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Aloha Friends,
I hope you are enjoying glory of summer and the beauty that comes with it.

A sense of balance is what Iʻm thinking of as I write this letter. We all have our own unique sense of balance in life, and mine seems to be strongest when I have a good amount of painting time in it. Please take time to fit in the activities that are the most important to you. 

The picture above is of my friends helping me paint the murals at the new Hawaiʻi Wildlife Discovery Center in Kaʻanapali, Maui. As soon as it opens Iʻll be telling you all about it.

The Art Tip this time is on getting to know your black and white mind. Itʻs basically a glimpse of how Iʻm thinking when looking for things to paint.

The featured Painting in Paradise tv show is on Painting Moonlight Scenes, with a side order of Drawing a Moonfish. Next month's show is on Drawing and Painting Horses. Iʻll include a story about my best known horse painting entitled "Morning Glory".

For you Fun Loving Artists, this is a heads up that Iʻll be announcing a unique Painting Retreat on Oʻahu for next May. Itʻs kinda like Gilliganʻs Island meets Bob Ross. Read about it below and contact me if youʻd like to star in it.  

Iʻm also delighted to be doing ʻOhana Style Art Classes upon request on all islands. Contact me to create your custom event.

The Favorite Photos section is always fun for me to compile and this time Iʻm including fun stuff like Makapuʻu Lighthouse T-Shirts, A New "Honu Kisses" Puzzle by Mutual Publishing,
and a visit with Wyland himself.

Donʻt forget to compose your life with that which you value  most. In doing so you create your own unique lifestyle, which eventually becomes your most enduring
work of art.

With Aloha from me,


Art Tip

Getting to Know Your Black and White Mind
So, Black and white, or more accurately, Dark and Light, is (to me) the most important part of creating art.
I liken the use of your darks and lights to building the foundation of a house. If you have a strong foundation, the building of your house (or your painting) will go smoothly, your framework will fit together nicely, and your finished carpentry will be enjoyable to do, and full of the details and colors of your choice.
So how do you get to know your black and white mind?
Well, I just remind myself to look at the things that I want to paint... in black and white. I realize that the best art pieces, no matter what color they are, will work well if you viewed them in black and white.
A good way to do in this this modern age is look at your art through a black and white or greyscale setting on your computer.
Another great way to develop your dark and light senses is to take up black and white photography. This was the only type of photography available for many years and certain artistic photographers became legendary for their understanding and use of dark and light values.
When you see your art in black and white, and stop using the part of your mind that has to explain what the objects in your painting are, then you can better judge the strength of your dark and light composition.

So get to know the part of you that can see things in dark and light. Being conscious of this skill and developing it through your life, will improve the impact that your art has on your viewers.

 ʻOhana Art Classes Are Back 

To Set Up Your Custom Art Event:
 Contact me to discuss the unique particulars of your painting workshop request. I'll do my best to make it happen for you. To schedule a Workshop at your location email
P.S. I’ve had my shots.
Painting In Paradise TV Shows

Featured Moonlighting Episode 
In this episode you’ll learn a little about the moon, and why it looks the way it does. Then I’ll show you how to draw a "moonfish" called opah. Youʻll learn to paint a moonlight scene, and join in on an ohana style moon painting party. All this and more on an illuminating episode of Painting in Paradise!

The Next episode of Painting in Paradise will be on Painting Horses. 

*If you have a picture that you painted of a horse, send it on over to

The painting above was sent in by Neal Toyama and will be featured in the credits section of the next Painting in Paradise episode.

*Teachers - Each Episode is like a Class on Art and Natural History and includes a Teachable Drawing Lesson.

*You can watch these and other episodes of Painting in Paradise
here on Patrick Ching Youtube 
The Story of "Morning Glory"

 It was about 1985 when Kaiser Hospital opened at Moanalua, and I was commissioned to do a 4x6 foot painting for the hospitalʻs admitting area.

The scene I decided to do was inspired by a conversation I had with Patches Damien Holt in which she told me of her favorite chestnut horse that ran free among the cattle in Ka Mana Nui (the valley many people know as Moanalua). 

During the mid to late 1800s cattle were raised in Ka Mana Nui. Horses were brought to Hawaii in the early 1800s and have since become an integral part of ranching and country living here.

The actual horse that I used as a model was a horse named "Raffar" that belonged to the late Martha McDaniel. Some features of my own horse ʻIlima, made their way into the painting as well.

The scene depicts the horse looking into the valley as the suns first rays warm the moist air that gives the distant mountains a purplish hue. Also present are introduced waiwi guava, nutmeg manikin birds, and purple wind orchids. Cattle can be seen grazing In the distance.

Matted prints and canvas gicleʻes are available here:


Castaway Painting Retreat 2022

At White Sands Hotel May 27-30
Plan Ahead for this epic Painting Retreat and Gilliganʻs Island Castaway party at Waikikiʻs adorable 3 story boutique hotel. This televised Art Event and Castaway Party will also coincide with my 60th Birthday (Memorial Day 2022).

Hotel Rooms are included with this package and only a few spots are available for the painting workshops. 

Contact me if youʻre interested in starring on this show and Iʻll send you more details. *If you know, You Know...but if you donʻt, Iʻll let you know...

Favorite Photos  

Throwback to the Paint Your Paradise workshop of 2016.

 Gilligan looking for his next adventure...

I ʻmember you...Get a custom card when you open an account at Kīlauea GEFCU.

"Moonlighting" ʻOhana Art Class.

ʻOhana Art Classes back in Style...

After hundreds of washings since 2017, the chalkboard at Kīlauea Bakery is ready for another coat of line art.

You can learn about the Makapuʻu lighthouse, see Shirt  styles, colors, and Order Shirts Here.

 With Wyland at the grand opening of the Wyland Gallery in Kīlauea, Kauai.

NEW "Honu Kisses" Puzzle available from Mutual Publishing. 
(and I threw in six extra Pieces!)

Hanalei Wind Orchid.

Painting with love.

After painting, Hunter surprises me with a high five and says my name for the first time..."Thank you Uncle Patwick"
OK, This will hold us... 'till we hui hou!


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