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Monday, August 15, 2022

Making news today:
The Restoration Council of Shan State shuts down a town in southern Shan State while it forcibly recruits residents to serve in its Shan State Army-South. In other news making headlines: nearly 2,000 people displaced by fighting and arson attacks at Sezin village in Kachin State’s Hpakant Township in urgent need of food and clothing, mystery surrounds a protest against the Kachin Independence Army on a bridge over the Ayeyarwady River between Sagaing and Mandalay regions, and, concern about a smelly problem developing at Angumaw in Rakhine State after a regime travel ban halts trucks carrying 150 tonnes of fish for export to Bangladesh. 

On social media, a Khit Thit Media post about the abduction of a police private in Sagaing Region’s Gangaw Township by a resistance group has the most interactions and the highest number of likes and comments, and a BBC Burmese report that quotes housewives saying they dread going shopping because of daily increases in the cost of food and commodities generates the highest number of shares.

Noteworthy stories: 

Shwe Phee Myay News Agency
Residents of Keng Tawng town in Shan State’s Mongnai Township abducted for recruitment by RCSS 

Residents of Keng Tawn town in southern Shan State’s Mongnai Township have been abducted by the Restoration Council of Shan State for recruitment into its Shan State Army-South since August 5, sources told Shwe Phee Myay.

“Recruitment by the RCSS is worse than before. There are seven wards in Keng Tawng and they have used a list to abduct residents from every ward,” said a resident who asked not to be identified.

“If they cannot find someone on the list, they abduct family members and relatives instead. They have even abducted the parents of people who fled to Malaysia to avoid being recruited and have demanded that they return. Some of those on their list have died but they don’t care; they abduct the dead person’s relatives instead,” the resident said.

The RCSS has blocked streets in the town to prevent people leaving, the resident said.

“They have blocked the roads to Nansang and to Thailand. Some have been abducted on the way, but it is not known how many,” the resident added.

The resident added that the RCSS had also increased the amount of rice it demands from residents. It had previously collected one or two pyi (a pyi is about 2.127kg) once a month but it had been increased to twice a month, and wealthy people were required to give more.

The situation was causing hardship for townspeople, the resident said.

Shwe Phee Myay tried unsuccessfully to seek comment from RCSS spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Sai Ohm Khur.

The Standard Time Daily 
Nearly 2,000 IDPs from Sezin village in Kachin State’s Hpakant Township in urgent need of food and clothing

Nearly 2,000 residents of Sezin village in Kachin State’s Hpakant Township who were displaced by fighting and the torching of hundreds of homes by the military and the Shanni Nationalities Army are in urgent need of food and clothing, local sources said.

A total of 1,851 people from 414 households are reported to have fled the village because of the fighting and arson attacks.

They have sought refuge in religious buildings, schools, the homes of relatives, nearby villages and in forests.

Torrential rain in villages and other locations where the IDPs have sought refuge has disrupted transport and contributed to shortages of medicine and clothing.

[About 400 of the 600 houses in the village were set on fire by junta forces and the SNA overnight on August 9, Kachinwaves reported. The arson rampage came after Kachin Independence Army and People’s Defence Force fighters attacked a police station in the middle of Sezin on August 9, a day after they captured a junta outpost in the village and a SNA outpost at Shwe Pyi Myint village on the border between Kachin State and Sagaing Region. Junta airstrikes on August 8 were reported to have killed about 40 people in Sezin and destroyed many houses.]

Democratic Voice of Burma
Protest against KIA/ KIO on Sagaing Bridge over Ayeyarwady River on August 14

The Kachin Independence Army/Kachin Independence Organisation were the target of protesters who gathered on the Sagaing Bridge over the Ayeyarwady River between Sagaing and Mandalay regions on August 14.

The protestors held posters that accused the KIA/KIO of creating disunity between the Bamar and ethnic nationalities, and of leading students and young people on the wrong path.

Other posters said, “No need the common enemy that is devastating Sagaing Region”.

It is not clearly known who was behind the protest, which comes amid arrests and killings by junta forces of people peacefully protesting against the military dictatorship.

A combined force of KIA and People’s Defence Force fighters recently seized outposts of junta forces and the Shanni Nationalities Army on the border between Sagaing Region and Kachin State.

Democratic Voice of Burma
Travel ban halts trucks carrying 150 tonnes of rohu for export to Bangladesh

Fifteen trucks carrying about 150 tonnes of rohu are trapped at Angumaw jetty as a result of a ban imposed by the military on travel between Maungdaw and Angumaw in Rakhine State since the evening of August 13, traders said.

The total value of the fish, which were due to be exported to Bangladesh, is more than K500 million.

