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Photo: Aiming for 5km of Bras at Robertstown as Janice Tschirn Raises Funds For Breast Cancer.  Read more in this issue.

ECBAT News #43.

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Highlights:  Stephen Geister updates Southern Saints history books. Lots of events happening, and catching up with some older (worthy) news.

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The Latest News

Some of these items need immediate action if you wish to be involved.
These news items have been collected ('mashup') from the Eudunda Web Portal, the Southern Goyder Community Calendar, various Websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and some email sources from various organisations, kind enough to send information. Oh! and sometimes good old hard copy from Newspapers give inspiration too. Thank you to all sources. © C.P. Herriman, 2017 - Please see note in footer.
  • Top Pub Features Michaela Jenke Friday 19th May
  • Eudunda Sporting Clubs Appeal for Volunteers
  • Cocktail at Saints Clubrooms - Night Party - Red, White or Black - 3rd June
  • The 3D's: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia - 9th June 
  • Anlaby Feature in Westfield/Woolmark Promo for Wool Week (13-21 May)
  • Youth Parliament Training Weekend For Samuel
  • Massive Global Ransomware Attack, Patch Your Electronic Devices Now.
  • Australia's Biggest Morning Tea (Barossa CADL)
  • Bower Comes To Life With Community Church!
  • Manoora to Eudunda Walkers Finish At Bakery
  • Eudunda Show AGM Report
  • Fundraising Continues For Breast Cancer
  • Southern Saints Stephen Geister 416 Game - New All Time Games Record
  • Eudunda Area School Reunions
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Eudunda Sporting Clubs Appeal for Volunteers

The Eudunda Sporting Club is hosting this year’s Swann Insurance 24 Hour Reliability Trial on the 8th -9th of July at Eudunda.

This community event is a major Fundraiser for our Club but we require help to ensure that is runs smoothly. We are looking for community members who are willing to assist us with catering for the trial.

Click to read the full text on

The 3D's: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia - 9th June

A workshop for Teachers, Parent & School Support Staff, Presented by Bill Hansberry.

Friday 9th June 2017, 9:30am to 3:00pm
at the St John's Lutheran Primary School Hall, Eudunda.

$20 Registrations to Leanne 0432 066 830 by Monday 5th June,
Includes Lunch.

Anlaby Feature in Westfield/Woolmark Promo for Wool Week (13-21 May)

It is great to see one of our local tourism icons, Anlaby, located between Eudunda and Kapunda feature as the location for such a significant promotion as Westfield collaborated with The Woolmark Company to support local retailers, showing wool in a curated selection of winter accessories, boots, denim and apparel.The campaign launched in line with Wool Week Australia (May 13 – 21). 

Anlaby, Historic and beautifully restored was the ideal location; and significantly placed in the story of Wool, as one of Australia's oldest Merino Studs for the fashion shoots and video production for Westfield's 'High Winter Campaign' shoot.

You may have seen part of the promotion with a story in last Saturday's Advertiser and also in the Lift-out.

Visit Anlaby's website for a link to the Woolmark article and also see a great video called
"Winter starts with wool" featuring international fashion model Stephanie Field (Australian). While you are there, check out their new products, which have just been uploaded to the website this week.

Youth Parliament Training Weekend For Samuel

Samuel Doering, from Neales Flat, was recently involved in the Youth Parliament Training Weekend at the University of South Australia West Terrace Campus. Beginning with the event launch on the 5th of May, the weekend finished on the 7th.

Youth Parliament is an initiative that allows youth to learn about parliamentary debate, the parliamentary process, bill writing, public speaking and debating.

The Youth Parliament Launch was an opportunity for parliamentary dignitaries, local leaders and enthusiastic participants to meet up and begin the journey. Tony Piccolo MP gave an address encouraging youth to get involved wherever they could, take up opportunities and become a leader in their community.

Throughout the following two days, participants learnt about how the South Australian Parliament works, the subtle parliamentary etiquette and how to speak and debate in both houses. Sam said, “The highlight of the whole training weekend was being able to meet people, gain an insight into the Parliamentary System and gain confidence in public speaking and debating.” In addition to this, Sam put himself up for election to a leadership position and he was elected to become Leader, or Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Upper House.
His group, who will develop and argue a bill together, will be debating whether it will be a viable option to establish a nuclear powerplant in South Australia. “Our aim is to investigate and debate whether establishing a nuclear power plant will increase jobs, power stability and open up the option for a nuclear waste dump as well – but we need to do some research before we know the full particulars.”
Overall, Samuel found the experience “is a great experience to gain confidence and go through some personal development. It was really quite empowering and inspirational!”

In July, the participants will be sitting in parliament for a whole week as part of the 22nd Youth Parliament.

Top Photo: Encouraging and advising others in the Opposition as part of a mock debate based on Medicinal Cocaine
Left Photo: Samuel - practicing his debating skills by being a sponsor for a bill.

Photos and Story supplied by Samuel Doering

Massive Global Ransomware Attack, Patch Your Electronic Devices Now.

Ransomware has been around for quite some time, but it made National and International News over the previous week.

What is Ransomware? Very basically - If a banner appears on the screen with a demand that you send a text message to a specified phone number, or phone a support number, it means that your computer is infected with ransom malware. Such malware are created to block access to a computer or restrict access to some functions and request a ransom to restore computer functionality.

If you own electronic devices (and who does not) you should investigate if they have the latest Operating System patches, and if not, you should take steps to update your system(s) ASAP.
This latest publicized attack has been aimed at Windows Computers
Please note that patches have also come out for Apple Devices - read a Web South post on this here. Web South suggest keeping all devices updated.

