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Block Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone


Back in the November newsletter, I told you about a service that would block unwanted calls to your home phone with NoMoRobo. As more people are doing away with home phone numbers and using their cell phones exclusively, I'd like to tell you about a service that blocks unwanted calls to your cell phone.

Truecaller is an app that you install on your phone and once you set it as the default dialer, it screens all incoming calls and tells you if it's a spam call or not. If it is an unwanted number, you can block it through the app so if that number tries calling again, it'll be blocked. If you happen to miss a call and don't recognize the number, you can do a search of that number and see if it's spam or not, saving you a call-back. Truecaller collects its data through their partnerships with various phone directories, social networks and the Truecaller users.

Truecaller also has an app called TrueMessenger that will keep spam messages out of your SMS inbox and will easily identify unknown senders. You can set your own rules to block spam or let the Truecaller community start you off.

The Truecaller app is available for both Apple and Android phones while the TrueMessenger app is only available for Android. I've been using Truecaller for quite a while and highly recommend it.

Stopping A Text Message Before It Leaves Your Phone

Have you ever hit send on a text message and immediately regret doing so? Maybe the message wasn't complete, or perhaps it was addressed to the wrong person or people, or auto-correct had mis-corrected a word or two?

If you have an iPhone, your options are somewhat limited to how fast you are. 

The trick is to kill the Internet connection as quickly as possible before the message can successfully send, and because iPhones have both Wi-Fi and cellular data capabilities available for getting data in and out, your best bet is to get Airplane Mode enabled as quickly as possible after sending the message.

To perform this method:

Step 1: While the message is still sending, swipe up from the bottom of the home screen and then launch Control Center. You might find that it was quicker to close the Messages app before swiping up to get to the Control Center as the iPhone may register swipes as tapping on the spacebar or another key in the bottom row of the keyboard on messages.

Step 2: Quickly tap on Airplane Mode before the progress bar reaches the right side of the screen.

Step 3: Dismiss the message telling you about how Airplane Mode needs to be turned off to send messages.

Step 4: A red “Not Delivered” indicator should appear on the message if you were fast enough.

Step 5: Remove the message from the conversation thread by tapping and holding on the message bubble and choosing More > Delete.

Step 6: Re-enable Wi-Fi and cellular data by turning Airplane Mode back on.

For an Android phone, you options are better. Many times, the phone itself has an option under Settings that will allow you to add a delay to the sending of the message. If it does, set it for 5 seconds so once you press "send" you'll have 5 seconds to stop the message from going out.

If your phone doesn't give you that option, you can use an app, such as ChompSMS. ChompSMS allows you to customize your messaging app on your phone. You can vary the look of the app, set delay time limits, install themes, add pictures to your contacts and much more. The free version displays an ad at the top of the messages but the paid version, which is $2.69, removes that ad. For me, being able to stop a message from sending is well worth it.

Everything coming to Netflix in May 


Click the following to see the list:

If you use Amazon Prime video or iTunes as well as Netflix, I found these web pages that will allow you to search for what you want to view and the results will show you which streaming media offers the show/movie for free and which ones will make you pay for it.

GoWatchIt - GoWatchIt is your comprehensive guide to finding movies and TV shows on the platforms you care about – in theaters, online, on TV, or on Blu-ray/DVD. Use GoWatchIt to discover, consume, or bookmark everything you want to watch!

JustWatch - On JustWatch you can easily find out where to watch your favorite movies & TV shows in the United States. Choose your favorite streaming providers and see what’s new.
Filter by genre and release year to find the perfect movie to stream Search for a specific movie or TV show to find out where to watch it legally online. Available also as an app for your phone.


AskBillFirst Remote Computer Service

"Hi Bill, my computer is running beautifully again!!! Thank you!!!"
"Hi Bill, my computer is working just great."
"Thanks again!! You're the best!!!"

Those are just a few of the comments I've received from people I've worked with.

When your computer is running slow, or your programs aren't working, who are you going to call? When your software vendor is blaming your hardware and your hardware vendor is blaming your software, who are you going to call? When your helpful friend decides to help you out by running some new special program and your computer no longer starts, who are you going to call? When your kids get done using your computer and you can't run your programs because of all of the popup ads, who are you going to call? Need 
help in getting your new technology set up properly so that you are safe from vendors who want to get to know you better, and from other bad elements on the internet?


You're going to want to call me. I can remotely connect to your computer to assist you with what may be going on with your system so don't hesitate to ask if you need to. It won't always be free support, but I promise that I won't charge anything if I can't help you. I can assist with both Windows and Macintosh computers. 

I also offer a monthly service for a small fee, where I connect to your computer remotely, with your permission, and run Windows updates, security scans, and clean up your hard disk. This ensures that you're running with the most recent "safe" updates and your computer is working at its best. 


This service also entitles you to unlimited email and phone support throughout the month as well. 


Please email me at or call me at 714-922-0135 if you have any questions.


You can also click here or the link below to schedule a consultation with me or to set up the monthly service.


This issue is kind of technical in nature...I know, duh.

If you have any questions or need help with any of this, please contact me.


If you find this information worth sharing, please do. Forward it on, or encourage your friends and family members to sign up to recieve their own newsltetter


Additionally, I am available for technical support. I can remotely connect to your computer to assist you with what may be going on with your system so don't hesitate to ask if you need to. It won't always be free support, but I promise that I won't charge anything if I can't help you.

Please email me at or call me at 714-757-0976 if you have any questions.


You can also click here or the link below to schedule a consultation with me or to set up the monthly service.


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