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Eudunda residents welcome officials for Official Opening - Eudunda Caravan Park

ECBAT News #49.

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ECBAT Celebrate the official Opening of Caravan Park, and invite you to celebrate at the Eudunda Christmas Street Party & Parade for Family Fun.

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  • Eudunda Christmas Street Party & Parade - Flier/timetable
  • Christmas Trees Planted Around Eudunda
  • Local Businesses - Let ECBAT Publish Your Christmas - New Year Operating Times
  • Official Opening of the Eudunda Caravan Park
  • VACSWIM 2nd-10th Jan 2018 - REGISTER NOW!
  • Eudunda Community Hub Street Stall - 15th Dec
  • Eudunda Area School Open Day & Reunion Sun 22nd April 2018
  • ECBAT News in Brief for October 2017
  • Vandals Cause Garden Volunteer Heartache
  • Probus Celebrated 23rd Birthday In October
  • Probus Birthday Celebrations Bring Visitors
  • Deadra Newest Life Member at Eudunda Bowls
  • Eudunda Red Cross OP SHOP New Premises - 21 Morgan Road
  • Bands of Steel - Celebrates the 100 year history of the Trans Australian Railway
  • Catching Up With Some Tourism Highlights
  • Raj Starts New Tourism Business for Eudunda
  • Anlaby Station hosted the National Veteran Vehicle Rally in September
  • Eudunda Host National Vintage Motorcycles Rally
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Christmas Trees Planted Around Eudunda

Just Spotted! Katie, Jessica & Trevor Preston have been busy putting up the Christmas Trees around Eudunda. A big thank you from the Community, and ECBAT for your efforts. This is the 5th year that Katie and Regina Scholz have been running the Eudunda Christmas Parade and Street Party. You might notice that once again the "farmer" shows up - with his use of the venerable old "Fencing wire", well done Trevor.

Local Businesses - Let ECBAT Publish Your Christmas - New Year Operating Times

As a FREE service to our local business, Clubs, Orgs the Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) have again offered to publish Christmas times for our local businesses, community clubs and associations.


If you would like to let people know when you are open or closed, so it saves a drive, or a phone call give ECBAT the details and make it a great Christmas for everyone. 



For everyone else

To see if they are open and when
Click on the TAB for the Category you are looking for

Official Opening of the Eudunda Caravan Park

A good attendance of local residents attended to celebrate with official dignitaries to celebrate the official opening of the Eudunda Caravan Park.

After many years of fighting 'red tape' and funding issues the Eudunda Caravan Park was officially opened on Friday 24th November 2017. This has  been the result of persistence of the Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) to regain a tourism resource lost in the mid 80's, and the dedication of Trevor Mathews to gain approval and much of the on ground work to make it happen. Well done Trevor! Acknowledgement of the cooperation the Regional Council of Goyder was forthcoming as they have allowed the sharing of the relatively new facilities of the Eudunda Swimming Pool with Caravan park residents. This was the result of early planning by ECBAT Committee and the cooperation made the caravan park possible. 

The caravan park has proven to be very popular ever since it’s unofficial opening in June 2017 it has had an occupancy rate of over 45%. Additionally ward funding was approved by council for the installation of an RV Waste Dump to add to the convenience of the site, and indeed this was being installed while the official opening was happening..The Caravan park can now claim to be RV Friendly as well.

Find out more about the Eudunda Caravan Park - at the website

Photo above: Official Opening of the Eudunda Caravan Park, (L-R) Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP (Member for Stuart), David Stevenson (CEO, Regional Council of Goyder), Trevor Mathews (Chairperson ECBAT), Jane Kellock (Deputy Mayor, Regional Council of Goyder), Rowan Ramsay MP (Federal Member for Grey).

Photo - top of article: Official ribbon Cutting to Open the Eudunda Caravan Park, (L-R), Trevor Mathews (Chairperson ECBAT), Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP (Member for Stuart),  Jane Kellock (Deputy Mayor, Regional Council of Goyder).


VACSWIM 2nd-10th Jan 2018 - REGISTER NOW!

Online enrolments for the Eudunda Swimming Pool will close at 5.00pm on Monday, 18 December 2017.