“The authorities need to allow the trucks to proceed after being checked because the rohu can easily turn rotten, which could cause a loss in millions of kyat,” said a trader who exports the fish to Bangladesh.

The military banned road travel between Angumaw town in Rathedaung Township and Maungdaw town after clashes with the Arakan Army in the Mayu mountain ranges in Rathedaung Township and near Wai Lar mountain in northern Maungdaw Township on August 13. 

The front page headlines:

The Mirror (state)
  1. Five-point Road Map of State Administration Council
  2. 19,181 acres of monsoon paddy planted so far in Kyaukse Township, Mandalay Region, says township’s Department of Agricultural Land Management and Statistics [planting target 52,817 acres]
  3. Reference wholesale price for palm oil in Yangon set at K4,140 a viss [set by Committee for the Supervision of the Import and Distribution of Edible Oils; between August 15 and 21]
  4. Tatmadaw personnel and members of government departments remove dirt and mud left after flooding at monasteries, religious buildings and schools in Kengtung and Tachileik towns, eastern Shan State

Myawady Daily (military) 

  1. Five-point Road Map of State Administration Council
  2. Those wishing to enter legal fold can contact respective township branches of Red Cross Society, Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association, Myanmar Women’s Affairs Federation, Social Welfare Office and social welfare organisations authorised by Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, as well as reception centres in border areas, Tatmadaw units and police stations [SAC information team statement, old information] 
  3. Commanders of Yangon Region and South-West commands visit battalions, meet Tatmadaw personnel and their families and have dinner with them
  4. Ministry of Education issues statement on submitting university entrance application forms [from August 18 to September 2; for students who passed matriculation exam in 2022]
  5. Applications invited to attend training for using agricultural machinery [at Central Agricultural Mechanization Training School (Meiktila), Mandalay Region, from October 11]

Daily Eleven (private) 

  1. Seven money changers arrested in border town of Myawaddy on August 13 [four men and three women who operated small-scale currency exchange service between kyat and Thai baht; reason for arrest not given]
  2. Lifetime Literary Award winner Alinkar Kyawswa Maung Paw Tun dies at 88 [August 13]
  3. Handmade bomb explodes at Denko petrol station in Mandalay city’s Maha Aung Myay Township, vehicle damaged [August 13 evening]
  4. As well as power generation projects, cross-border power lines and purchases of electricity being implemented to meet domestic power need [says Union Minister for Electric Power U Thaung Han; August 13]
  5. Low pressure system over northwest Bay of Bengal develops into depression, wind can gust to 40mph [says Meteorology and Hydrology Department; August 14]
  6. Translation: North Korea slams UN chief’s “dangerous words” over denuclearisation call [Source: AFP]

The Standard Time Daily (private)

  1. Nearly 2,000 IDPs from Sezin village, Kachin State’s Hpakant Township, in urgent need of food and clothes [local sources]
  2. Gunfire and explosions in Yangon and Mandalay regions [explosions in Mandalay’s Maha Aung Myay Township and Yangon’s Thaketa and Shwepyithar townships on August 13; gunfire in Mandalay Region’s Nyaung-U and Thaung Tha townships on August 11 and 12]
  3. Fuel prices continue rising, queues at petrol stations [prices a litre rise to K2,655 for diesel, K2,730 for premium diesel, K2,320 for Octane 92 RON and K2,390 for Octane 95 RON, in Yangon on August]
  4. 24K gold price exceeds K2.8 million a tical on August 14
  5. Robberies in Sagaing Region’s Tamu and Wetlet townships and Ayeyarwady Region’s Kyangin Township [August 12 and 13; woman killed in Kyangin Township on August 12]

Online news

Chin World

  1. Union Election Commission statement says political parties must seek prior permission for contact with organisations or individuals from foreign countries [August 11]

Development Media Group

  1. Myanmar military and Arakan Army clash in Rathedaung Township, Rakhine State [August 13]
  2. Member of Arakan Liberation Party and civilian shot dead in Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State [August 13; unidentified group opened fire while they were asleep in home]
  3. Military bans travel between Angumaw in Rathedaung Township and Maungdaw Township [from August 13]


  1. Protest against KIA/ KIO on Sagaing Bridge over Ayeyarwady River on August 14 [Sagaing Region]
  2. Juna forces kill four civilians in Tabayin Township, Sagaing Region [August 13; death toll in township rises to 14 since August 2]
  3. 15 trucks carrying about 150 tonnes of rohu trapped at Angumaw jetty [due to travel ban between Maungdaw and Angumaw; fish being exported to Bangladesh; August 13 evening]
  4. Rice and fuel shortage in Paletwa Township, Chin State, due to regime council’s road and waterway travel ban since August 1 

