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Dear Ava Anderson Consultants

We regret to inform you that after 6 years of tremendous effort and many joys and accomplishments, we have decided to close Ava Anderson LLC, however, please read to the bottom as the management team has an important message for you about your business continuation!    

We are a family who has supported our daughter, in a sincere and unselfish mission to educate everyone about this important issue, and know that we have made a difference, with the help and hard work of all of you!  We were naïve about the challenges we would face. For years we have been questioned, harassed and impugned, at times on a daily basis. Our amazing and dedicated team has worked tirelessly for this business to succeed for all of you, and we have wanted that so dearly.  Sadly, in addition to standing tall against these daily blows, we have been deceived by several vendors that we trusted and who professed to have the same mission as us. We never had any knowledge that any emulsifier ingredients were left off a label, or that a synthetic scent had been added to our avaMEN and avaSCENT products. It would be foolish and unethical to create a product line to be used to share this message and knowingly include anything in it that we would not use ourselves or allow. We never knew of it or allowed it. This was done completely without our knowledge, against the legal and moral language of each purchase order they received.  For anyone to suggest that we knew of this practice (apparently common in the industry) or that we were “greenwashing,” which implies intent, is absolutely not true. We have done everything in this business from sourcing and manufacturing products, to the way we pay and treat each and every team member in our home office and each Ava Anderson Consultant with the highest integrity and best intentions.   

We hope as parents that you will be able to understand that our daughter has been under attack online and in person, and has been tethered to social media for years, at all hours of the day, to protect the brand and the company she cares so much for, as well as for each of you and your businesses. She (and our family and team) have always felt a tremendous responsibility to all of you and we have done our very best to fulfill that. Your successes have truly been our greatest joy, it was our fuel.

Daily, we took dozens of “hits,” forcing us to respond to hurtful and untruthful comments. We had no idea how cruel people could be when they are “keyboard brave.”  We simply cannot see any possible happiness or peace for her future or our family being treated this way.  We have tolerated it for years to build this company, but have lost the ability to battle and continue to sustain the barrage every day.  We know your hearts and believe you would take this same action if your child and family were being treated this way and could no longer function.
It has been so important to us to know you, reward you, pay you well, cheer you and most importantly get to know many of you well, and this hurts us terribly. We are so sorry for this, the most difficult decision of our lives, but we can see no other way to continue.

We are grateful for our training team, who has given you tremendous skills that you can take with you wherever you go. We hope you will stay together as teams and support each other, and continue to share this information always.

We will update you through a Q&A in the avaOFFICE. Please communicate questions to Customer/Consultant Service via email: and

With gratitude and utmost admiration, The Anderson Family

Now an important message from Bob Manny (COO) -

“Our Management team Nick Milligan (CFO), Marianne Friedlund (Director of Training), Robin Ehrenzweig (Director of Communications/Sales), and I would like to share good news with you!   

We write this with great optimism.  After learning of this news in the last 12 hours, this management team is now in the process of securing financing with the intent to continue the great opportunity you have all experienced over the past 6 years under a new brand.
We will be reaching out to Gold Executives and above, today, to share our plans.
It is our intention to transfer all the great aspects of the company you currently know, including the in-house products, infrastructure, compensation plan and downline hierarchies. 
The current management team has extensive experience – over 150 years – successfully in the direct sales industry. We are working as we speak to reincorporate as a new entity.
We expect that many in the Ava Anderson field will have faith in our intentions to continue offering these products and lucrative independent business opportunity with our made in house products, and give us the brief time to re-organize.”     
Important information that will be in our Q&A –
-If you have placed orders, they will be shipped.
-TODAY we have put all products on a temporary Stop Sell to avoid accepting orders that potentially cannot be fulfilled. We expect third party test results in the next few days and will share them with you. Based on those results and an assessment of inventory levels, we will re-open the cart and will make final stock available. Any orders that you may be holding, can be placed when the cart is reopened. 
-Commissions and Bonuses will be paid in full and as scheduled on sales through Jan 31st (All parties need to be closed before the end of Jan. The grace period to the 5th of the following month does not apply.)
-Although we are deactivating our social media channels, any questions can go to Customer/Consultant Service via email and they will update the Q&A.
-If you have registered for conference, you will be refunded in full. 
-Any starter kits that have not been shipped yet, will be refunded. 
-There will be no further returns, refunds or exchanges. 
-We continue to process previously submitted avaSCENT and avaMEN replacements. The form is no longer active.


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