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Hi Friends,
I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and that each day brings you a new and unexpected blessings.

If you were a color what color would you be? 
Our Art Tip this time is about getting to know your
Favorite Colors.

During the Quaran-time I'll continue to do Live Facebook Paint Along Sessions on Thursdays at 10am HST and the Kids Marine Animals Drawing Lessons will be moved to Tuesdays at 10am HST. All of my online courses and art lessons are on big discounts 'til then as well.

If you need some Art Activities to keep the family busy, check out the Free Learning Resources that include Hawaiian Animals Color Book Art on my website and also the Downloadable Color Book Pages featuring the 
Papahanaumokuakea Song.  

I hope you enjoy the art folks created in our Favorite Photos section and that it inspires you to keep your love and colors flowing. Get creative on ways to handle the difficulties and magnify each gift that you have. There is a lot happening to us and around us. Please help your loved ones feel good by
making art a part of each day.

With Aloha from me,

Art Tip

Getting to Know Your Favorite Colors
If you were a color what would you be? Thatʻs a cute way of asking what your favorite color is. Is it one that youʻve had all your life? Or has it changed with time? Can you have more than one favorite, or, do you Love All Colors???

There are many articles written about the personality traits of folks who like certain colors. This is not one of them. Favorite colors run the gamut and such different kinds of people can love the same colors. Iʻll share with you some observation about colors and what they mean to me...

 Iʻll start with White, since it is the safest. White lets other colors be themselves without trying to influence them. Then there's Black makes all the colors next to it appear more vibrant. Yellow is Bold and Royal. I see it as a color of confidence.
Orange gets noticed wherever it goes. It is crucial for sunsets and always welcome on a blue planet.

Blue is the color of the big picture. It is reflected in the sky and sea. it cools us quickly if weʻre running warm. Green like the valleys or the light through a leaf, was my favorite color until I lived out on atolls surrounded by six foot deep sand bottom lagoons. Then that color became my favorite. It makes me feel good and so I keep it around as much as I can.

Whenever Red shows up, something exciting happens. I think we should all have a little Red in our lives....
Pink is delicious, and lives well with purple. Purple people are sacred, and I love them for their life long devotion to color. And finally the Brownies, you folks are so down to Earth. Thank you for keeping the rest of us grounded.

Iʻd love to hear about Your Favorite Color, and what you think it says about You.


'Ea (Hawksbill) Sign Coming 

No photo description available.
Mahalo Hawaii Wildlife Fund for the opportunity to help create this sign to protect the 'Ea (Hawaiian Hawksbill Turtle).

From Hawaii Wildlife Fund:
We are super excited to share this collaborative Hawaiian hawksbills (honu‘ea) outreach project that we have been working on for several years now. Please check out our newest educational graphic that was designed with the help of and painting by Patrick Ching along with graphic design layout by Hilo's own Art by Prose. This outdoor sign was initially planned for installation at Kāwā and was funded, in part, by a 2017 stewardship grant award from the County of Hawai‘i's Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Preservation Maintenance Fund. This project took the combined insights and collaboration of three nonprofits (also including Hawaii Island Hawksbill Project and @HIhawksbill) and four government agencies including County of Hawai‘i, Hawai‘i Department of Land and Natural Resources, NOAA, and US FWS.

We are super excited to integrate this sign into our Hawaiian Coastal Ecosystems curriculum for local 6-8th graders and to see the sign installed when permits / safety allow.


Painting in Paradise TV Episode

You can see the 'Ea (Hawksbill) Episode of the Painting in Paradise TV Show on my You Tube Channel:
Patrick Ching You Tube 'Ea Episode
There's a cool drawing lesson in this show that will show you the Super-Secret Pattern of the Sea Turtle's Back.


Learn to Draw Lehua

Hi Friends, Would you like to do this drawing lesson and send me photos or video of you family drawing or coloring the Lehua?

This month I am doing a Painting in Paradise TV episode on the ‘Ōhi‘a Lehua. I’ll also be looking for great Lehua Photos, Video, and Artwork. Send me something real soon If you'd like to be part of this brilliantly blossoming show. 


New Print Release

"Waimānalo Moon"
Each month the moon over Waimānalo rises in a slightly different spot to the east. This full moon rises directly over Mānana Island also known as “Rabbit Island”, located just off of Makapu‘u on the island of O‘ahu. To the right of Mānana is the island of Kāohikaipu. Both islands are now seabird and wildlife sanctuaries.
*Original and Prints Available at

From the Honolulu Star Advertiser May 3, 2020
Free Art Learning Resources

Facebook Live Painting Thursdays at 10am
I'll continue to Paint and Teach on Face Book Live from the Painting in Paradise studio in Waimanalo, Hawaii, all the time yakking about how your art affects your viewers.
Patrick Ching Facebook Live.

 Kids Drawing Lessons on Facebook Live Tuesdays at 10am
Twenty Minute Lessons on a simple three step approach to drawing.
It's OK, adults can draw along too. *If you or your group or organization would like to sponsor more of these Kids drawing lessons please contact me. Mahalo
Patrick Ching Facebook Live.

 Painting in Paradise TV Shows For Home-Schoolers and Stay-Homers. You can have access to these half hour shows that features a new animal each time and teaches you how to draw and paint it. If you're in Hawaii you can see the shows on  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am on Spectrum oc16, or you can see past episodes  on my YouTube Channel at PatrickChingYouTube 

You can get a Free Painting Sunsets Online Painting Lesson that is part of the twenty-six-lesson series. See the article below for more details about these Free Learning Opportunities. Free with Coupon Code Sunset2020 at

Download and Print FREE Color Book Pages 
Keep the ohana entertained and busy coloring and painting their favorite animals. 
Get Color Book Pages at

Papahānaumokuākea  Song Color Book 
This project is to help folks learn about the sacred places way out They-yah. Listen to musician Kawika Kahiapo play the song and get the ukulele chords and play it yourself while you color!
Download this Free Color Book at 

Learning Specials 'Til End of May

*Get in on the Special Prices on Art Learning Products and Services that will be in effect 'til the end of May. If you purchase them in May you can use them whenever you need them. This offer includes my twenty six Nature Painting Online Video Lessons that are $19 each, on special till the end of may for just $195 for all 26.
(26 x $19 = $494 - Save $299)
These lessons were carefully planned to roll out in a strategic sequence to give you the best foundation for understanding and painting skies, sunsets, oceans, mountains, waterfalls and an assortment of plants and animals including horses, flowers, turtles and birds. Each lesson is about 2 hours long and can be started and stopped at your own pace. Get the course at 

Favorite Photos

Monk Seal Drawing Day...Yay!

Shark Coloring Day ...Hooray!

(Moorish Idol) Draw Along.

Still Painting In Paradise...

No Rain, No Raimbows...

Gonna Go 'Round in Circles...With Artist Bill Braden.

His Mom made him a T Shirt from the Shark Drawing Lesson...

Monk Seal Delight.

Aloha 'til we Hui Hou! (meet again...)

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