Karen Information Center

  1. Karen National Liberation Army chief of staff Saw Johnny says door is open for all Karen people to join revolution because enemy can be eliminated by unity [August 12; 72nd anniversary of Karen Martyrs’s Day]
  2. Karen National Union Dooplaya District secretary Padoh Saw Liston urges all Karen armed groups to fight against dictatorship so that people are freed from oppression [August 12; 72nd anniversary of Karen Martyrs’s Day]


  1. Junta forces withdraw from seven Border Guard Police outposts along border with Bangladesh in Maungdaw Township, says Arakan Army [at news conference on August 11]
  2. Clashes between junta forces and Arakan Army occur at least three locations on August 13; on 55th anniversary of rice shortage crisis in Rakhine State [one in Rathedaung Township and two in Maungdaw Township]
  3. Four villagers hurt by landmine explosion in Ponnagyun Township, Rakhine State [August 13]
  4. Arakan Army says junta forces reported casualties during two clashes on August 13 [Rathedaung Township]
  5. UEC ban on political parties’ meeting international organisations could lead to political crisis and reduce trust in elections, say officials of Rakhine political parties

Shwe Phee Myay News Agency

  1. Pa-O National Organisation begins military training for recruits who wear Myanmar military insignia, say residents [at townships in Pa-O SAZ]
  2. RCSS abducts residents of Keng Tawng town, Shan State’s Mongnai Township, for recruitment [since August 5]

The 74 Media

  1. At least 17 soldiers killed in four days of fighting in Taze Township, Sagaing Region [from August 8 to 11; says resistance source]
  2. Member of Banmauk Township Administration Council, Sagaing Region, shot dead on August 12 [Major Kyaw Min Han shot near township administration office]

Trending on Facebook
Below are the top 10 news stories on Facebook in the 24 hours to 9am today, based on total interactions. Until early February, we monitored posts from the main Burmese-language news organisations in the country, including 7Day, Eleven, Myanmar Times, DVB, RFA, BBC, Myanmar Now and state media. However, junta bans on some news outlets since the coup and decisions by others to suspend publication, have meant that Trending is casting its information net more widely and using more reports from ethnic media organisations.

Squeezing the internet
Internet restrictions imposed by the military junta after it seized power
on February 1, 2021 resulted in a dramatic reduction in social media
engagement at a time when Facebook use was soaring. On February 2,
one day after the coup, the most popular post had 738,023 interactions
and the average interaction with each top ten post was 465,616. Since
then the number of interactions has gradually declined. Average
monthly interactions with the top 10 posts to the end of 2021 were:
February 209,842, March 115,586, April 64,395, May 68,845, June 80,516,
July 75,697, August 71,302, September 76,556, October 65,920,
November 61,604, and December 68,540. As 2022 began, further junta
moves to limit internet access, including restrictions on using virtual
private networks and a big increase in the cost of a SIM, saw average
interactions continue to fall, though the numbers have since fluctuated and
rose by nearly 20,000 in July: 53,384 in January, 56,166 in February,
41,619 in March, 43,124 in April, 45,939 in May, 47,719 in June, and
66,050 in July.

Tatmadaw private abducted by Yaw Defence Force in Magway Region
Khit Thit Media


Police Private Zaw Naing Oo from ‌the Kan village police station in Magway Region's Gangaw Township was abducted by Yaw Defence Force fighters when he left the police station to buy alcohol at about 6pm on August 12, YDF said. He is being held at YDF Battalion 4 and will be handed over to YDF headquarters.

Total interactions: 68,803 (65,293 likes, 2,066 comments, and 1,444 shares)

Note: This post has the highest number of “likes” and “comments”.

Protesters condemn Manchester United owner during anti-military protest in Yangon
BBC Burmese


Manchester United FC owner Avram Glazer was condemned during a flash mob protest against the dictatorship somewhere in Yangon on the evening of August 14. The protest was led by the Anti-Junta Alliance Yangon.

Total interactions: 47,951 (45,778 likes, 854 comments, and 1,319 shares)

BBC Burmese invites comment on daily increases in commodity prices
BBC Burmese


Housewives told the BBC Burmese that they dread going shopping because of daily increases in the cost of food and commodities. They said incomes were not rising and prices had increased, making it difficult to manage daily household expenses. that they are afraid to go shopping as the prices of basic food continue to rise. The price of a peittha (1.63293 kg) of cooking oil is nearly K10,000 and a pyi (about 2.127kg) of coarse rice costs K2,000. One egg costs between K200 and K250. BBC Burmese invited readers to comment on the impact of increases in the cost of food and the difficulties they are facing managing household budgets.

