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Hi Friends,
We are now in the heart of winter and its time to let your warmth flow throughout your circle of family and friends. It’s a great time to enjoy art and live a bit through the artists eyes. That artist can even be you!

Coming up in February we have the first New Pro Artist Weekend in Waimānalo for those of you who wish to make your living, or part of your living as artists. We have a special group of presenters as well as myself there to help you navigate the process of beginning your artistic career.

The art tip this time is on your Painting Moonlight Scenes and the featured Painting In Paradise TV episode is on the remote islands of Hawaii known as 

At long last the Papahānaumokuākea Song Coloring Book Pages will make their debut at the 10 year anniversary of the oceanic monument which will be held at the Waikiki Aquarium on February 16.

Then of course we have our Favorite Photos which always leave us feeling good. February is for lovers and Valentines day and all of us who thrive on love so give some extra love to the world.

A special Mahalo goes out to those of you who write encouraging messages and order art and classes. Thank you for your support.

With Aloha from me,


Painting Moonlight Scenes
Painting moonlit scenes can be a challenging experience, yet if done well, can produce very beautiful results. The first thing you might notice about a full moon night is that things are  relatively monochromatic (like dark and light but in blue).
It is a virtue of the artist to enhance what little color ze can see. (ze is a word I made up to mean he or she. Yeah, I make up words).
Even a real moon bow, a legitimate rainbow produced by moonlight, is lean on color and may appear white or silver. Grab every hint of color you can see or imagine and exaggerate it a bit; the glow of the lower sky, the area around the moon, the highlights on the water and the coconut fronds.
As an artist I feel it’s my duty to notice more about nature than most people do. As artists we can help the others see more than they are used to seeing and therefore we are in a great position to help others become enlightened. 




Are you or someone you know wanting to make art your career?This rare event will give an important boost to artists wanting to become professional by making part or all of their income from their art.  It will be held at the Painting In Paradise Beach House Studio and will include painting workshops, as well as talks by myself and special guests, about the things a new professional artist
needs to know and do.

Among the topics covered will be two Art Skills workshops in Acrylic and Oil Painting by Patrick Ching;
Financial Record Keeping will be presented by Corinna Santiago-Repucci Certifed agent for U.S. Tax Service and in Arizona.
Photo Scanning and Reproducing Your Art by Larry McCarthy, President of Chromaco Inc., Sales and Marketing by Ron Martin, Author of Retail Selling Made Easy
and even a class on Teaching Art. What?
Yes!! You can teach and I I'll tell you why you should.

The cost for the Painting Workshops and Art Business Presentations is $495 and includes all paint and supplies. The cost for the Art Business Presentations Only is $250 and the individual painting workshops alone are only $150 each.
Beach house lodging may be available.

*High School and college students may receive a discount. Please contact me for more information about this life changing weekend.

Click Here to register and reserve your limited space.

*Photos and video of events may be used on Patrick Ching's Painting In Paradise TV show on Spectrum OC16.

Honu and Hina" Book Originals
   The original book illustrations are being sold at only $300 per page to help with the cost of reprinting these important books. The text does not appear on the original paintings. Some pages are already sold but there here are some adorably classic pages left. You can help us keep the books in print and own a piece of history as well. A great gift for your loved ones who grew up reading these award-winning books.
Click here for Honu and Hina Book Originals
and inquire about Rabbit Island Original Book Paintings.

Painting In Paradise TV Show

Papahānaumokuākea Episode
Our featured episode of the painting in paradise TV show is on Papahānaumokuākea, the vast expanse of ocean and tiny islands which lay to the northwest of the main Hawaiian islands.
Learn about the plants and animals that inhabit these islands and enjoy the song performed by Kawika Kahiapo that teaches you how to say the long Hawaiian name and what it’s meaning is.

*See the episode on my Youtube Channel and Please subscribe to my channel as well: PatrickChingYouTube 
You can download the song, its lyrics, and ukulele chords at

Papahānaumokuākea 10 year Anniversary at Waikiki Aquarium February 16, 9am-2pm
 A Monumental Celebration

The long awaited release of the Papahānaumokuākea Song Coloring Book pages will be available on Sunday, February 16, 2020, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Waikīkī Aquarium at the celebration to mark 10 years of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument as a World Heritage Site.

Come out and join me and the Painting In Paradise crew at this highly educational and fun event. We'll be there to help you paint your favorite ocean creature and you can get FREE coloring book pages which will also be available at 


Becoming A New Pro Artist
FREE Presentation by Patrick Ching
February 21, 6-8pm

Are You Considering a Business in Art?
Come to this entertaining and informative event and meet real professional artists. Patrick Ching will share his story with you of how and why he started his rewarding career as an artist and educator.
Learn about what you need to learn to receive income from your art and ask the hard questions and get real answers. Find out why an artist would become a wildlife ranger, a gallery owner and a rodeo clown to boot!
 Enjoy some history in Hawaiian art and wildlife as Patrick shares his life with frogs, birds, seals turtles, sharks horses and bulls.
Reservations are required for this Free Event
at the beautiful Painting in Paradise Studio in Waimanalo.
For reservations email:

Register Online at 



Favorite Photos

Gail's Dolphin Sunset.

Valentines Day memories with Kimo and the gang...

Wala'au-ing with Dickie Chang and Friends on Kauai.
Congratulations on 25 years of your Celebrated Wala'au TV Show!

Kalei and Dolphin Blue.

Honu and Hina color book original paintings

Manu 'Iwa painting in Waimānalo.

Elvis and Friends Getting ready for a speaker presentation at the Painting in Paradise Studio...

Happy Valentines Day! Aloha

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