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Photo by Helen Schiller: The first day the new Eudunda Caravan Park was open, it had caravans stay, and in a week the 4 berths were full, and others camped in vacant spots with participants in the Swann Insurance 24 hour Motorcycle Trial swelled the ranks. It is a positive future for the new park.
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ECBAT News #47.

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Highlights:  BUMPER ISSUE! Successful Swann Insurance 24 Hour, SALA, Businesses Networking Night, Community Hub Opens, ECBAT AGM, Caravan Park Opens & Busy (see above) , Car Rally, Lots of Business Activity.

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Some of these items need immediate action if you wish to be involved.
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  • Editor - News Is Flowing Again
  • Business Networking Evening at Eudunda
  • FREE Energy Saving Products - LAST CHANCE!
  • Copyworld Walky 100 - 12th Aug (Meet the Teams at Top Pub - Friday Night)
  • Eudunda Family heritage Gallery AGM - 22nd Aug 2017
  • Successful Opening - Eudunda Community Hub
  • ECBAT AGM Highlights Successful Projects and Positive Communications with Council
  • Successful SALA Opening on Friday Night as Eudunda Remembers "Yesterday"
  • Gordon & Stella Schutz Celebrate 65th Wedding Anniversary
  • Eudunda Probus - Dual Speakers in July, 'Old Wares' For August 14th Meeting
  • Saints Celebrate Clubhouse 1st Birthday
  • Legacy & JAK Golf Weekend Event Date Moved (now 9th & 10th Sept)
  • Samuel Doering Experience in Opposition at LC
  • Lutheran Worship Program Aug-Sept 2017 Online
  • St John's Roadrunners - Pedal Prix
  • Goyder Business Breakfast (Series 1: Strategies to Grow Your Local Business)
  • Local Businesses Work Together For Success
  • Local Library News!
  • Swann Insurance 24 Hour Results
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Editor - News Is Flowing Again

G'day, Just wanted to say that the big pause in publishing the newsletters was caused by me taking time to edit the Eudunda Show Book. As the show planning starts with the show book being set up with all the details, sections, times etc. it takes some time to compile.

The Show will have many new items this year. For those waiting on the latest Show Book - that should be out in about a month, after all sections have checked the final copy again. Thank you to the Sponsors who have signed up to help the show this year, and our great committee for feeding me all the info to go in it.

The newsletter should be a bit more regular from now on. It's a "Bumper Issue" as I try to catch up on some of the news.
The Eudunda Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) encourage all local businesses to attend. We thank the Mid North Industry Leaders Group for initiating this event. As well as learning about the various organisations supporting local businesses, you will also have a session called
"Business Marketing through Social Media"
delivered by Clare based Word Solutions. 

FREE Energy Saving Products - LAST CHANCE!

Dave Henwood will come to your house and replace your light globes and shower heads for FREE.

Dave has been in our area for quite some time now, and made many people happy as well as the environment a better place. His time in the area is coming to an end, so if you have not yet called him, it would be wise to do so straight away on 1800 045 622. Those who have already booked, he will arrange a time soon.
Please Note: Dave uses an answering service, and as he is often out of reach and may not get to answer your call for up to a week. He will ring you back to arrange a time.

See more info on the Eudunda Web Portal page

Copyworld Walky 100 - 12th Aug

Meet the Teams at Top Pub - Friday Night

By Damien Rolland
Last year’s winners Declan Dwyer and navigator Craig Adams, are back in their white Mitsubishi Evo V to attempt one of the hardest feats in the Robertstown rally – a back to back win which hasn’t been achieved since Jim Conaghty and Jeremy Browne took out the 1984 and 1985 events in a Dazda.  Being the only driver to amass three Robertstown Rally titles Declan is the master of the Robertstown environs. Craig Adams will be attempting to match Jeremy Browne’s record of navigating three drivers to first place.

This year’s Robertstown event has six day time stages and the excitement of six night stages with the best drivers in the state racing on the roads along the ridge tops surrounding Robertstown in a dazzling display of night time motor sport as the rally cars spotlights light up the night sky.

