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Eudunda Swimming Pool. Photo shows the scale of the job as workers shown at 'deep end' of the pool are dwarfed by the size of the wall. November 14th will see the Swimming Season start right through to March. Fantastic facility at only $2.00 per session. Photo Credit: Chelsea Laucke.

ECBAT News #13.

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Highlights for the district: EUDUNDA SHOW,
and a big 'catch up' on news I just didn't get to publish on the lead up to the show (and the work to catch up on after it).

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The Latest News

Some of these items need immediate action if you wish to be involved.
These news items have been collected ('mashup') from the Eudunda Web Portal, the Southern Goyder Community Calendar, various Websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and some email sources from various organisations, kind enough to send information. Oh! and sometimes good old hard copy from Newspapers give inspiration too. Thank you to all sources.
  • Extreme Fire Danger - 39 Forecast today

  • Remembrance Day service held at Eudunda 11th Nov
  • Hailstones survived 12 days after storm
  • Swimming Pool Opened Saturday - 14th Nov
  • Book Now for VacSwim in January
  • Region looses a Young Star in tragic accident.
  • Longest Lutheran Lunch
  • Lavender Federation Trail in the news as it heads to Clare 
  • 'Black Emma' memorial in progress
  • 'Nobody Famous' at the Top Pub 27th Nov 
  • Eudunda Golf Club AGM 29th Nov
  • History Festival 2016 registrations open
  • Tech News - Ransomware goes to new level of 'badness'
  • Tech News - Leaky mobile phones are 'betraying' us
  • Q Fever support group for the Mid North 
  • National Motor Museum celebrates 50th this weekend
  • Book for Father Christmas - Eudunda Street Party
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Extreme Fire Danger - 39 Forecast today

With this extreme temperature and strong gusty winds everyone will need to be on high alert today
Please be careful!
Already there has been a fire on farming property at Foote Road Neales Flat last night. Thankfully all under control quite quickly.

This group doing Water Aerobics sure have the right idea to keep cool. Thanks to Steve for this photo.

Details about the Eudunda Swimming Pool website:

Remembrance Day - Nov 11th 11am

The local Eudunda RSL held a service at the War Memorial, with a small gathering to remember those who fell in all wars for our freedom. The short ceremony at 11:00am included a minutes silence, hymns and prayers and the laying of wreaths and flowersAfterward a meal of 'banners and mash, a cuppa, and fruit salad and ice cream was enjoyed at the Eudunda RSL Rooms 
Photo: Sandra Hausler laying wreath on behalf of the Eudunda Red Cross.

Details about the Eudunda RSL on thier website:

Hailstones survived 12 days after storm

Seen on a Facebook post  - Nov 16th:
Steph & Simon Schmidt sustained damage in the freak thunderstorms on the 4th Nov. which caused major flooding to several areas of South Australia and quite a bit of damage in the Mid North area including Burra.

Steph posted - "12 days after the hailstorm we still have dams full of hail and unfortunately still losing sheep who wander in to the dams, 1200 acres of crops gone, fences and livestock lost, we took a beating with this one."

Steph rounded up the conversation with,
"Farming is definitely one big gamble. We're looking on the bright side that it took the course it did and didn't take out all of our crops. Simon just had a chat to Caroline Winter at the Country Hour so we'll have to listen tomorrow"

Keep your ears open for Simon talking on the ABC Rural Country Hour with Caroline Winter.

Ed: You have to admire the farming spirit.Well done to Steph and Simon.

Swimming Pool Opened - Saturday - Nov 14th

Eudunda Swimming Pool had lots of work on it during the 'off season' and is now open for the swimming season on Saturday November 14th which will continue right through to March. There are fantastic facility and Joanna at the Canteen will be once again supplying you with great quality food and drinks. Entrance to the pool is only $2.00 per session. Photo Credit: Steve Wegener

Details on Eudunda Swimming Pool website:

Book Now for VacSwim in January

The Eudunda Swimming Pool is now open for the swimming season - from Saturday November 14th which will continue right through to March. There are fantastic facility and Joanna at the Canteen will be once again supplying you with great quality food and drinks. 

