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A casual survey and comments is currently active on what colour ECBAT should paint the EUDUNDA lettering at the Gustav & his Dog at the town entrances. This photo was taken late in the evening (sunset faint in background) of the 'Yellow' sign. The spotlight was not on yet (if it ever does come on) and this was taken quite close up at 5m. Photo: Peter Herriman

ECBAT News #36.

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Highlights:  Great Australia Day Celebrations. Region gets busy with a whopping weekend ahead. Happy Valentines Day.

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These news items have been collected ('mashup') from the Eudunda Web Portal, the Southern Goyder Community Calendar, various Websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and some email sources from various organisations, kind enough to send information. Oh! and sometimes good old hard copy from Newspapers give inspiration too. Thank you to all sources.
  • Happy Valentines Day
  • Heritage Gallery to Celebrate Birthday
  • Australia Day Awards - Eudunda
  • A Parable of 'The theft of generosity'
  • Private Swimming Lessons - Eudunda Swimming Pool
  • Quiz Night - Robertstown Bowling Club 17th Feb
  • Marrabel Bull Ride - 18th Feb
  • 8 Ball Comp - Top Pub - 19th Feb
  • Eudunda Wins at Association Championships
  • Interim NBN Satellite Services (ISS) Switch Off 28th Feb.
  • DPTI - Night Works on the Northern Expressway and Port Wakefield Road from Monday February 20
  • Wondering What the Above Road Works Are About?
  • Community Church Service - St Peters Lutheran Church Bower
  • Eudunda Area School Reunions
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Happy Valentines Day

The Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT)
Would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day

Want to find out a bit more about the history of this day?
Check out the Wikipedia article

Heritage Gallery to Celebrate Birthday

Guest Speaker will be Michael Wohltmann – retired teacher who has written a book on Internments on Torrens Island which involves Eudunda.  Michael will have his books for sale on the day.
You can check the web page for this event at

Poster designed by Peter Herriman of Web South

Australia Day Awards - Eudunda

Citizen of the Year: Pam Dutschke
Young Citizen of the Year: Blake Launer
Community Event of the Year: Eudunda Hall & Catering Committee

Congratulations to the winners this year, very deserved winners.
Article delayed due to camera issues. We hope to have a short article in the next edition. 

Event website:

A Parable of 'The theft of generosity' 

A local community group wanted to raise awareness of their group. Mrs Schmidtz volunteers to bake some cakes, Mrs Schutzen offers to make hand made cards, Mrs Schultheize offered preserves, Mr Schulten donated eggs and before you know it there are lots of things to put on the table. 

All the volunteers spend a lot of time doing their own special thing to help the group, as they know it will help the community. 

Mr Lokalnachrichten prints up some brochures about the group and some local news in a newsletter to hand out for free. He writes about what the group is doing and will do to promote themselves, and he spends a lot of time time researching, writing and seeking permission from people to use some of their stories and photos to make the newsletter interesting. The sidewalk sale and promotion is a big hit, and the community love it.

The committee decide that it should be a regular event and that the newsletter is helping keep the community informed.

One day a large business from outside the community takes all the news items from Mr Lokalnachrichten’s newsletter, stories and photos, using them almost word for word, for their own newsletter. They did not ask permission from the community group, Mr Lokalnachrichten, or from his sources to use the information or photos. 

That business makes money by charging everyone including this local community for their newsletter, which many buy. 

Mr Lokalnachrichten and the local committee are very upset. 

Previously that business used to pay a local person to write the content for this community in thier newsletter, but some time ago that person has retired and the business had not bothered employing anyone else to do that work. 

Mrs Schmidtz said it would be the same as if they walked up to the table and took her cakes and sold them on their own table, with no permission and kept all the money from what they sold. She said that if this happened to her, she would call the Police, because it was theft. 

Mr Lokalnachrichten and the community group are certainly aware of Copyright Law and are considering their options. 