This years event is a smorgasbord of rally action for spectators with almost double the spectator points from last year to give a massive 5 official spectator points to try and see.  This year’s viewing is on Scrubby Hills, Pumping station, Hill Big One and two on Roast.  

More information is available from Rally HQ at the Robertstown oval.

Want to Chat with the crews that go out on this rally? You will have an opportunity to do so at the
Eudunda Hotel Motel ("Top Pub") the Friday night before the event (11th).

Come along and support this great event, and at the same time support the local organisations who are helping with things like catering. See you at the Robertstown Oval this Saturday.

Read the full article on the Eudunda Web Portal

Ed: Very little information has been available online this year, so I want to thank Damien Rolland for supplying this story, flier and photos
"Flier 2016 Copyworld Walky 100 First Outright Declan Dwyer and Craig Adams - Photo courtesy of Ryan Schembri"

Tuesday 22nd August  2017 at 9.30 am
at the Gallery.

Successful Opening - Eudunda Community Hub

On Tuesday 25th July the public opening of the Eudunda Community Hub took place at the old Regional Council of Goyder Depot on the corner of Pine Street and World's End Highway.

There was a great interest in this new community resource, and much to the delight of the small committee, some 30 people attending the official opening and another 20 or so came during the day to find out more.

Gus Geursen during his welcoming speech told of being granted $958 from the Regional Council of Goyder Eudunda Ward Sport and Recreation Fund with the Eudunda Community Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) help to set up furniture and equipment for the new Community Hub. He also told that they had gained additional State Government funding to buy some bigger pieces of equipment. The Hub is funded by Memberships, grants and donations. The members can make things for themselves or donate them for sale, so that the hub can continue to operate. It was stressed that the Hub was for all ages and for both men and women. Some members are willing to share thier skills and passion and help others to learn what they do. The Hub is not just about working with new skills but about getting out and meeting others, and game play such as cards is also on offer.

During the opening the committee were able to show off a great array of equipment, generously donated to them, and some of the projects volunteers might like to tackle with activities including woodworking, metalwork, tiling and other art projects, knitting, board games and cards.. The committee asked for suggestions and many offered up some great ideas. The Committee are keen to have people sign up as members, and become active in thier own projects or to join in with others. Best way to find out what is happening is to 'drop in' on a Tuesday and have a chat.

Reporting on this weeks activities, held yesterday, Committee member Roth Colben said,
"At one stage we had about five or six women knitting, crotcheting and rug making in the kitchen area. Some of us did mosaic work too. On the woodwork side they were busy cleaning up a donated jarrah outdoor setting which someone has already promised a very generous donation of money for. Another interesting project coming to light is that of making signs for a local shop".

Photo Above: Katie Preston representing the Eudunda Street Party Committee presented a $300 cheque to the Eudunda Community Hub.
L-R: Gerrie Danielse, Julie Mathews, Ruth Colben, Katie Preston (Street Party), Gus Geursen

Below Photo Left: Lots of tiles and craft material already collected and a mosaic tiling project underway. 
Below Photo Right: Wood stockpiled for various craft projects and one of the lathes. 

Photos & Article: Peter Herriman

Above Left: Example Wooden Tables that volunteers are willing to show how to make
Above Right: Some of the tools available.
Below Left: Amazing wooden art that Gerrie is willing to show how to make
Below Right: The BBQ was a big hit on the day.

ECBAT AGM Highlights Successful Projects and Positive Communications with Council

July was the AGM for Eudunda Community Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) and a changing of the guard saw Trevor Mathews elected the new Chairperson, while Alison Schutz & Carolyn Krause were retiring, and Richard Mosey has come on-board, new to the committee and Peter Herriman is returning after a break.

