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Aloha Friends,
How are you doing out there? 
I hope youʻre well and getting ready for shorter, cooler days.
There is a lot of new things going on right now and I hope that you can find all the blessings that abound. I'm sending some hugs to those who have been suffering hardships and encourage you to look for the hidden opprtunities to reinvent yourself. 

Recently, I pondered the lyrics of a Carly Simon song that said "These Are the Good Old Days". Though it may be the farthest thought from your mind right now, look around and cherish all that's good. You may find the some pleasant irony in those words as I have on many occaisons.

Our Art Tip this time is on Inspiration.
Itʻs one of those things that is hard to plan for, yet it is the seed from which all our ideas grow.

The New Painting in Paradise tv show features the extinct ʻŌʻō birds of Hawaii. This one has a lot of sentimental importance to me, as the story of the ʻŌʻō was the one that got me so inspired to become a wildlife artist. *In this letter Iʻm reaching out to those who may be interested in contributing to the production of the Painting in Paradise tv show. It is one of the most important productions that I do.

You can see the trailer to the new Hi on Art movie that I'm included in starring my lovely artist friend Jae. The movie will be out this December. Imagine that,
...a movie about artist in Hawaii. 

As a suppliment to my online painting lesson courses I'll be creating new painting videos. The first of the new Lessons on painting the moorish idol is available now. 

My Special this month is a Free 8x10" Matted Print of your choice with every order over $100 dollars. See details in the letter below.

Finally, I hope you enjoy our Favorite Photos and I'd love it if you to send me some pictures of you and your art. 

With Aloha from me,

Art Tip

Managing Inspiration 

Are we ever ready for a flash of inspiration? I think most of us arenʻt. As a result, many of the great ideas that could potentially come to life, are forgotten.
Inspiration hits me in some of the most inconvenient times, like when Iʻm on a deadline for something due soon, and an idea hits me that I have little choice but to persue. I say "little choice" because I Always have a choice, but I say "little choice" because working on new ideas that excite me is in my DNA as an artist.  

Artists are creators. We need to aknowledge that. We make our plans ond proceed with our projects and deadlines with little time to spare. Itʻs hard to focus and complete projects when new ideas are coming at us from places we did not expect. As I was writing this I got hit with an idea. I went to get a bright piece of paper to add it to my to do list and right before my pen hit the paper..."Poof!" My idea vanished.  

So what is my advice on managing inspiration?
Take immediate action. Excitement is the energy that makes great ideas become great products. So work on your ideas as much as you can right when they come. Bring it to a significant point before putting it away for later. If itʻs not possible or practical to work on it right away, then at least jot it down right away.

Like in most things my advice is to set yourself up for success. In this case it is success in getting ideas to actually happen. The way I do this is to place pens and writing paper or post-it pads all around my living area and in my vehicle. When ideas hit, be prepared to write them down fast. They may be gone in a few seconds. Punching keyword reminders into my cell phone is another habit Iʻve made that really makes a difference.

Another very important tool I created is my Ideas Folder on my computer. All the notes from my post it pads and phone messages should end up here if Iʻm managing my ideas well.

Finally, make some time to revisit your ideas folder as well as your logbooks. A wealth of information is kept here and the word "wealth" is not used lightly. Within these ideas are the scources of you most exciting projects as well as your income.

Painting In Paradise TV Show 

The ʻŌʻō Bird Episode 

Though it vanished into extincion long ago, the story of the ʻŌʻō birds of Hawaii moved my life in a purposeful direction when I was a lost kid.
This pencil drawing called "Portal to the Past" was the first art piece I printed and sold on my own, starting my life as a nature artist and educator.
When I finally got my TV show, Painting in Paradise, a big part of my lifeʻs dream came true. Now I can reach more people with the message of protecting nature through art.
This episode on the ʻŌʻō birds includes photos and sound recordings of the last ʻŌʻō on Kauaʻi. It also contains an interview with Haruo Uchiyama of Japan who has carved many of Hawaiiʻs extinct forest birds to bring awareness to them and help protect the species we still have left.
Thereʻs also a song in it that I wrote which was performed by Jim "Kimo" West. The song is called "Singing to Myself". Special thanks to H.Douglas Pratt, Robert J. Shallenberger, and Sheila Conant for their art, pictures, recordings and talks we had recalling the last ʻŌʻō .

If you donʻt see the episode on OC16tv,...
Here is a link to the episode on
Patrick Ching Youtube:

*Teachers - Each Episode is like a Class on Art and Natural History and includes a Teachable Drawing Lesson.

You can watch Painting in Paradise on
Spectrum OC16tv in Hawaii on:

Mondays: Past Episode: 10am, New Episode 4:30pm
Wednesdays: New Episode: 10am, New Episode: 5:30pm
Thursdays: New Episode: 11pm
Fridays: Past Episode: 10am
Saturdays: New Episode: 5pm
Sundays: New Episode: 9am, New Episode: 11:30pm

  Sponsorship Oppurtunity

Would you like to help me produce the Painting in Paradise TV Show and let folks know about your business at the same time?
Iʻm reaching out to those who may be interested in contributing to the production of the Painting in Paradise tv show. With my lifeʻs mission to promote Art and nature education, it is one of the most important things that I do.

Please contact me if youʻd like to discuss ways you can participate. You can see our sponsorship opportunities click here:

 October Special FREE PRINT

A FREE 8x10" Print with Orders Over $100 

Simple and sweet, get an 8"x11" Matted Print of Your Choice with any order over $100 (before shipping). The Free print normally costs $29.95 plus shipping (which you will not pay) so a $37.95 value print at no charge for orders over $100.
*Let me know if you want it signed to someone

NEW Online Painting Lessons 

New Moorish Idol Painting Lesson Available

As a suppliment to my online painting lesson courses I'll be creating some new painting videos. The first of the new Lessons on painting the Moorish Idol which in Hawaii is known as Kihikihi.

Each video is only $19 and there are great discounts on courses of nine, seventeen, or twenety six lessons demonstrating my techniques for for painting nature.


To see the online lessons go to:

HI ON ART Movie Coming Soon

 This December the Hi on Art movie wil premier featuring my beautiful friend Jae who is a dynamic artist who visits myself and other Hawaii artists for inspiration. Iʻll be posting more about this in the months to come. You can see the trailer and more TV epsidoes of this Hawaiian Art TV show at

Favorite Photos

The Hawaii ʻŌʻō by Dutch artist Gerrard Keulemans.

The Extinct Family of Moho (ʻŌʻō Birds).

The Last Kauaʻi ʻŌʻō Photo by Artist H.Douglas Pratt

Hi on Art Movie Coming This December.

With the Artist Jae on the set of Hi on Art.

Enjoying the moonrise from the cool Waimānalo sea.

Aloha till we hui hou...

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