The Vanning Family Update
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Please pray for Papa Okada, Nozomi's father. He has been in the hospital since October 23rd. He doesn't have COVID-19 but is in a battle for his life. Because of coronavirus, the hospital regulations only allow two visitors for 15 minutes, per day. Aside from his illness, being alone for so long is a concern right now. A few days ago when we were allowed to visit, he told Nozomi and me that he just looks at the ceiling and thinks of people's names and prays for them. While there, we prayed with him and encouraged him that so many Christians all across the world and across denominations are praying for him. He laughed, and it was good to see his smile. Please pray God will heal him and comfort him in his time of sickness and solitude. 

 2021 November Update

Praying, Praising, Proclaiming


Thank you for your prayer and care for us! We are finally out of a declared state of emergency! Although it seems masks are still socially required throughout our area, we are happy to have a few more opportunities to meet up with our neighbors and our family.  

This month we are continuing our "What We Believe" series. In September we learned about the Gospel (what it is and how it transforms us). In October we learned about Gospel community, the church (what it is and how it transforms us). In November we plan to learn about the Gospel in the world (what it looks like to take the Gospel to our neighbors, our friends, and our coworkers and how it transforms our neighborhoods, our city, our country, and our world). Please pray that God will give me wisdom to clearly teach these truths from Scripture. Pray also that God will give us, as a church, boldness and courage to take the Gospel to our neighbors, family, and coworkers.

Keep praying for our efforts to reach our neighbors. A direct answer to your prayers miraculously and spontaneously happened. A few weeks ago, through a series of events that only God could bring about, Nozomi was visiting with one of her mom-friends. A joke about a pizza party during the conversation ended up becoming a reality. The entire family came to our house a couple of hours later to eat pizza and God opened up a huge door to a relationship with the Takeda family. Please pray God will use us as we share the Gospel with them to save them and give them the hope and joy that only the Gospel provides.

Concerning us purchasing our home, the owners of our home have offered the home at a much lower price than other, similar-sized homes in our building. We are waiting on just a few more documents to send in our loan packets to the bank. Please pray this loan process will continue to go smoothly, and that we may use our home for the glory of God here in Japan. 

Thank you for praying for me as we studied Caring for One Another by Ed Welch in a Bible study over Zoom. The book wonderfully echoed what we were learning about a Gospel-centered church on Sundays. 

Pray God will protect us from the evil that seeks to destroy what we are doing here in Makuhari Shintoshin. Ever since we began planting a church here in our home we have been battling evil which has sought to distract us from the work and to discourage us with gossip and slander. 

Please continue praying for the Fennell, Satou, Murahara, and now Takeda families, and families of our children's friends who live all around us. We hope to reach out to them more and more in the next few months, especially with the holidays coming.

Please continue praying that God would provide a church planting team for our church plant here as well. We hope to find like-minded ministry partners as we plant a church with a plurality of leaders from the beginning. Also, we're praying God keeps away the wrong people. If you know anyone who is interested in assisting a church plant in beautiful, Makuhari, Japan we'd love to meet them. Please send me an email.

Please keep in touch! If you have any questions about what we are doing in Japan, or about partnering with us, please email me by replying to this email. I look forward to communicating with you.


今月は「What We Believe」シリーズの続きです。9月は福音について学びました(福音とは何か、どのように私たちを変えるのか)。10月は、福音の共同体である教会について学びました(教会とは何か、どのように私たちを変えるのか)。11月は、この世における福音(隣人、友人、同僚に福音を伝えることとはどのようなことか、それによって隣人、都市、国、そして世界がどのように変わるのか)について学ぶ予定です。 神様から知恵が与えられ、これらの真理を聖書から明確に教えることができるように祈ってください。また、教会として、隣人、家族、同僚に福音を伝える大胆さと勇気が与えられるようにお祈りください。








In Gospel Love,

Jared V.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Kensei's eyes. We have been taking him to eye training every Thursday afternoon on the other side of Tokyo. It's an hour-long drive, one way, but we think it's working! The other day he had his glasses off and he was keeping his eyes straight without even realizing it.  

A few weeks ago we went to a nearby cosmos viewing festival with Nozomi's family. We're thankful for times we can make memories together with them. 

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