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We celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of Nozomi's parents. We all (Nozomi's parents, Nozomi's sister's family, and our family) took a trip to the place in Japan where they went on their honeymoon. Please pray for them as they are leaving to speak at a conference in the Philippines tomorrow and Nozomi's father, Mr. Okada, has been having particularly bad health the last few days. 

May/June 2019 Update



Last week we moved into our new home. We still have a whole bunch of boxes to unpack, but we are now in our new home. Our new address is: 
1-3 Hamada, Mihama-ku
Columbus City #822
Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken 261-0025

Because of your kind gifts, we aren't just physically moved but our hearts are also moved. I need to confess, when I mentioned the possibility of you all helping us with moving expenses, I did not imagine all the loving support from you, our ministry partners. God has used your kind gifts to grow my faith. God is good. He gives us good gifts. You are a good gift of God to us. Thank you!

Taishi and I had another opportunity to go to a Marines baseball game with the Obuchis.
Mr. Obuchi isn't a believer and he doesn't talk much, but we've been able to have a few conversations and hopefully can build a friendship. Of course, the best friend he could ever have isn't me, it's Jesus. I hope to introduce Jesus to him soon. Keep praying. 

I also had an opportunity to clearly share the Gospel with Nozomi's cousin on the phone. He has a lot of questions about Christianity. Pray he can understand God's grace and God will make something beautiful out of his life. 

Pregnancy update: We still haven't decided on a name for baby boy. We've been a little preoccupied with our move and a number of other more pressing matters. Nozomi's doctor thinks the baby could be born early, (anytime now, if I understood correctly) so please pray for us as we prepare for baby number five. We have a large amount of paperwork for both the US and Japan to fill out. Hopefully, we can finish before the baby is born. I'm pretty sure it will be much more difficult once the baby arrives to get it done. 

Nozomi is still suffering from severe varicose veins in her right leg. With 4 kids to take care of and me being at school she's not able to get off her feet as much as the doctors suggest either. 

Thank you for praying about my Japanese studies. I am about to finish my second textbook. I feel I have a long way to go in speaking freely, but I definitely can understand much more than even a few months ago. Please pray I can speak with clarity, especially the truths of the Gospel.

Keep praying for the kids. Their greatest need is for God to save them. Pray Nozomi and I can graciously and consistently use opportunities to be ambassadors of Christ to our children. 

As for Kensei's eyes, we still haven't been able to find the help he needs here in Japan. But we did find a school that teaches parents how to train their children to control their eyes (because it's actually a brain issue). The school is in Philadelphia. We can't make any trips to the US this year, but possibly next year or even when we return on furlough might be better options. Pray for wisdom and funds for next steps.

Please continue praying for Gospel-centered Christian friends and fellowship. We trust God will provide this type of fellowship for us because we know we need it to grow well rooted. We have a national church planting conference coming up in November. We hope to make some good contacts there. 

We are also still praying about possibly planting an international church here in the West Makuhari - East Tokyo area. I believe we will need ministry partners to accomplish this since a church planting team is biblically ideal. This need clearly overlaps with the need for Gospel-centered Christian friends.

You and your love and care for us are a great blessing to us. We are so honored to be working together with you to take the Gospel to the millions of lost in Japan. If you have any questions about what we are doing in Japan, or about partnering with us financially please do not hesitate to email me.

In Japan, most hotels provide robes, called yukata, for their guests in the evening. Our kids thought they were cool.
This past Saturday, the kids had undokai (school field day). Taishi enjoyed learning and performing a traditional Okinawan dance with his class. It was Emi's first undokai and she was very excited. She, apparently, is a pretty fast runner. She won first place in her grade for girls 50m.
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