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Hi Friends,
The new year is upon us and so is the time for creation and growth.
Our 2019 Painting in Paradise Artist Christmas Party was a great event that will be celebrated in years to come. It was a joy to share the beautiful time with celebrity artists, musicians, and chefs.

Two books are back in stock after being out of print. The Tale of Rabbit Island and Honu and Hina are now available and I’m happy to sign and draw a cartoon in them for your loved ones. For the first time ever, the original book illustrations are also available.

A part of my life’s work and joy is in helping artists live their dreams. In February we are having a New Pro Artist weekend in Waimānalo for those of you interested in making art your career or at least making it a part of your income. More information on this rare event is in the news below.

Makahiki is the Hawaiian season of abundance and I pray this for all of us as we head into the new decade. May your 2020 visions for the new decade be transformed into accomplishment and prosperity.

With Aloha from me,

Creating a Living
Many people just want to create art to feel good. The process is therapeutic and rewarding. Some people like to make art to decorate their living spaces as I did when  I started by making surf posters for my room.

Eventually folks may ask themselves the question:
“Could I make some money by doing art?”
When I was a kindergarten kid with my friends lined up to get a horse drawing from me,
I had no idea I’d be an artist one day.

As I grew up I found all kinds of ways you can make money doing art. My first paid job was painting coconuts for a quarter each. I did hundreds. Then cars and surfboards. Still the thought of being an artist for a living was so far from my mind.

I remember the day and moment in Pololu Valley that I promised myself I was going to teach people about nature with art. I promised I would make it my living or “die trying”. So with every breath, I’m still living, and still trying.

Most people will not be that committed to art to make a promise like that, but there are so many ways to make art that brings in some income. Crafters are great at making things for sale at fairs and events. There is always a need for clothing art.
Art can be put on almost any item.

Most people are thrilled to make even a little income with their art. When that hobby consistently makes more than their day job, they can then take the leap into a career in art.
Luckily, if you are an artist you are creative by nature. Well, bingo! Anyone making a living is somewhat creative. Any successful businessperson has created their success
by being creative.

Whatever you desire from your art you can have. Just find a way to do it. Art can be your passion, your hobby, your therapy,
and for some of you, a living.
The photo above is of Jonny Julian, owner of Tattoolicious, a guy who's life is a work of art.

 "Tale of Rabbit Island" and

"Honu and Hina" Books Back In Stock
Two books are back in stock after being out of print. The Tale of Rabbit Island
and Honu and Hina are now available and I’m happy to sign and draw in them for your
loved ones.

The Tale of Rabbit Island is based on a story I made up as a kid looking for an explanation to why it was called Rabbit Island. Upon researching I learned that the Hawaiian name of this island is Mānana and it was called Rabbit Island because the rabbits from nearby Waimānalo were sent there to live.

 I'm selling the original book illustrations to help with the cost of reprinting the books. There are some adorably classic pages left. (The words are not on the original paintings.)
 Click here for Honu and Hina Book Originals
and inquire about Rabbit Island Original Book Paintings.

New 2020 Calendars 
American Savings Bank and Island Heritage 2020 Calendars
This year I am happy to be featured on the Island Heritage Deluxe Calendar with "Hawaiian Atoll" on the cover and also their Pocket Calendar featuring "Hidden Valley".

American Savings Bank also asked me to be this year's artist for their calendar that they give to their customers. I am honored to have such a calendar year in 2020.

Painting In Paradise TV Show

Deer Molokai 

Deer Molokai is the title of this episode. Axis deer were introduced to Hawaii from Hong Kong in 1886. They were brought to Molokai first and many of them still live there. Learn to draw and paint the axis deer by viewing the episode on
my YouTube channel by clicking  here:

And please SUBSCRIBE to Patrick Ching YouTube channel where you can see Painting In Paradise episodes and learn about nature and art with me.

Painting In Paradise

Artist Christmas Party 
The 2019 Painting In Paradise Artist Christmas Party was a wonderful time for our crew and supporters to get together for some tropical party fun. We enjoyed the famous jambalaya from chef Kevin “Two Boots” Tate, music by Na Hoku Hanohano and Emmy Award winning musician Kawika Kahiapo, and dancing to the sounds provided by DJ KutMaster Spaz.

Upcoming Events

January 19, 12-4pm, Nature Painting Workshop, Waimānalo, O'ahu

Learn the anatomy of nature and how to recreate it with paint. 
At the Painting in Paradise Beach House Studio. 
$250 includes all supplies and paint. Click to register.

February 3, 12-4pm, Nature Painting Workshop, Hanalei, Kaua'i

Learn the anatomy of nature and how to recreate it with paint. 
$250 includes all supplies and paint. Click to register.

February 22 and 23, New Pro Artist Retreat, Waimanalo, O'ahu

Especially for artists wanting to become professional by making part or all of their income from their art. This rare event, will be held at the Painting In Paradise Beach House Studio.
It will include painting workshops, as well as talks by myself and special guests, about the things a new professional artist needs to know.

Among the topics covered will be: Art Skills by Patrick Ching;
Financial Record Keeping by Corinna Santiago Repucci 
Photo Scanning and Reproducing Your Art by Larry McCarthy, President of Chromaco, Salesmanship and Marketing by Masae and Ron Martin,
and even a class on Teaching Art. What? Yes!...

The cost for the Painting Workshops and Art Business Presentations is $495 and includes all paint and supplies. The cost for the Art Business Presentations Only is $250.
Lodging may be available.

*High School and College students may receive a discount. Please contact me for more information about this life changing weekend.

Click Here to register and reserve your limited space.
*Photos and video of events may be used on Patrick Ching's Painting In Paradise TV show on Spectrum OC16.

Future Events

January 28-February 2, 11am-1pm, Patrick Ching Live at Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge Autographing Art and Books 

*March Events, Ka'anapali, Maui,  to be announced next month.

Favorite Photos

āohikaipu Moon" New Release.

Artists at Christmas Time. Richard, Bill, Chris and I.

Kawika Kahiapo Live and DJ KutMaster Spaz at Artist Christmas Party.

'Iwa wahine (female) and k
āne (male) painting in Waimānalo.

Keiki k
āne, manu 'iwa kāne.

Honu and Hina color book original paintings

Painting Nature Online Videos reveal all my special painting techniques.

My Deer Friends at Molokai Art Center.

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