BOOK NOW! 4th-12th January 2016 (Excluding Weekends)

Details on Eudunda Swimming Pool website:

Region looses a Young Star in tragic accident

Burra identity 19 year old Nathaniel O’Brien known for being a contestant in the national TV program 'X Factor'  died in a single-car crash on Nov 8th on the Barrier Highway, near Burra just north of the Hanson. 

Nathaniel had just performed at the Burra Country Music Festival that Sunday morning and was travelling South to perform in an Adelaide Suburban Hotel that night.

We would like to express sincere condolences to his family for thier loss.

Story on The ABC website:

Longest Lutheran Lunch

Many attended the Lutheran Church's  free luncheon in the Centenary Gardens at Eudunda on the 25th October. The event was enjoyed by all as people realise it is actually a great event to come and relax and chat and have some lovely food.

Lavender Federation Trail in the news as it heads to Clare

People in the region around Clare and Gilbert Valley get a chance to hear that the Lavender Federation Trail is heading thier way thanks to funding from the State Government.
They will get the opportunity to talk with SARTI members (those who are building the trail) directly at the Reisling Trail AGM to be held at the Seven Hills Hall on Thursday 
Photo from Lavender Trail website of the hills and valley in the Dutton to Eudunda section of the trail.

See article in the Northern Argus:

'Black Emma' memorial in progress.

Local tour operator Terry Jessen of Terry's Infused Cultural Experience reports,
"For those interested, here is the memorial stencil for the Emma site or known as the site of last wurley.
It will be on a black piece of granite, with gold writing and outline done by local stonemason Drew. The memorial wall will be on Marrabel (Yarra-Linka) Road."
Terry is working with the Eudunda Business, Community & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) and Ward Councillors to create this memorial to 'Emma' the last of the.original inhabitants in this area.

See ECBAT website to see what else they do:

Nobody Famous at the Top Pub - 27th Nov

Classic Rock you will love!

While you are there also check out the photo of damage to the Motel on thier other news item.

Check out the Top Pub's website:

Eudunda Golf Club AGM 29th Nov

The AGM is to be held at the Eudunda Golf Clubrooms on the 29th Nov at 2pm. Lots of good things planned for next season. A hit in the new practice nets is also on the cards.

Check out the website:

History Festival 2016 registrations open

The 2016 History Festival runs from 1 to 31 May.
Registrations close Wednesday 3 February 2016

If you are contemplating doing something for SA History Festival in May next year, please contact the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery to coordinate with what they will be doing.

Check out the website:

## TECH NEWS ## Ransomware threat to your business (and privacy)

A new development in the ransomware saga has been bought to light with the "Chimrea varient" now threatening to publish private data online if the ransom is not paid.
For the end user this could lead to identity theft which is horrible. Imagine if a business got hit this this! The ramifications could be huge.

A good reason to buy good 'name brand' Internet Security, and back up your data regularly

## TECH NEWS ## Leaky mobile phones are 'betraying' us

Mobile apps are regularly leaking information to third parties, according to research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard, and Carnegie-Mellon.

The researchers tested 110 popular, free apps - half of them Android and half iOS - to find out which ones share personal, behavioral, and location data with third-party websites.

Check out this Security website report:

Q Fever support group for the Mid North

It seems reasonable to consider that residents in our region could be exposed to this disease. 

Kendall Jackson was working as a rural reporter for the ABC, covering the Jamestown sheep markets when she contracted Q Fever in 2004. 

The support group and Livestock SA are pushing for the Q Fever vaccine to be subsidised by the government.

Check out the The Flinders News article:

National Motor Museum celebrates 50th this weekend

This district has a great following of people who own or admire old and historic vehicles and the meca of all is the National Motor Museum at Birdwood. They are celebrating turning 50 on the Sunday 22nd Nov with a picnic at the mill.

Over the years the Museum has developed to become the largest collection of historic and classic vehicles in the country. Quite an achievement. We wish them well with celebrations.

Photo: Part of the display of Cars at the Eudunda Show 2015, "Festival of the Car"

Check out the website:

Community Calendar - Nov-Dec 2015

Click on the links to go to the Southern Goyder Community Calendar to see more about the event
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