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Hi Friends,

Here we are smack dab in the heart of summer and the weather is fine but sometimes, wild! We nearly got hurricaned and our friends in other parts of the world got some too.

This photo was taken in the Diamond Head Lighthouse. As some of you know, I have a history and fondness for lighthouses. Youʻll see more of them in the months to come. 

The Art Tip is on Realistic Painting and why it is great to learn.

This month's featured Painting in Paradise TV show is about Painting Lizards, which in Hawaii are called “Moʻo”.

Lately I've had to reduce the amount of Facebook Live art lessons I've been doing because of my painting commission commitments. But you can still have me do specialized classes for your family or groups like Iʻve done for the Waikiki Aquarium, Hickam Library, NOAA, and more.

Because of the increase in requests for online painting lessons, I'm offering a new online 9 lesson Essential Skills Painting Course, and a 17 lesson Wildlife Painting Course, plus a FREE Painting Nature DVD Set as my August Special.

For you who are interested in available originals, I have been selling them at unprecedented deals to those who inquire.

Please enjoy our Favorite Photos and be extra nice to your family, friends, and strangers. Let's navigate this unusual time together in the most delightful way (Mary Poppins). 

With Aloha from me,

Art Tip

Why Paint Realistic?
I've had many people tell me that they are not interested in painting realistically. They are happy to paint abstractly or non-realistically. I support them almost totally on painting in the manner in which they enjoy.

I also feel that learning how to paint realistically will make a person better at painting in any way they want. Painting should make us feel good and being able to express ourselves artistically does make us feel good.

So Why should you learn to paint realistically?

One answer is that it will help you understand your own personal style. Another answer is that it will help you Achieve your own personal style more reliably. Let me yak a bit...

Historically, many of the world’s greatest artists were trained in the art of realistic painting. There’s a good reason for that. If you have the skills to paint realistically, and if you can mix any color you want, and create the effects you desire, then you can paint ANYTHING whether it’s realistic or not. 

The basis of realistic painting is acute observation. It is analyzing what you’re looking at, asking yourself why things look the way they do and coming up with answers. In the process, you'll be dissecting the layers of nature and figuring out how to rebuild them with paint.

Start asking yourself questions about what you see in nature. For example? Why are distant mountains purplish blue? Why are sand bottom lagoons aqua green? Why is the sky lighter below and darker above?

In your quest to figure out your answers, you will be seeing the world through the eyes of an artist. 

WARNING: Your World will never look the same...

I promise you that understanding the anatomy of nature and learning how to achieve the effects you want will make you better in whatever way you would like to paint. 

Painting In Paradise TV Show 

In this month's featured episode we'll get to know about lizards, which in Hawaiian are called moʻo. All lizards in Hawaii came from other places. Some folks love ʻem and some get freaked out. 

We'll learn to draw a Jackson's Chameleon and paint a Gold Dust Gecko all on this interestingly reptilian episode of
Painting in Paradise!

You can see this and past episodes on my YouTube Channel at

You can watch Painting in Paradise on Spectrum OC16TV in Hawaii on these days:

Mondays: Past Episode: 10am, New Episode 4:30pm
Wednesdays: New Episode: 10am, New Episode: 5:30pm
Thursdays: New Episode: 11pm
Fridays: Past Episode: 10am
Saturdays: New Episode: 5pm
Sundays: New Episode: 9am, New Episode: 11:30pm

NEW! Painting Nature Online
9 Lesson Essential Skills Course

By Popular demand I'm offering the 9 most important
Painting Nature Online Video Lessons for just $99

(saving $72 off the individual lesson price).

I call this set the “Essential Skills” set because these paintings will show you my most valuable techniques I use to paint Skies, Rainbows, Sunsets, Oceans, Waves, Distant Mountains, Misty Forests, Waterfalls and Moonlight.

If you complete the 9 Lesson Course and want to order the rest of the lessons at a big discount thenyou can get the
17 Painting Wildlife Lessons featuring plants and animals like Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Whales, Seals, Horses, Forest Birds, Fishes, Trees, Flowers and More.

You can get the Special Online Painting Collections here:

*As an Added Incentive to get going, check out my August FREE DVD Special...

AUGUST SPECIAL - FREE DVD with Nature Painting Courses 

This Month I'll send you my Painting Nature, 2 disc DVD set (regularly $100), with your order of my 9, 17, or 26 Lesson Online Painting Courses. This DVD set is the best way to start as a new or improving realistic nature artist. It will help you to learn the anatomy of nature and how to rebuild it with paint. Follow along and paint the Kalalau Lookout painting and also get to know the details of how to work with Genesis Heat Set Oil Paints. Watch the interviews with artists John Pitre and Thomas Deir, the inventors of Genesis Paint.

Realistic painting may be learned quickly. It is not as complicated as you think.  Lots of folks just don't know where to start in painting and that's what I specialize in--step by step direction. I'll show you how to build good, efficient seeing and painting habits early on so that you can have a lifetime of producing your best work.

To Get the Online Video Courses and Free DVD set go to:


If you've been thinking about getting an Original Painting of mine, this is a great time to do it. Since the galleries have been closed or visitation is down, I am making great deals on my available originals.

Find one or more that you like and let me know so I can help you own it at a price that you'll love!

Thank You to those of you who have reached out recently and bought my original art. It is really appreciated. 

*You Can See My Available Originals Here:

Favorite Photos

Canoe Painting with the Hui Malama Kids in 2018.

Happy Moʻo Art.

Figure S Rainbow Moʻo.

 Dragons and Sea Horses on Kauai.

Virtual Art Lessons for Hickam Library and other groups.

Majestic Diamond Head Lighthouse.

Makapuʻu Lighthouse, Oahu.

My Daughter Kawena and I...sailing canoe...Aloha.


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