It was pleasing to see surprise guest David Stevenson, the new Regional Council of Goyder CEO, who took the time to listen to the current issues and expects to improve the communication between ECBAT and the Council.
Read the full report on the ECBAT July report
Photo: Helen Schiller

Successful SALA Opening on Friday Night as Eudunda Remembers "Yesterday"

What a great start to Eudunda's SALA event, with a large gathering coming out in bad weather to celebrate this year's launch at the Eudunda Hall on Friday Night to enjoy the hall filled with presentations. With great entries from all the schools, and interactive art by Ted Bowden, nibbles and drinks it was a good night out.

SALA is the South Australian Living Artist Festival held state wide over the month of August each year.
Eudunda has been active in the festival for many years. 

The displays were also viewable over the weekend,  Sat from 10am - 4pm, and Sun from 10am - 3pm.
Congratulations to the Organising Committee for a great event.

There are also some SALA displays around Eudunda, the most noticeable one being at the Eudunda Kindy, and they must be congratulated for thier very unique display on the Kindy fence. Hopefully they have had a chance to repair it as the terrible winds damaged it slightly overnight. What was nice was that although the Kindy was an outside art project, they took photos and presented it inside at the hall as well. Great Work - Eudunda Kindy!!!

Read more and see more photos on the Eudunda Web Portal

Photo & Article: Peter Herriman

Gordon & Stella Schutz Celebrate 65th Wedding Anniversary

Gordon Schutz married Stella Heinrich on the 26 July 1952.
25 family and friends gathered at the Eudunda Hotel for lunch on 30th July 2017 to celebrate the occasion of thier 65th Wedding Anniversary. 

What a great achievement for the pair, the community congratulate you.
Photo and details thanks to thier daughter Pam McLachlan

Eudunda Probus - Dual Speakers in July, 'Old Wares' for August 14th Meeting

The Probus Club of Eudunda & Districts July meeting in the Eudunda Hall saw two speakers with  Brent Bennett talking about Carers' Link, and his work supporting carers in the community.  The second speaker was Bev Saegenschnitter who is the Project Coordinator for Dementia Friendly Communities. Bev's work is to organise events to raise awareness in the community to help make our community dementia friendly.

Upcoming activities include a film trip on the 14th August to see "Going in Style", and on the 12th September a trip to Morgan combined with the Kapunda Probus members.

The August meeting is to be held on 16th will feature John Foumakis, who is a registered trader of 'old wares' and he is willing to value your antiques.

Photo L-R: Fay Grosser, Brent Bennett, Bev Saegenschnitter, Hedley Scholz.
Photo & Article by Peter Herriman

Saints Celebrate Clubhouse 1st Birthday

Friday night of the 4th August 2017, the Southern Saints celebrated one year in their Clubhouse, formerly the Eudunda Club. The night featured live music from 'Off Ya Trio', a roast meal, desert and special drinks.
A great night had by all and with the opening of SALA next door in the Eudunda Hall it was an extra bonus for members to go have a look there.
Photo & Article by Peter Herriman

Legacy & JAK Golf Weekend Event Date Moved

Now on the 9th & 10th Sept

Due to unforeseen circumstances the event has had to change from the traditional August date. The event will go on, and as some who attend from interstate have suggested - "It might be a bit warmer in September!"

It is great to see that this much sought after weekend, where many previous residents of Eudunda return to play golf and celebrate the memories of thier parents and friends at the golf club. It is always a great weekend. 
Contact the club on website

Samuel Doering Experience in Opposition at LC

Samuel Doering, from Neales Flat, was recently involved in the Youth Parliament where he spent a week debating bills and learning about public speaking and leadership in Parliament House, Adelaide.

Sam said that “It truly was an honour to be able to lead the Opposition in the Legislative Council, as it allowed me to learn more about how to be a leader, and learn more about debating and public speaking.”

Throughout the week at Parliament House in Adelaide, more than 90 participants were actively engaged in debating and public speaking both in the House of Assembly and the Legislative Council. Each team had one bill which they sponsored, or proposed and also had a bill which they were to refute.