One point to note is that Microsoft no longer gives updates to Windows XP and Vista operating systems. If you access the internet with a computer and these operating systems you are very much at risk. 

Peter Herriman of Web South,
"Do not let them access your computer, disconnect from the internet immediately. Ask a trusted company to help you, one you have dealt with before or at least someone local that you can trust. 

"We would like to help you to stay safe, and be happy with your computing needs,
So please feel free to check out our web post on the ransomware issue"

Need help - Call Web South on 088 1200 540 or 0429 811 958
Web South Website

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Carers & Disability Link (Barossa) (CADL)

Thursday 8th June
10:30am - 12:30pm

CADL Meeting Room
15 Second St, Nuriootpa
All Invited. Come along & have fun
RSVP 6/6/17 Ph: 08 8562 4000

Bower Comes To Life With Community Church!

On Sunday afternoon, 12 March 2017, the small rural township of Bower in the mid-north of South Australia came to life with a community church service. Approximately 70 people from the community and relatives and friends of past members came together to hear God’s word, pray and praise God for his blessings. The inspiring service was well led by Pastor Chris Georg who is a descendant of the Doecke family from the Bower area. The congregation had closed 4 years ago, but the church is still open and available for special services.

Everyone gathered after the service in the Bower Community Hall nearby for a delicious afternoon tea provided by the Bower Progress Association, and to enjoy the friendly fellowship.

Organiser, Mel Zerner outlined plans to hold an annual community service at the church and to gradually repair and upgrade the church, cemeteries and Sunday school rooms over the next few years. Families who have assisted in this work come from the Zander, Dreckow, Doecke, Kassulke, Kleinig, and Freund original residents as well as Tim Thornhill from the local Bower community.

Praise be to God for a wonderful opportunity to provide ministry and fellowship to the local and wider community as well as preserving a historical building that is a land mark of the Bower township.

Thanks to Mel Zerner for the great roundup and photos.

See More Photos on

Manoora to Eudunda Walkers Finish At Bakery

Between the 3rd and 8th April this year a group of 18 walkers in a group known as the 4 Seasons embarked on an adventure on part of the lavender Federation Walking Trail from Manoora to Eudunda.

Under the leadership of Brian Croft they took the walk in stages,
"We planned to take things in a fairly leisurely fashion ensuring that all members have time to smell the flowers.

"As some of the group had special needs for camping and the group like to camp together we found that the Kapunda Tourist Park suited our needs. Brad and Emma have always been very considerate in accommodating our group during a number of past visits and we highly recommend it as a great spot to stay."

"Overall we enjoyed the trail and there are some great views. Most felt that the section from Inspiration Point through to Peppermint Springs and Webb Gap and beyond was a highlight.

The group finished off at the Eudunda Bakery for a coffee and cake and a quick chat before heading off to go home, which for most is in the Adelaide region.

"We would like to say a big 'Thank You' to all the land owners and to the SARTI group's trail builders for their work. Our group has walked previous sections of the Lavender Trail and we are already looking forward to walking the next section from Manoora once it is completed."

Article & Photo by Peter Herriman

Eudunda Show AGM Report

The Eudunda and District A&H Society would sincerely like to thank those who made the effort to attend the AGM on the 31st of March, and extend a special welcome to the new members. It was wonderful to see a number of new faces.

A big thank you must also go to Paul Schutz, the outgoing president, for all the hard work he has put into the show, and to Richard Schulz, the ingoing president, for taking on the role. The final thank you must go to Tony Branford, the secretary, and Helen Schiller, the treasurer, for their ongoing commitment. Without these hard working people, the show would not be possible.

This year, the show committee is planning another fun-filled day, with the theme being “Yester-year”. The chosen theme will put a spotlight on the things of old, with a special display being arranged in the foyer of the show hall and much more to see on the day, including an array of exhibits in the show hall. These exhibits are carefully set out and displayed by wonderful volunteers whose effort is greatly appreciated and although these volunteers do a marvellous job, more help is required. This is why we encourage anyone in the community who is interested to come along and lend a hand in the lead up to the big day, especially in the large flowers and pot plants section.

Again, thank you to those who attended the AGM and if you wish to get in contact with us, please do – details in the website footer.

Thank you to Emily Doering for the report

Fundraising Continues For Breast Cancer

Janice Tschirn of Robertstown launched a plan on 6th May to have.5 kilometres of Bras pinned to a fence line at Robertstown to Raise Awareness and Funds For Breast Cancer.

Janice said,
"I am raising funds for Breast Cancer. I would like to raise $5000 and in the process we are making a 5km line of Bra’s from our Corner of Brady Road to the cross roads at Stock Route/Neindorf roads. Can you help support this for me please.

Janice Tschirn has updated on her fundraising efforts,
"We have reached just over $1000.00 (11th May) and our Bra hanging has of today (When I hang them) made it to the corner of the Hotel and across to the next corner.

"Thank you to everyone who have already donated Money & Bra's. 
Please keep them coming, as fundraising continues to the end of May.

More information: Phone Janice on 08 8581 7270

Photo of Trevor Roland "Digger" entertaining at the Robertstown Hotel as part of the fundraising.

Southern Saints Stephen Geister 416 Game - New All Time Games Record

Southern Saints officials, players and supporters turned out in force on Saturday the 13th of May 2017 to mark a very special day for the Southern Saints Football Club. Veteran player Stephen Geister broke the all time games record for the club playing his 416th game. This was a once in a lifetime event.

Congratulations Stephen!
Article & Photo by Peter Herriman

Eudunda Area School Reunions

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The “Eudunda Area School Reunions Organising Committee” ask that you fill in a contact form so they can keep in touch about the various reunions.

Community Calendar - May-July 2017

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Have a Happy and Safe Easter!


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