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Important message from Kim Anderson

As we move more product production in-house, and begin the work one by one to improve and perfect them, we have noticed a label omission on several products. Upon questioning our contract manufacturer, they realized that they inadvertently omitted an ingredient from the ingredient list. They are embarrassed and have issued the attached apology. The ingredient is an emulsifier that is already listed in our ingredient glossary as Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate. It is a natural olive oil based emulsifier that “holds” the product together and prevents ingredient separation. The ingredient is non-harmful and non-irritating.
To clarify, this is not a formulation change, but adding an ingredient to the label that is currently in the product. We have an information note going in every order shipping with these products tomorrow, and are rushing patch labels that will be adhered next week. This omission affects the following products:

  •  hand & body lotion
  •  moisturizer
  •  kids lotion
  •  baby lotion
  •  body butter
  •  dream cream
  •  diaper cream

Please add my apology to theirs. As always, we strive to be as transparent as possible to communicate and rectify any errors quickly.

Product Updates

avaBODY lemon sugar body scrub
As we continue to produce products in house, we are searching out the very best ingredient sources. To that end, a slight modification has been made to the avaBODY lemon sugar body scrub. We have found a terrific source for certified organic, fair trade, non GMO sugar cane. The color is darker and richer, yet still the same luscious, lemony scrub that so many of your customers love!  We have also added a note to the product label advising customers to shake well before each use to ensure that all the oils and sugar are blended. This product (complete with new label) started shipping January 5th.   
avaSKIN toner
Great news team!  We have been able to make a slight modification to our avaSKIN toner, which many have asked for over the years.  Any orders placed today and shipped tomorrow will be using a radish root extract as the preservative instead of honeysuckle. Same great results, same great scent!  

Toner is also the first product rolling off our tremendous new manufacturing production technology, which we call “Zeus” (see photos below). This new machine is able to add a foil seal to each toner; as a result, the spray pump will now be shipped separately with the order. (In the near future, you will see these foil seals, which help prevent leakage, on more products, including monster spray, spray deodorant, bug spray and makeup remover. Stay tuned.)

To be most eco-friendly, we will also now offer a second toner SKU #, so you can order the toner without the sprayer if you already have one. Retail price for each will remain the same at $15.95.  
Toner w/sprayer – SKU TN01 (same SKU)

Toner w/out sprayer – SKU TN03

This change will also be made to all skincare sets, including the 2 booking bonus, gift sets, and the Business Kit. The mini toner in the Host Exclusive travel set will transition at a later date.
All of these changes will be reflected on the shopping cart tomorrow, Saturday, January 9. We will start sending new toners out with any orders shipped, effective tomorrow.

Heart of Ava award nominations wanted!

Our Heart of Ava award is one of the most prestigious honors bestowed by our company.  It is given to a distinguished Ava Anderson leader who lives the mission and values of Ava Anderson each and every day. This award recognizes a leader who shares their knowledge and training for the good of all, who helps others for the good of the entire team, and who inspires passion for our mission and mutual success.


We invite you to nominate the leader who you feel embodies avaLOVE in every aspect – that leader who inspires others to personal and professional excellence. Use this nomination form to send in your Heart of Ava nomination by or before March 1, 2016.
You can also find this form in your avaOFFICE under the Recognition Tab.

avaOFFICE routine maintenance - January 12,
3:00-5:00 am ET

Our back office partner will be doing routine maintenance on the avaOFFICE on Tuesday, January 12, from 3-5:00 am ET. Please note: you will not have access to your avaOFFICE during this very early morning timeframe. In addition, New Consultants will not be able to enroll and the shopping cart will be unavailable for customers or through the avaOFFICE.

Introducing our 2016 National Awards categories

A brand new year is here – and so is the start of an exciting new year of AANT 2016 National Awards. As you close out your 2015 business season, be sure to put “Earning a National Award” on your list of New Year’s resolutions. For details, click here for your 2016 National Awards document. You can also find this in your avaOFFICE under Training/Recognition/Incentives/ Programs and Awards. Please take note of modified qualifications for the 2016 program.

New Grow Smart RI video features AANT

Ava Anderson® is proud to be featured in Grow Smart RI’s video campaign – highlighting our commitment to the betterment of our community, our state and our environment. In their words: “This fast-growing company moved into the American Tourister Mill, breathing new life into Warren’s waterfront district. Now the repurposed historic mill serves as the office, manufacturing, and warehouse space for the socially-responsible, mission-driven company.” Thank you, Grow Smart RI, for this honor and for the good work you do in our home state. Click here to view this video – or visit

Sandy Ranly, Consultant
$2,015 in sales and 2 bookings

“I truly love every single item I own from Ava Anderson Non Toxic®, so it’s very easy to put my heart into what I love,” Sandy explains. “I joined Ava Anderson for my family. My mother had breast cancer, my mother-in-law had ovarian cancer and also has a strong family history of cancer. So after attending an avaHOUR and learning the risks that come with using harmful chemicals, I felt the need to share this message. My husband and I have four young children and I now feel comfortable knowing that all of the products that we’re using have no harmful chemicals. It also makes me happy knowing that I’m changing and even saving lives by teaching others to be 'ingredient detectives'." Sandy shares her avaHOUR success tips here:
Big attendance is key. Use all the communication tools you can to get the word out about your party. I created a Facebook "Event" to invite friends, relatives and neighbors to my launch party. I also sent an email to other acquaintances who I knew didn’t use Facebook. I told them some of my personal story and explained that I wanted to introduce them to non toxic products they would fall in love with.
Flip chart makes it look easy – and it is. As a New Consultant, I was nervous to do some of my first avaHOURS. However, the flip chart made the presentation a breeze. Plus, for anyone in the audience thinking about this business, the flip chart eases their minds on how much they have to know. Like they say, if you can read a flip chart, you can absolutely have success!
Plan for one-on-one time & follow up. The flip chart has booking seeds built in, so throughout my presentation, I was promoting Host rewards. But the one-on-one time during shopping and check-out was so important in getting bookings. I asked each guest if they wanted to spread this important message, plus earn free and discounted products. I also reviewed how the Host rewards worked. When I followed up with invited guests who couldn’t make it, I also dropped bookings seeds. I got another booking over the phone from a friend who wanted to place an order. I explained that I would gladly place her order, but really felt that she and her friends would really benefit from hearing this message. She said YES!!
Please send your Party of the Week, avaLOVE or avaBUZZ stories
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