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This is an INFODUMP Public Service Announcement.

This is not a full edition of the newsletter. It is, instead, a shameless plug for a Medium piece I just published.

Talking to people on the Slack channel and via email, Zoom etc, there seems to be a common thing that unites us all at the moment; high levels of anxiety and a resultant inability to get anything done.

I don't necessarily think that Getting Things Done should be anyone's primary goal right now, but I know that some of us have deadlines nonetheless, and others could just use a break from the continual worry. So I wrote a thing that contains some tips on how to get focus and flow in these difficult times.

None of this is likely to be a revelation to regular readers of the INFODUMP, but I thought I'd post the link here and maybe it's useful to you or you know someone for whom it might be some help:

How To Find Some Calm When Everything Is Falling Apart

Stay safe, stay healthy, speak soon.

Here's a picture of some kind of cute animal. No, I don't know what it is, do I look like David Attenborough?

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