Total interactions: 46,735 (42,349 likes, 1,648 comments, and 2,738 shares)

Note: This post has the highest number of “shares”.

Seven Pyusawhti members killed in Sagaing Region, 11 soldiers killed in Magway Region
Khit Thit Media

Seven Pyusawhti members were killed and many injured when People’s Defence Force fighters attacked a Pyusawhti camp near Inkoatkar village in Sagaing Region's Taze Township at about 8:45am on August 14, Taze PDF said. It said PDFs fighters launched a drone strike on the camp and opened fire on Pyusawhti members fleeing the drone attack. Two PDF comrades were injured during the attack, which was carried out jointly by Battalion 6 of Taze PDF, Taze local defence forces, and the Guerrilla Warfare-KPK group. In Magway Region, four soldiers were killed and two injured when a joint force of Myaing PDF and Pauk local defence force fighters used 11 landmines to attack regime forces between Kanthit and Htanpaukkone villages in Pauk Township at about 4:50pm on August 14, Myaing PDF said. On July 26, at least seven soldiers were killed and many injured when Reaper Column attacked about 75 soldiers in the eastern side of Myaing Township, Pakokku North Defence said. Regime forces and Pakokku North Defence clashed five times from July 26 to August 9 and only three PDF comrades were slightly injured, Pakokku North Defence said.

Total interactions: 36,052 (34,579 likes, 265 comments, and 1,208 shares)

Interview with UN ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun 
Khit Thit Media


As inhumane killings by regime forces led by Min Aung Hlaing are gradually becoming worse, UN ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun was asked if it was really possible for legal action to be taken in Argentina’s courts against the junta leader and other senior military officers. The ambassador was also asked about the current status of the doctrine of Responsibility To Protect in respect to the situation in Myanmar and if effective international measures could be taken against the junta over the execution of four democracy activists, including Ko Jimmy and Ko Phyo Zeyar Thaw.

Total interactions: 35,911 (33,894 likes, 279 comments, and 1,738 shares)

NUG objects to junta leader being described as prime minister by 12 INGOs
BBC Burmese

The National Unity Government has objected to the description of the junta leader as “Prime Minister of the Government of Myanmar” in a letter sent by 12 INGOs, including Amnesty International, Save the Children, and World Vision, inviting him to attend the United Nations Transforming Education Summit in New York in September. The 12 groups issued an apology following the release of the letter. The NUG said describing the junta leader as prime minister was an insult to the Myanmar people and had damaged the image of the 12 organisations. It called on the 12 organisations to retract the invitation and issue a public apology, and called on them to issue a letter recognising the NUG as the legitimate government of Myanmar.

Total interactions: 33,107 (32,038 likes, 703 comments, and 366 shares)

News round-up


Total interactions: 29,962 (28,120 likes, 487 comments, and 1,355 shares)

KIA and PDF fighters destroy 200 boxes of junta-linked beer brands seized from truck in Sagaing Region
Khit Thit Media


A combined group from the Kachin Independence Army and People's Defence Forces seized and destroyed 180 boxes of Myanmar Beer, 12 boxes of Andaman Gold beer and eight boxes of Dagon Beer from a six-wheeled truck on the Indaw-Kyaunggon road in Sagaing Region’s Indaw Township at about 11:30am on August 12, Indaw Revolution said. The KIA and PDFs have warned that all military-linked products seized in Indaw Township will be destroyed.

Total interactions: 29,468 (28,309 likes, 313 comments, and 846 shares)

RSF demands UN investigate photographer's death in custody in Sagaing Region
BBC Burmese

Reporters Without Borders has called on the UN special envoy to investigate the death in custody of Ko Aye Kyaw, a photographer who had documented anti-coup protests in Sagaing Region's Sagaing town. Ko Aye Kyaw, 48, was detained by regime forces at his home in Sagaing town at about 2am on July 30 and a family member was contacted to collect his body from Sagaing Hospital’s mortuary later that day. RSF's Asia-Pacific affairs officer said he had demanded that UN special envoys investigate the case because the cause of Ko Aye Kyaw’s death remained unknown more than two weeks after he died.

Total interactions: 29,388 (28,174 likes, 243 comments, and 971 shares)

Flash mob protesters in Yangon apologise over detentions and torture of residents near protest location 
Khit Thit Media


The Anti-Junta Alliance Yangon held a flash mob protest “somewhere in Yangon” on August 14 and later apologised after regime forces detained and tortured residents near where the demonstration was held.

Total interactions: 29,043 (27,502 likes, 517 comments, and 1,024 shares)

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