Mr Lokalnachrichten is a very community minded person and cannot understand why that business would risk their whole business, and reputation to do this. He would prefer not to be forced to take them to court, because it would embarrass them, but if that big business continues to do so he will have no choice but to take action for this blatant copyright breach.

In this parable, the big business realised that they had made a mistake and wrote an apology for thier actions in their newsletter and in writing to Mr Lokalnachrichten, and the community organisation and all was forgiven. This turned out to be a much happier solution for the greater good of all.

To finish off - lets look at this verse from the Internet 'Bible'
to quote from a part of 'Contemporary industry usage'
The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production (parable) are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

Cartoon image thanks to
Eudunda Swimming Pool Manager, Steve Wegener has been delighted with how developments have gone with the pool to date and says,
"We have had the best time. Thanks to everyone who swam in the Eudunda Pool. We have had lots of visitors and we hope you had fun.
"Now that holidays are over our new "Opening Hours" from Monday 30th Jan are
 9-10:30am New time 3:30-7pm and it is still $2 entry per person
"Please contact me on 0414 703 345 if you would like to know more about the Private Swimming Lessons or to book your sessions."

Poster designed by Peter Herriman of Web South

Eudunda Wins at Association Championships

"Eudunda hosted the Association Singles and Fours Championships last Sunday.

The greens looked magnificent and played well, and the kitchen staff catered well for the players, officials, markers and spectators.

Congratulations to the Eudunda players on their success.

The Eudunda Men's Fours missed out by one shot getting into the playoff,
Eudunda Ladies Fours - Betty Pfitzner, Pam Dutschke, Joy hams and Doreen Twartz -are the Association Champions with Nuriootpa runners-up;

Eudunda Men's Singles winner Jono Voigt is Association Champion with runner-up Ian Graetz of Tanunda; and Eudunda's Judy Milde runner-up to Association Champion Marion Kenyon of Lyndoch."

Photos Supplied:
Top (L-R): Eudunda Ladies Fours Association Champions -Betty Pfitzner, Pam Dutschke, Joy Hams, Doreen Twartz
Left L-R): Neville Smith with Eudunda Men's Singles Association Champion Jono Voigt
Right (L-R): Ladies Singles Association runner-up Judy Milde and Champion Marion Kenyon

Interim NBN Satellite Services (ISS) Switch Off 28th Feb.

Interim NBN Satellite Services (ISS) will be SWITCHED OFF on 28th February 2017.

If you have been procrastinating and have not already applied please apply NOW for SKY MUSTER.

Editor Note – As some will be aware I am a local business with a computer shop and as such am often asked questions about connections. I am unaware of if there are any of these ISS connections installed locally – if you find out that you are – I would appreciate a quick contact and your experiences. (they wont be for public unless you want them to be - but for us to get a better understanding of the current services available and how well they are performing.

This website is a great resource for all country people who may be worried or experiencing problems.

Banner picture used with permission from BIRRR

DPTI - Night Works on the Northern Expressway and Port Wakefield Road from Monday February 20

Thanks to a post from the South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA) for this alert from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) about future works on roads many local people use to get to the city.

Full DPTI Alert with details here 

SARTA website


Wondering What the Above Road Works Are About?

In the above article you read about the road works which are part of the Northern Connector Project. Many have probably wondered if one day the Northern Expressway would be extended further. If you have, you probably also wondered how the planners and engineers would tackle the salt pans and marshes which are to the South of the Port Wakefield Road and how it would all work.

This YouTube Visualization published by DPTI may well amaze you as they present this close to a Billion Dollar project which is aimed at improving traffic flow in the city.

North South Corridor Planning visualisation   (definitely worth running in HD)

Project overview here

Image from YouTube. - You need to go to YouTube to see the video.
Poster designed by Peter Herriman of Web South

Eudunda Area School Reunions

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These news items have been collected ('mashup') from the Eudunda Web Portal, the Southern Goyder Community Calendar, various Websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and some email sources from various organisations, kind enough to send information. Oh! and sometimes good old hard copy from Newspapers give inspiration too. Thank you to all sources.

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