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Hi Friends,
Here we are in the merry-est month of all. In Hawaii that means wind, rain, sun and surf. It also means a season of good will and giving. The artists are busy in their workshops creating as much as they can while at the same time tending to their families and managing their lives. 'Tis definitely the season for painting with aloha.

This month's Art Tip is on supporting fellow artists with cooperation rather than competition.

Our Painting In Paradise Artist Retreat is coming up on December 14 and 15 at a beautiful beach front property in Waimanalo. This will be an unforgettable paradise learning experience for those participating. There's still time to register at

Our Christmas Special through December is get a FREE 8"x10" matted print with each order, or, get an invitation to the Hawaii Artists Christmas Party.

Mahalo for viewing our Hawaiian art newsletter and I encourage you to contact me with anything I may help with.

Please enjoy our favorite photos and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
With Aloha from me,

Art Tip

Supporting Fellow Artists
It seems that some things do get better with age. Cooperation is something I learn more about as I get older. As a young artist I was definitely more protective of my work and painting techniques. A big reason for that is because artists are generally protective of their creations and when we are younger, the inclination to own or possess something is sometimes stronger than our desire to share.

Help the newer artists to express themselves by teaching them what you have learned in every aspect of art and business.
You may find that you are not so offended when someone paints in a similar style, or depicts your favorite subjects. I'd like to encourage you not to look at art as a contest, but to notice how what you do is influencing others. 

Be helpful to your fellow artists and celebrate their successes. Help to build a bridge of cooperation that unites artists rather than a barrier of competition that separates us. Make your first impulse one of encouragement be thankful there are more people out there exposing the world to that which you love.
artists reading this may have a long enough career to enjoy the personal growth that comes from dedicating ones self to the arts.

Our Christmas Special

Through December is get a FREE 8"x10"matted print with each order, or, get an invitation to the Hawaii Artists Christmas Party. The print will be this 'Apapane Lehua design
or you can specify your favorite piece.

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This story was written by a kid who needed to make up a reason for why this island was called "Rabbit Island". Meet Hapa Rabbit, who loved the birds, and find out the meaning of
"Manana" the real Hawaiian name of this island.

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Painting In Paradise TV Show

Waimanalo Painting Retreat Episode
Join guest artists John Pitre, Kim Taylor Reece, and musician Kawika Kahiapo at our first ever painting retreat in Waimanalo. Learn to draw the red footed boobie and find out why the island of Manana is nicknamed "Rabbit Island". 

Watch the episode here:

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Upcoming Events

December 14 and 15 Painting In Paradise Christmas Retreat and Party, Waimanalo, Oʻahu
Our 2019 Painting in Paradise Artist retreat is coming up on December 14 and 15 at the same beautiful beach front property as our first retreat. This years event will feature a mini surfboard painting workshop and a Genesis oil painting workshop. We also have more free time set aside as well as a canoe trip to Manana (Rabbit Island) Island and a Hawaii Artist Christmas party. There may be one of the cottages available to stay in if you inquire soon. (Maybe even the one where Hawaii five - O was filmed at). If you would like to learn a lot of artistic techniques, mingle with prominent Hawaii Artists, and enjoy some real Hawaiian cooking and hospitality in the most beautiful paradise setting, this is the place to be!
*December 15 - Hawaii Artist Christmas Party 5-9pm

January 19 Oahu Nature Painting Workshop, Waimanalo, Oʻahu
January 27 Kauai Nature Painting Workshop, Hanalei, Kaua'i
January 21 through February 1 KAI Ocean Art Show, Kauaʻi
February 21 through 24 New Pro Artist Retreat, Waimanalo, Oʻahu

Favorite Photos

Painting in Paradise, Waimanalo.

Family Art Day in Las Vegas.

Mom's Master's heart and Love Letters books make inspiring and meaningful gifts. 

Friends and castles.

Acrylic Mermaids in Vegas.

Las Vegas Painting Party.

Artists of Hawaii Christmas Party Coming Dec 15.

San Diego Painting Workshop at Artist Life Studio.

This guy may be nuts, but i like him...
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