Local Supporter Monica Davies urges people to book now,
"Each year my grandchildren do Vacswim at the Eudunda Pool. I rang Royal Lifesaving this morning as I am encouraging them to do the Bronze levels again this year.
They told me that to date, only 9 children have enrolled across levels 1 -7.

I encourage anyone wanting to have their children do the Summer swimming program at Eudunda to enroll ASAP so that we have a teacher allocated."

For further information, call the Royal Life Saving Society on (08) 8210 4500

Book here for the Eudunda Swimming Pool

Eudunda Area School
Open Day & Reunion
Sun 22nd April 2018

Sunday, 22nd April 2018 is going to be an "Open Day" at the Eudunda Area School which will incorporate the 70 Year Reunion for the School. Now that the date is set, you can start planning to come back to Eudunda that weekend and catch up with your old class mates, and friends you haven't seen for a long time. it should be a great get together. Its up to you to arrange with your friends to meet here - SO SPREAD THE WORD!!! More Details will come in the new year - but save the date now!!!

Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT)
News in Brief for October 2017
Read the ECBAT News here

November Report coming soon

Vandals Cause Garden Volunteer Heartache

If you see something, please report it

Vandals have again been busy in the gardens moving large rocks around. These rock borders have a purpose and the volunteers do not appreciate this form of petty activity. The public are urged to keep their eyes open for any unsocial behavior taking place in our beautiful gardens.

Probus Celebrated 23rd Birthday In October

At the Probus Club October meeting members celebrated the ‘Probus Club of Eudunda and Districts Inc’ being established 23 years ago. Founding Member Mary Mader had the honour of cutting the cake. Memories were shared of the start of the group, and of the two other remaining founding members, Nardine Reimann and Myra Geyer who were unable to attend, having moved away from the area. Special thanks to Yvonne Rohde for baking the cake and Jennie Schutz for decorating it, everyone enjoyed eating it.

Guest Speakers Carolyn & Michael Doering were able to give us a picturesque description of the time they spent in South Africa last May.

L-R: Malcolm Treloar catches up with Michael & Carolyn Doering


Probus Birthday Celebrations Bring Visitors

Anne Woithe Secretary of Gawler Probus with husband Clifford (Cliff) Woithe attended the recent 23rd Birthday Celebrations for the Probus Club of Eudunda and Districts.

Cliff lived in the Eudunda area until he was 6 years old at what is now named Woithe Road, (Neales Flat).
The family home is still there, and occupied and they were 'going for a drive' after the meeting to bring back some old memories.

Deadra Newest Life Member at Eudunda Bowls

October 2017 - Chris Jones officially opened the season at the Eudunda Bowling Club on thier Open Day.

Awards were presented by Andrew Pfitzner to Geoff Schmidt for 40 Years Continuous Membership and
Hazel Jenke for 50 Years Continuous Membership, 
Deadra Leditschke was also presented with an award for Life Membership at Eudunda Bowling Club. 

Have a look at ALL the presentation 
photos on the Eudunda Web Portal

Eudunda Red Cross OP SHOP
New Premises - 21 Morgan Road

Between the Eudunda Pre-School and the Eudunda Caravan Park

The Op Shop will continue its $1 clothing sale until Xmas. New stock is being added daily so don't forget to come and grab a bargain. Note: We will no be open Wed 6th Dec as we are having our Christmas Luncheon

Our new trading times are: 
Wed 10am to 2pm, Thurs 10am to 2pm, 
Frid 12noon to 4pm, Sat 11am to 3pm
Come and check out the new shop…we’ve got lots of other goodies besides clothing!

Bands of Steel - Celebrates the 100 year history of the Trans Australian Railway

Local Singer / Songwriter Mike Roberts took up the challenge and is thrilled with the experience and the result.

Mike explains,
"Two weeks ago I was asked if would WRITE, RECORD and PRODUCE a CD for sale to commemorate the the joining of the rails on the Trans Australian Railway at Ooldea on the Nullarbor Plain on 17 October! Never thought I could meet the deadline but with lots of help I did.

