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Dear Leaders & Consultants,

We have good news!  We have taken inventory and are prepared to put all products made in-house, as well as all private label products assessed by third party testing, back on our shopping cart this evening!  We have received the results late today and wanted you to be the first to know that all products were analyzed by a highly reputable, independent third party laboratory. The laboratory tested these products for 73 synthetic compounds, including phthalates and semi-volatile compounds. Other than the previously disclosed products (see below), all products were found under this testing program to contain no chemicals of concern detected above a concentration of 0.02%.   

We appreciate your patience. Our amazing team is here to serve you, and fill your orders!   Here is all of the specific product information.

PRODUCTS MADE BY PRIVATE LABEL MANUFACTURERS and cleared by third party testing:
baby massage and body lotion
baby wash and shampoo
body butter
deep conditioner
diaper cream
dish soap – new in-house formula
dream cream
hand & body lotion  
hand sanitizer (now hands on the go) – 16 ounce refill version will be available
hand soap – new in-house formula
kids wash and shampoo
kids massage and body lotion
lip balm (spearmint)
sugar lip scrub
shower gel
style cream
sunscreen stick
(*these 23 products are now all made in-house in Warren, RI, and the in-house versions, with ingredients currently on the shopping cart, will be sold first.)
PRODUCTS MADE BY THIRD PARTY MANUFACTURERS that have cleared third party testing. And will go back on the cart:

eye liner
all purpose & glass cleaner spray
hard surface & bathroom cleaner spray
pet deodorizer
leather care
no water car wash
plant booster

PRODUCTS MADE IN-HOUSE,  BY US,  AT OUR WARREN, RI FACILITY, going back on the cart:     
baby powder
bar soap, lavender
bar soap, original
blemish stick
boo boo stick
bug spray
candle, lavender
candle, lemongrass   
candle, chai tea
deodorant, spray
deodorant stick
eye cream
hyaluronic acid
Host Exclusive essential oil set
jojoba carrier oil
lemon sugar body scrub
lip balm with spf
lip gloss, pink
lip gloss, berry
lip gloss, coral
lip gloss, cinnamon
lip gloss, plum
lip gloss, rose
makeup remover spray
moisturizer with spf 
moisturizing mask
monster spray
night serum
pet deodorizer
scrubbing cleanser
toothpaste, original
toothpaste, kids
35 products
FYI - PRODUCTS NO LONGER ON THE CART that have also passed the same testing:
lip glosses (old version retired last fall)
lip sticks
bb creams
laundry detergent pods
dishwasher detergent pods
bleach alternative pods
A final shipment of the pod products is in transit. When it arrives, it will be placed on the cart at the same 40% discount, while supplies last.

Due to incorrect labeling information the following will not be on the cart:
hand soap (old third party version)
dish soap (old third party version)
pet shampoo 
*The supplier has intentionally left off an EcoCert certified emulsifier called “Plantapon SF” –it is a mild surfactant base that is free of sulfates, betaine, ethylene oxide, and preservatives. It is used for “gentle, and natural soap/gel formulations.” We had no knowledge of this.  

Other products not returning to the cart:
The supplier did not list iron oxides on the label. These are commonly used ingredients for color in cosmetics. They are on our ingredient glossary already. We had no knowledge of this. 

PREVIOUSLY SHARED PRODUCT ISSUES - UPDATE – The avaLOVE scent (DEP 1.3%) and avaMEN (DEP 0.05%) tested positive for phthalates, which was absolutely never an approved or disclosed ingredient by two separate suppliers. We have previously informed all customers affected by this and have offered free replacements to all of these customers. The form will be available until February 7th.

We want to again reiterate that we never had knowledge that an ingredient was in our product that was not on our label.  

Host Exclusive Travel sets – these remain on stop sell.

As we transition from Ava Anderson® to a newly-branded company, we will continue to keep you updated on answers to your questions. With each passing day, there is progress and good news to report!
  • You can now close out your January parties, as usual, on February 5th
  • And, you can continue to book, hold and close avaHOURS through February 15th
Please see the full Q & A below for information/dates on Quick Starts, 2-booking bonus redemption, etc.

We fully understand the concerns you and your customers may have as we move forward – transitioning from Ava Anderson® to our new company. Please know that you, our field, are truly our first priority. We are making every effort to keep this transition as seamless and painless as possible. There is much excitement and energy here about our future together.

We will continue to connect with and update your Senior Executives – and send out updates to you when we have them.

Thank you, as always, for your patience and support in this endeavor.
Questions & Answers
Should I still hold my scheduled avaHOURS?
Yes, orders will be processed for avaHOURs under the Ava Anderson name through Februrary 15th
The orders must be closed completely and Host Rewards redeemed on or before February 15th.
Any programs for February will be announced on February 1st.
Please note: All sales are final – there will be no refunds, returns or exchanges on these products from Ava Anderson. It may take longer than our 24 hour turnaround time to process these orders.

Will Quick Start rewards be processed?
Any New Consultant currently in their Quick Start earning time frame will earn rewards for all customer sales submitted through February 15th

How will the January New Consultant bonus be processed?
Any New Consultant who starts in January, 2016 and submits two parties of $300 or more each by February 15th will receive their rewards.

How is the two booking bonus impacted?
All parties received by February 15th will count towards any two booking bonus rewards. Requests for rewards must be submitted on or before February 15th.

What about returns, refunds or exchanges?
Any requests for returns or exchanges that have been made prior to 1/25/16 will be processed. There will be no further returns, refunds or exchanges. If anything is damaged or missing in shipment, the replacement will be processed if it is submitted by February 15th.

Will there be any returns accepted for business supplies, materials or business cards?
No, there will be no returns on shipped business supplies. If an order had come through this past weekend and the business supply/material had not shipped, it will be refunded.
Is my commission or bonus impacted?
Your January and February commission and bonus are not impacted.  Direct deposits will still be processed as usual.

When will I receive my 1099 for my taxes?
The 1099 tax statements are being prepared and will be mailed by the required date of Monday, February 1st.

If I am signed up for avaNEWS, will there by a February newsletter?
Yes, there will be a newsletter that is sent on February 2nd that will explain the company transition.

Can customers or Consultants still request replacements for avaSCENT or avaMEN products?
The form for replacements will be reopened tomorrow 1/27 and replacement requests can be submitted until February 7th.

If a Consultant chooses to cancel their Agreement with Ava Anderson, will they receive a refund for their avaNEWS newsletter or avaOFFICE?
avaNEWS – No, there will be no refunds.
avaOFFICE – The cancellation of the avaOFFICE fee would go into effect the following month.  If a fee for the current month was already processed, it will not be refunded.

If a Consultant joined a week ago, do they get a refund on their kit?
For those that signed up with kits that did not ship– partial day 1/22/16 (Friday) – refunds will be processed automatically.

What do I do if I have a new person that is interested in the business opportunity?
We will need to temporarily suspend the acceptance of any Consultant Agreements while a new company is formed.

What is happening with any outstanding bb cream backorders?
Customers with a bb cream backorder will be contacted to choose another item or receive a refund.


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