Sample Cards Have Arrived!
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* The Sample Decks Have Arrived

* The Kiddy Katz Tarot Companion book

The Sample Decks Have Arrived

As we endure the "beast from the east" Siberian snowstorm here in Ireland, a very "cool" packaged arrived at our door today (hey, I couldn't resist!).

Yes, the sample decks from both Kiddy Katz and Spooky Cats has now arrived in Ireland.

I thought it would be a great idea to do a sort of "unboxing" video, but rather than spend a lot of time adding commentary into the video, I would upload it as is.

For those of you who have ordered the deck(s) through Kickstarter, it might be the sort of video that will interest you.

I'm very pleased with how the whole overall package has turned out. As a collector of cards herself, Christine tells me that the card stock is very good and the vibrant colors have turned out very well in the printing.

The next thing now is to order up the decks. This will happen within the next few days. I just want to go through the cards one last time because there's nothing worse than getting a hundred decks and there be some spelling error on all 100 of them! So I'll do my best to go through each deck properly and Christine will too :)

In the meantime we appreciate your continued support!
The "unboxing" videos are below!
The Spooky Cats Tarot sample deck video
The Kiddy Katz sample deck video

The Kiddy Katz Tarot Companion Book Now Available.

The Kiddy Katz Companion Book is also available in store. While this is not included with the deck, it gives some insight into each card in the deck, anecdotes on the cards, examples of using the cards and beautiful cat photographs in our cats gallery from pet owners who contributed to the book.

The cat gallery is probably one of the more unique things we've ever done with any of our books and I like it because it feels like a "community" effort. All the wee cats are in there which had been submitted last year.
The Kiddy Katz Companion book
Kiddy Katz Tarot
Kiddy Katz Tarot
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