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Photo: ECBAT Announce New Tidy Towns Section to include some of the magnificent rural gardens in the area - see article in previous edition.

ECBAT News #46.

Local News and Events. Like Southern Goyder News from ECBAT #46 - 21/06/17 on Facebook
Highlights:  Robertstown Two Day Motorcycle Event wet and dry. Eudunda readies for Swann Insurance 24 Hour on 8th & 9th July. See Poster. You have a chance to say and do something about electricity right now.

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The Latest News

Some of these items need immediate action if you wish to be involved.
These news items have been collected from various organisations, kind enough to send information to us and or permission to reproduce. Thank you to all sources. © C.P. Herriman, 2017 - Please see note in footer.
  • FREE Energy Saving Products
  • Swann Insurance 24 Hour Poster Released
  • Join Probus On Visit to Peterborough 22nd Jun
  • 2017 Lew Job 2 Day Trial - Robertstown - Photos & Final Results
  • Nikki Proud of Selection for National Comp at Mackay QLD
  • Inquiry Into Retail Electricity Prices & Supply
  • "KEEP THIS DATE FREE" 4th November 2017
  • Local Eudunda Writer & Spiritual Teacher Publishes First Book
  • Eudunda Sporting Clubs Appeal for Volunteers
  • SA Sessions on Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Reforms
  • Prepare for SALA 2017 Theme 'Yesterday'
  • Eudunda Area School Reunions
Like Southern Goyder News from ECBAT #46 - 21/06/17 on Facebook
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FREE Energy Saving Products

Dave Henwood will come to your house and replace your light globes and shower heads for FREE, and hed is in our area now, so please call 1800 045 622.
Please Note: Dave uses an answering service, and as he is often out of reach and may not get to answer your call for up to a week. He will ring you back to arrange a time.
BREAKING NEWS: David has had so many extra requests while in the Riverton area, he has been held up there, and wishes to say that he will start in this district within the next couple days. he wishes to thank people for being patient.

See more info on the Eudunda Web Portal page

Swann Insurance 24 Hour Poster Released

Starting From Eudunda 8th July 2017

You know that this great motorcycle event is getting close when you see a poster of the event, and also hear that the 'Entries have now closed' (last Friday). Now Just 2 weeks away!

Riders will be frantically repairing anything damaged in the Robby 2 Day and testing, getting physically and mentally fit for the 24 Hour. Check out the website at:

Join Probus On Visit to Peterborough 22nd Jun

The Probus Club of Eudunda & Districts Inc. are having a day trip to Peterborough on the 22nd June 2017, and ALL interested persons are welcome (not just Probus members).

Club President and organizer of this trip, Hedley Scholz has invited anyone interested to join the group heading North that day. Transport will be by pooled private vehicles.
Please phone Hedley Scholz for more information or to
book the trip 08 8581 1196. More details on the Probus Web Page 

2017 Lew Job 2 Day Trial - Robertstown

Photos & Final Results

Congratulations to the winners:
SOLOS: 1st Riley Graham, 2nd Rowan Pumpa, 3rd Daniel Prior, 4th 
Open SideCars: 1st Dave Manuel / Bradley Manuel, 2nd Ben Mayne / Ash Ball, 3rd Darren Winter / Lachlan Greenhalgh.
Also well positioned Local Open Solo Riders: 4th Patrick Neal, 8th Nelson Lewis, 13th Damien Jenke, 16th Shane Schutz.

Robertstown welcomed the 2017 Lew Job 2 Day Trial, on the weekend of 10th & 11th June. for it's major event for the region being Round 3 of the South Australian Reliability Trials Championship (SART).

The event's Main Control was located at the Robertstown Oval and over some 80Km of the track riders found varying conditions from dust to water and bog holes. There were some varied successes with the entries, and this event is often seen as the 'shake down' for the next event - Round 4 of SART, the Swann Insurance 24 Hour which is run in July at Eudunda.

The event could not have been the success without so many helpers, from land owners, the control keepers, Radio operators), Ambos, through to the local clubs catering for the visitors and riders.

Full Results at the SART Championship at their website
Photo credits: Top: Tenille Schmidt, Sidecar in Dust and Trees,
Bottom: John Harman, Solo in the bog hole.

