delighted to read about forgotten codebreaker Elizabeth Smith-Friedman, who has been “brought back” by the author Jason Fagone. We wonder how many other women have been forgotten.

If you know of inspiring role models who have been forgotten, why not write a blog post for WHPC and help redress the balance? Get in touch with us and send us your ideas.
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WomEncourage Calls for Posters



It’s WomEncourage time once again! We are always thrilled by the celebration of Women in Computing Europe every year at the WomEncourage conference, particularly last year because we got to participate!

Applications are now open for posters. This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in the leading Women in Computing conference in Europe. Please share with anyone who you think may be interested. Note that you don’t have to be a woman to submit a poster!
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Opportunities in HPC

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