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Our neighbors, the Fennells invited us to dig for clams over the Japanese holiday last week. We've been eating clams ever since. 


 2022 May Update

Resurrection and Celebration


Thank you for your love and prayers for us! We have been enjoying the Lord's blessings in our various opportunities this past month. Since Japan seems to be slowly opening up, we are also slowly being given new ministry opportunities. 

Thank you for praying for our Easter celebration. We had a wonderful worship time and dinner on Resurrection Sunday. In addition to our usual 8 attendees (Aoi-san and our family), we had 8 more join us. Pray for the non-christian mother and her young son who came. Also, pray for the Odate family who also joined us. They are Japanese missionaries sent by MTW, planting a church in another area of our city. May the resurrection radically impact each of our hearts as it did those ladies who first entered the empty tomb!

We are continuing to study through the book of Mark with our church plant. But we will take a little break next month to study some, "what we believe" subjects.

We have an exciting praise to share from us, as parents. Last Sunday, after our worship time, both Taishi and Emi expressed that they would like to publicly confess their faith in Jesus Christ by getting baptized! We are excited to have a special baptismal service soon for them. Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for remembering to pray for our neighbors! Please continue praying for the Fennell, Satou, Murahara, and Takeda families, and the other families of our children's friends who live all around us. Our neighbors, the Fennells, invited us to dig for clams with them over the Japanese holiday. It was a great time getting to know them better. Pray for more chances to speak the Gospel into their lives. May God save them by his grace. 

Thank you for your prayers for Taishi as he's been commuting to his new school for about a month now. We're so thankful he's been able to meet up on the train in the morning with some other students from the same school. He has been making new friends already. 

I had a great opportunity to teach a Bible lesson at Taishi's Christian School youth group last Friday. Because most churches in Japan are so small, there aren't many churches with youth groups. So, Taishi's Christian School has a youth-group meeting twice a month. It was nice getting to know the young people.

Thank you for praying about our hope to return to the USA this summer. We think God has made it pretty clear that he doesn't want us to return back to the States this year. However, we are beginning plans to return in the summer of 2023. 

Pray God will give us boldness to stand for the truth and grace to speak the truth in love. May God help us see more and more how the Gospel calls us to repent of our sin but also gives us grace and freedom as we trust in Jesus' work and not our own.

We are still praying that God would provide a church planting team for our church plant here as well. We pray for like-minded ministry partners as we plant a church with a plurality of leaders. Also, we're praying God keeps away the wrong people. If you know anyone who is interested in assisting our church plant in beautiful, Makuhari, Japan we'd love to meet them. Please send me an email and introduce us.

Please keep in touch! If you have any questions about what we are doing in Japan, or about partnering with us, please email me by replying to this email. I look forward to communicating with you.

私たちのために愛とお祈りをありがとうございます。 この一ヶ月、私たちは様々な機会において主の祝福を見ています。日本の入国規制が緩和されているようなので、少しずつ新しい働きの機会が与えられています。 

イースター礼拝のためにお祈りいただき、ありがとうございました。復活祭の日曜日には、素晴らしい礼拝と夕食の時間を持つことができました。いつもの8名(あおいさんと私たち家族)に加え、さらに8名の方が参加されました。ノンクリスチャンのお母さんと息子さんが来られたので、お祈りください。また、同じく参加された大館さんご一家のためにお祈りください。彼らはMTWから派遣された日本人宣教師で、千葉市の別の地域で教会開拓をしています。 空の墓に最初に入った女性たちのように、イエス様の復活が私たち一人一人の心に大きな影響を与えますように。



隣人のために祈ってくださることを感謝します。 フェネルさん、佐藤さん、村原さん、武田さん、そして私たちの子供の友達のご家族のためにお祈りください。フェネルさんからは、連休中にアサリ掘りに誘ってもらい、交流が深まり、とても楽しいひとときでした。彼らの人生に福音を語る機会がもっと増えるようにお祈りください。神様の恵みで彼らが救われますように。 

大志が新しい学校に通い始めて1ヶ月が経ちました!お祈りありがとうございます。 同じ学校の生徒と朝電車で待ち合わせをすることができ、とても感謝しています。 すでに新しい友達もできているようです。 


この夏、アメリカに帰国したいという私たちの希望について、祈ってくださってありがとうございます。 神様は、今年アメリカに戻ることを望んでおられないことを、はっきりと示してくださったと思っています。2023年の夏に帰国する計画を始めています。 




In Gospel Love,

Jared V.

This little cutie was only 4 months old when we left for Japan. Last week she turned 5! 


Our neighbor, Mrs. Takeda, was planning to come over for dinner but couldn't. So, she made us this surprise cake. It was stuffed with all types of sweets.  


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