Nikki Proud of Selection for National Comp at Mackay QLD

Nikki Grosser at the age of 15 will once again represent South Australia in the 17&Under Southern Spiders Indoor Cricket team, who head to Mackay for the Australian Indoor Cricket National Junior Competition from 1st - 8th July.  Nikki has been training on a weekly basis at the ICA Sportzworx at Stepney and plays in the South Australia Women's National Indoor Cricket League Competition and also for the Salisbury Bulls Big Blast Indoor 15&Under boys Superleague competition.  

It is an honour to have one of our local girls representing South Australia in the Cricket Australia national indoor competition.  Congratulations and good luck Nikki. 
Photo & Article thanks to: Lynn Grosser.

Inquiry Into Retail Electricity Prices & Supply

Have Your Say!

The Treasurer has directed the ACCC to hold an inquiry into the retail supply of electricity and the competitiveness of retail electricity markets in the National Electricity Market.
The ACCC has released an issues paper and is seeking submissions from interested parties. 
Closes 30 Jun 2017
Go to the website here

4th November 2017

“The Sherrahs” in Concert at the Eudunda

Local Muso, Polly Minge is asking everyone to keep the 4th November free so they can enjoy a Country and Gospel Band “The Sherrahs” in Concert at the Eudunda Institute
Polly says,
"This is a show not to miss, as thier harmonies are to die for. The show will also be a fundraiser, and we will release more details, as they firm up.

Local Eudunda Writer & Spiritual Teacher Publishes First Book

‘The Year of Talking To Plants',

the plants and fairies talk in their own words’. A real-life spiritual gardening book. Sarah is a keen writer and writes new age articles for magazines. She also runs a blog where she shares inspirational thoughts, writing and the odd Eudunda Sunset (all of the photos she uses are from her Eudunda gardens and farm). She teaches spiritual workshops on the weekends.
The following is a brief description of her book.
What would you do if you could talk to the plants? What would you say to them? What would they say to you? Author Sarah Rajkotwala describes her first year of talking telepathically to her garden and then later on to a fairy and takes us on a journey into the mysterious and joyful world of the fairy realm. Learn all about fairies and how communicating with nature can improve your gardening, wellbeing and wisdom. Learn about what they think of our gardens. An exciting read for all those curious about the spiritual side of nature. - Learn fairy wisdom - Discover how the power of love can be used in your garden for all of our benefit - Find out about the different energies of plants and how they can be used for peace, healing etc - Read dialog straight from the fairies themselves - Learn about how Mother Earth knows each and every one of us and gives us gifts - What is a wise plant? Learn all sorts of fascinating fairy facts! There is a fairy at the bottom of the garden, and it loves you so.
The book is available on Amazon online It will also be available at directly at Petals and Buds.
Also check out Sarah's blog  and Petals & Buds Workshops

Eudunda Sporting Clubs Appeal for Volunteers

The Eudunda Sporting Club is hosting this year’s Swann Insurance 24 Hour Reliability Trial on the 8th -9th of July at Eudunda.

This community event is a major Fundraiser for our Club but we require help to ensure that is runs smoothly. We are looking for community members who are willing to assist us with catering for the trial.

Click to read the full text on

SA Sessions on Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Reforms

Truckies - far reaching reforms affecting many.

The South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA) suggest that If you missed the SARTA Conference CoR session then you really MUST attend one of these and even if you did attend the SARTA Conference Sessions, come again anyway.
The SA sessions on the reforms to the Chain of responsibility (CoR) laws run by the "National Heavy Vehicle Regulator" will be held on the following dates and you can BOOK NOW USING THESE LINKS SARTA also suggest that you BRING YOUR KEY CUSTOMERS and Maintenance service …Providers as they need to know about their new legal obligations and start to actually appreciate the fact that working with YOU and YOUR Business is SMART because it helps them under the CoR laws too. 
The Age of Customer Entitlement is OVER and they too need to understand and comply with the HVN Law.
The South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA)  Website

Prepare for SALA 2017 Theme 'Yesterday'

Click to see the full size flier

SALA 2017 - 'Yesterday'

Eudunda Area School Reunions

Sign up now to keep in touch!

The “Eudunda Area School Reunions Organising Committee” ask that you fill in a contact form so they can keep in touch about the various reunions.

Community Calendar - June-Sep 2017

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Have a Happy and Safe Easter!


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