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Banner: Eudunda Street Parade 2014 Winners were Eudunda Netball Club - 'The Flintstones'. What will they come up with this year? Photo Credit: Luke Herriman.

ECBAT News #14.

News we hope you can use. Like Southern Goyder News from ECBAT #14 - 08/12/15 on Facebook

Highlights for the district: Eudunda Christmas Parade & Party,
Things were so busy on the lead up to Christmas and disasters like the Pinery fires has sidetracking the editor, a bit of a gap in the news occurred. Plenty happened that is for sure.

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The Latest News

Some of these items need immediate action if you wish to be involved.
These news items have been collected ('mashup') from the Eudunda Web Portal, the Southern Goyder Community Calendar, various Websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and some email sources from various organisations, kind enough to send information. Oh! and sometimes good old hard copy from Newspapers give inspiration too. Thank you to all sources.
  • BUY LOCAL - SAVE JOBS LOCALLY and save our Social Fabric
  • Eudunda Club AGM - Wed 9th Dec - an important meeting
  • Record Attendance as Swimming Pool provides relief in the heat
  • Aquarobics Class time change for this week
  • Eudunda gets in the Christmas Spirit
  • Eudunda Street Parade & Party this Friday
  • Eudunda Temporary Haven for Pinery Bushfire evacuees
  • Local Farmers help out in aftermath of bushfire
  • Pinery Bushfire Relief Concert - Kapunda 19th Dec
  • Thank you Chas & Kathy as Handke Bros Butchers Closes
  • Bookings close 18th Dec for Vacswim in January
  • Lehmann's General Store on 7News Live Adelaide
  • Robertstown identity dies in farming accident.
  • What is ECBAT up to?
  • Local Rider Toby Lewis wins SART Championship
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and save our Social Fabric.

ECBAT encourages everyone as prepares for Christmas, with shopping for presents, and for food for feasting over the Christmas break, to consider buying locally. There may be times it is not possible to get every single item locally, and sometimes it might be more expensive, but consider the hidden advantages when you buy locally.  No only will you will help to keep jobs and businesses local, if you don't look after local businesses, they won't be able to sustain looking after you, by being local. 

The ramifications of businesses closing up are felt in all areas of the community, not just on the job front. The local businesses are asked many times during the year to support local organisations and sporting groups with donations. This in turn keeps those entities going.

Consider also the times that the item you buy doesn't work or is missing something, not only did you have an expensive and time consuming trip to get the item, you may have to travel multiple times to get it replaced. You could be letting your local shop sort out this problem for you. (we hope you never have to face this issue).


See the businesses that already support ECBAT in thier work
and if you are not a business member yet - please consider joining

Eudunda Club AGM - Wed 9th Dec - an important meeting


Notice is hereby given that the
Annual General Meeting
of financial members of the
Eudunda Club Inc
will be held in the Eudunda Club on
Wednesday 9th December, 2015
Commencing at 8:00pm

Photo: Eudunda Club Inc on Bruce Street, Eudunda hosted riders of the Katelyn’s 2 Day Tour – Tour de Eudunda 2014 in March 2014

More Details of AGM on Calendar website:

Record Attendance as Swimming Pool provides relief in the heat

The sudden burst of hot weather has meant the Eudunda Swimming Pool has been very popular. Many have taken advantages for the fantastic facilities, and with Joanna and her team at the Canteen busy serving great quality food and drinks, patrons are in for a treat.
Pool Manager, Steve Wegener reported,
"We have had the St Johns School in on Friday "Fun Day" on Saturday 92 people came through the gate, and on Sunday there were 140. That is a record for recent times, it's been great! At the moment we have Eudunda Area School in all week."
Thanks Steve for that great news. 
Entrance to the pool is only $2.00 per session.

Details on Eudunda Swimming Pool website:

Aquarobics Class time change this week

Steve Wegener has posted'
Aqua classes for this week are at 8.45 am Tuesday/ Thursday morning See you at the pool"
Photo is of today's class - thanks to Steve.

General Details on Eudunda Swimming Pool website:

Eudunda gets in the Christmas Spirit

The Eudunda Christmas Street Party Committee, helpers and some local businesses have put Eudunda on the 'Christmas List' with decorations, tinsel and Christmas Trees adorning the township. Well done to the team, it really has made Eudunda feel like it is Christmas time.

Details on Eudunda website:

Eudunda Street Party & Parade this Friday

Don't forget to come along. The Street Party Committee have been busy all year fundraising and planning for this night. Come along and support the event - open to everyone. A great Family Fun Night.
A great variety and plenty of Food & Drinks, entertainment for the kids, and of course 'Father Christmas'.
Check flier for details. 