Read the full story on  Photo & Story Supplied by Samuel Doering

Lutheran Worship Program 
Aug - Sep 2017 Online

Eudunda Robertstown Lutheran Parish has the latest ‘Worship Program’  for august and September 2017 online on the Eudunda Portal
You can download it here

St John’s Roadrunners - Pedal Prix

On Sunday, our team of seven competed in Adelaide at the Six Hour event.  Although we are a small team our members showed great courage and determination.  In their category, Primary, they finished 22nd out of 54 cars on the day.  What a great result.  Well done team and again thanks to our parents who support their children in preparation and on the day. It was a fantastic day overall.   We compete in our final event on Sunday 30 July 2017 at Victoria Park, Adelaide. Go Roadrunners! 
This photo was taken at practice, between the two events mentioned in the report from the school newsletter.
Standing L-R: Cooper Pfitzner, Isaac Milde, Claire Schiller, Chelsea Scholz, Dusty Schulz, Mitchell Mosey In car:  Thomas Mosey
Photo by Peter Herriman

Goyder Business Breakfast

Series One: Strategies To Grow Your Local Business 

Date: Friday 25 August 2017, Time: 7 - 8.30am, Venue: Regional Council of Goyder, 1 Market Square, Burra
Guest Speaker:  Peter Barry, Managing Director, Jim Barry Wines 
Please RSVP for catering purposes by Friday 18 August to 
This is a free event open to all Goyder business operators. 

Local Businesses Work Together For Success

Since the end of July Rajkotwala's Taste of India products have become available in the local Eudunda Butcher Shop, run by John & Annie Hill. Locally based, Raj felt the need to have products easy for people to buy, and it is great synergy to have them available at the butchers. To encourage customers to try new ideas he has also left some recipes for people to try with his products.
To contact Annie at the butcher shop ring or SMS a message to Annie on 0410 608 064 or drop in from Wednesday to Friday 10am to 4:30pm, they also have EFTPOS facilities.
You can learn more about his products at his website 

Photo: Raj & Annie Hill pose next to Raj's display at the front of the Eudunda Butcher Shop
Story & Photo by Jenny Herriman

Local Library News!

Welcome to our town library situated within the Eudunda
Area School, 2 Reserve Road, Ph: 85811587.

We are part of the State Wide ‘One Card’ system so if
you are already a member somewhere else in SA you
can use your card here too!

Residents or visitors to the town may use our free public
access computers or free Wi-Fi!
We have over 2000 dvds for you to borrow free!
E-books can be downloaded onto your device, free!
Membership is free!!

We hope you will come and find out about another
‘hidden treasure’ in Eudunda!
More info at the web page

Swann Insurance 24 Hour Results

The FINAL RESULTS from Round 4 of the SART Championship - the Swann Insurance 24 Hour are out!
Congratulations to all who finished, it is always a great achievement. The first 3 of each -
Open Solo: 1st: Todd Barry, 2nd: Riley Graham, 3rd: Rowan Pumpa
Open Sidecar: 1st: Max Hutchesson / Sam Hutchesson, 2nd: Hector Evans / Shaun Buckley, 3rd: Mark Launer / Tyson Rohrlach. Well done everyone! Well done to the organising Committee, and to all those who support it in any way for another great event. This year the weather was a bit more kind on everyone.

This year was exceptional with a local (SA) sidecar entering with well credentialed rider and passenger from Wales (UK), and not only did they finish the event, but they hope to come back again. Many first time riders also finished the event this time.

Local organisations were pleased with the result of the 24 Hour, as it is one of the times they can do fundraising and the 24 Hour mob are very generous.

Check the Swann Insurance 24 Hour website for more info, and if you haven't caught up with the many great photos from various photographers you can find an index of 24 Hour Photos here (Scroll down to a Post on 8th July - top line is "Share link to your photos, Updated Links: 11/07/17 at 14:46am")
Top Photo: Open Sidecar Winners Max Hutchesson / Sam Hutchesson return after 24 Hours.
Bottom Photo: Open Solo Winner Todd Barry returns after 24 Hours.
Article & Photos by Peter Herriman

Community Calendar - Aug-Dec 2017

Click on the links to go to the Southern Goyder Community Calendar to see more about the event

Have a Happy and Safe Easter!


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