"I’d call it the MOST REMOTE CD launch I’ve ever heard of but I’d be interested to hear about others that might eclipse this one! 

"The title song Bands of Steel basically takes the 100 year history of the Trans Australian Railway and condenses it into about 4 minutes. I recorded it with Quentin Eyers at Q the Music in Adelaide and we put 4 other new original songs on it that were already recorded and waiting for an album release which was to have taken place early next year.

I am including a link to a music video we made out at Ooldea the night before the ceremony. It was filmed and edited by John Simpson of Outback PA at Quorn…and….yes, He is THE soundman for films like The Water Diviner, Mad Max and Pete’s Dragon amongst many others. It was a real treat to follow Dick Smith’s speech (he was a major sponsor of the event) and perform the song for around 400 people who made the trek out to the desert.

One of the other highlights for me was getting to do a 50 minute concert for about 50 people under the stars on the previous night next to the illuminated monuments constructed for the occasion. I also did a concert and then performed at the railway centenary celebration in Peterborough two days later.

Bands of Steel CDs (and Download Cards for those who prefer…..still to drop them off) are available at the Eudunda Post Office or from me directly."

Link to the You Tube video Bands of Steel: 
Image is of Mike's Front Cover - supplied.

Catching Up With Some Tourism Highlights

Raj Starts New Tourism Business for Eudunda

In the last couple months Eudunda has a new food outlet at 26 Bruce Street, Eudunda
Raj has taken over the previous 'Missies' and stamped his own style and food on the Cafe, now serving Indian Quisine, as well as cake & coffee. Want to find out more or to check if the Cafe is open - phone Raj on 0428 118 820.

Anlaby Station hosted the National Veteran Vehicle Rally in September

Anlaby Station hosted the National Veteran Vehicle Rally on the 28th September 2017. This week long national rally was based at the Clare Showgrounds, and gave the entrants an opportunity to visit many great local tourism highlights, including Burra, Manoora, Saddleworth and Auburn .

You can check out thier program on the Veteran Car Club of SA website  
and a fantastic collection of photos from the rally at this web page

Eudunda Host National Vintage Motorcycles Rally.

This was the 11th National Veteran Rally - South Australia hosted by the Veteran & Vintage Motor Cycle Club of South Australia.
The Eudunda Hall and Catering Committee have always been known for putting on a 'good spread' and  on September 21st they excelled, catering for some 140 Vintage Motorcycles riders and more when counting the support teams. It was a fantastic site to see the Southern Saints Carpark (previous Eudunda Club) filled with these beautiful machines and the sounds were glorious to the ear, incredibly many over 100 years old and still running fine.

Local enthusiasts turned out to talk to the riders who were most willing to share information and stories. there were so many rare machines to look at, and each of us probably had our favourite or rarer brand names to look for. Highlighted because of the rider's story was perhaps the 1910 FN manufactured in Belgium. It's current owner has written a book about his epic journey across the world on this bike, as he rode 14,600 kilometers through 15 countries (some hostile territories too). The book is entitled "No Room for Watermelons" by by Ron & Lynne Fellowes and can be referenced and ordered from thier website at 'Old Bloke on a Bike'.
The bike is featured in photo above in its current form as an outfit. Ron had ridden it from Tasmania for this event.

Another treasure spotted was a Lewis Motorcycle, which was manufactured in Adelaide South Australia, This bike was ridden in the event in the condition it had been found with still original paintwork. Some bikes had been fully restored, it all depends on how the owner wishes to present thier treasured bike.

This website features one very similar 'Vivian Lewis Limited'
The Veteran & Vintage Motor Cycle Club of South Australia website

The Eudunda Hall and Catering Committee are to be applauded for thier continuing hard work, as the fund raising they do keeps an important community resource operating and at the same time benefits Eudunda and the Region with positive Tourism benefits.
What would we - the community do without the kitchen catering area at the Eudunda Hall? That was what the community was faced with a few years ago - until these ladies (and men) stepped in to come to the rescue.

Community Calendar - Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

Click on the links to go to the Southern Goyder Community Calendar to see more about the event

Have a Happy and Safe Easter!


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