Larger image on Eudunda Web Portal:

Eudunda Temporary Haven for Pinery Bushfire evacuees

The Eudunda Oval became an evacuation point for many people from the Pinery Bushfire.  This photo was taken during a slight lull in the smoke about 7pm and shows the 'second wave' of evacuees parked at the Eudunda Oval. The cars were right around the oval and some who were transporting horses were parked on the oval, fearing the worst. 

Early arrivals were lucky to have had Steve & Lee Wegener and Joanna Watts from the Eudunda Swimming Pool onsite and they were a great help, along with Chelsea Laucke to comfort people. They told how the 'first wave' of evacuees had already left and headed to Robertstown and Morgan for a more secure site as Eudunda was now under threat too.

Later many Eudunda people arrived to help with food and comfort.
Chelsea Laucke, Eudunda Correspondent for the Leader Newspaper had great coverage of Eudunda's part in the scheme of things in this week's paper (Dec 2nd. page 38) . Well worth a read, but be quick - a new one is out this Wednesday. 

There is now a fundraising Concert for those who have lost so much
Details on Appeal website:

Local Farmers help out in aftermath of bushfire

Local Farmer Bevan Schutz, his brother Paul and all the others helping by coming to the aid of of the poor farmers who have livestock burnt in the Pinery fires. What a terrible job, but one that needs to be done to put these poor animals out of their misery. A massive job. Well done to all those helping. 
Story on ABC website:

Pinery Bushfire Relief Concert - Kapunda 19th Dec.

Convened by the Kapunda Harness Racing Club & Assisted by the Kapunda Business Alliance

“Sometimes Musos Do What Musos Have to Do!”

Local singer songwriter Mike Roberts felt he had to do something for the fire victims after the devastating Pinery fire.

Now with X Factor’s Louise Adams & The Tornados
and a fabulous lineup of artists

Details on Appeal website:

Thank you Chas & Kathy as Handke Bros Butchers Closes

Chas and Kathy Handke have been strong supporters of the region for many years. They are retiring and the shop is set to close on 24th December. 

They are famous for thier German Smallgoods with people often travelling long distances just ot pick up a stick (or two) of mettwurst and other delicacies.

The Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) would like to thank Chas & Kathy for thier untiring and generous support of the district and we wish them well in retirement.

Bookings close 18th Dec for VacSwim in January

The Eudunda Swimming Pool is now open for the swimming season - from Saturday November 14th which will continue right through to March. There are fantastic facility and Joanna at the Canteen will be once again supplying you with great quality food and drinks. 

BOOK NOW! 4th-12th January 2016 (Excluding Weekends)

Details on Eudunda Swimming Pool website:

Lehmann's General Store on 7 News Live Adelaide

Merv Lehmann and the Robertstown General Store was the focus of a general interest segment on Channel 7 News on the 19th November. Channel 7's Tim Noonan (Weatherman) made a great article, with Merv talking about how people from all over the world drop in to the store which is over 100 years old. Merv has worked in the store since 1948.
Entitled: Merv's Store: The shop that hasn’t changed in over 100 years 

Video on 7 News website:

Robertstown identity dies in farming accident

Tragic news started December with a report that CFS were attending a farming accident. Later reports revealed that a young farmer had lost his life when trapped under a tractor. This is a real shock to everyone in the district, and our hearts go out to the Schaefer family and friends.

A Service to Celebrate Scott's Life will be  on Thurs. Dec 10th 2015 at 11:00am In the Holy Cross Lutheran Church Robertstown.

Story on the Northern Argus website:

What is ECBAT up to?

If you want to find out all of the things the Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism are doing at the moment, grab the latest Leader Newspaper where Chelsea Laucke has a great roundup of all the things confronting the local community and also the items that ECBAT is tackling to advance the district.
Great job Chelsea!!!

See "The Leader" page 38 of the December 2nd 2015 Edition.


See the businesses that already support ECBAT in thier work
and if you are not a business member yet - please consider joining to help our district be strong.

Local rider Toby Lewis Wins SART Championship

The 2015 motorcycle racing season is done and dusted.
Toby Lewis says,
"I am super happy with my results in both the SAORC championships with a 2nd in class, 4th outright and SA Reliability Trials Championships (SART) with a 1st in class and 1st outright. A 'Big Thanks' to the team at Kessner Motorcycles for all their support over the season alongside all the sponsors that make it possible. I am excited for 2016 with new adventures to come".

See the SART Championship website:


Community Calendar - Dec 2015 - Jan 2016

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