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The Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) would like to with everyone in the region a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year. Photo of Father Christmas about to hand out presents to the 130+ children at the Eudunda Christmas Street Party. Well Done Santa! Special thanks to his elves Katie & Regina and Ali.

ECBAT News #50.

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The Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) wish EVERYONE a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.

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  • Local Christmas - New Year Operating Times
  • Eudunda Street Parade Winners Announced
  • Eudunda Christmas Street Party Report
  • Eudunda Swimming Pool - Times for School Holidays
  • Opening of Eudunda Heavy Vehicle Bypass
  • Eudunda Caravan Park Installs RV Waste Dump
  • ECBAT News in Brief for November 2017
  • Thiele Family Send Christmas Greetings To Eudunda
  • Probus Nov Meeting Tours Macedonia
  • Christmas Lunch Celebrations for Dec Meeting
  • GOLD for Liam
  • Outstanding Volunteer Service Award for Emily
  • Road Safety Truckie Message: 'Give Motorists Room to Be Wrong'
  • Lavender Trail to Reach Final Clare Destination - 8th May 2018
  • Eudunda 8-Ball Open Draws Talent - Larossi Wins!
  • Well Attended Business Networking Breakfast
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Local Christmas - New Year Operating Times

Let People know when you are open and closed over Christmas

As a FREE service to our local Business, Clubs and Organisations the Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) have again offered to publish Christmas times for our community to reference.

Keep your Customers & Members Happy?
Add your Open/Close Times -
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Eudunda Street Parade Winners Announced

The Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT) applaud the participants of the Eudunda Street Parade, held on Friday evening of the 8th December 2017. Your efforts helped make the night a special one. Well Done!!!

The event was only possible due to the very small sub-committee of the Eudunda Street Party, which this year ended up being two very hard working ladies, Katie Preston & Regina Scholz.

Congratulations to Winners for the best floats for 2017
Eudunda Community Hub - Best Community Float (Photo Above)
FarmTech - Best Business Float (Photo Below)

Story & Links to photos on ECBAT Website

Eudunda Christmas Street Party Report

This small sub committee of quiet achievers manages to raise funds and run the very successful Eudunda Christmas Street Party & Parade each year for the community. By the time the event came around due to unforeseen circumstances Katie Preston and Regina Scholz ended up being the two remaining committee members.

The fact that the event was a great success on the night is testament to the hard work they put in to present such a great night for the community. in fact with 138 kids received  a gift from Santa and approx 500 people attended, 30 floats in the form of businesses, groups, individuals, clubs the event was well supported.

Photo Above: Eudunda Street Party 2017 Donation to Make A Wish (L-R) Katie Preston,Regina Scholz, Natalie Scholz (Make A Wish), Alison Schutz (MC) 

Check out the full report on the ECBAT website


Eudunda Swimming Pool

Times for School Holidays

NEW opening times for the pool. When the temperature is 28+ Port Pirie 
  • 9 - 10:30am lap swimming
  • 1 - 7pm casual/fun swimming 
Thank You Mark and your friendly staff at Terry White Eudunda Chemist for the Donations of sunscreen and making our pool sun smart.
Cheapest Fun, Entertainment and Cool Down you can get anywhere at $2 entry per person.
Canteen available.
Photo shows the shade sails over the wading pool

Opening Of Eudunda Heavy Vehicle Bypass

Local residents and businesses, joined the Minister for Local Government and Regional Development, the Hon Geoff Brock MP, and Regional Council of Goyder representatives as he officially opened the Eudunda Heavy Vehicle Bypass on Friday November 10 2017.

Full Story and photos on the ECBAT website.

Photo: Official Opening Eudunda Heavy Vehicle Bypass – Ribbon Cutting (L-R) David Stevenson (CEO, Regional Council of Goyder), Hon Geoff Brock MP (Minister for Local Government and Regional Development), Peter Mattey (Mayor, Regional Council of Goyder)

Eudunda Caravan Park Installs RV Waste Dump

The Eudunda Caravan Park has Officially Opening on Friday 24th November 2017, and has continued to see new developments  with additionally ward funding from the Regional Council of Goyder for the installation of an RV Waste Dump to add to the convenience of the site,
The patronage at the park has remained high with an occupancy rate averaging 47%~48% since June.

With the opportunity to go swimming on hot days, and also to participate at the  Eudunda Health & Fitness Centre the site has been praised by those who have stayed there.

Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Committee (ECBAT)
News in Brief for November 2017
Read the ECBAT News here

Thiele Family Send Christmas Greetings To Eudunda

Rhonda Thiele and her family continue to have an association with the district of Eudunda. Mrs Thiele celebrated her 95th birthday this year with her family. These days her daughters Janne and Sandy do the writing for her Christmas letter. Janne says Mrs Thiele is still in excellent health.

Janne's son Sam and his wife Jess recently went to SA on the family history trail, and spent a night at Eudunda. They did the Colin Thiele drive and explored the town, gardens and cemeteries. Apart from the Thiele connection, Jeff's mother (Kleinig) came from St Kitts and his father (Minge) from Neales Flat, and his grandma (also Kleinig) lived in Hannan Street after leaving the farm (she died in 1974). Sam and Jess also visited the Murray Mouth for Storm Boy connections, plus Adelaide where Mum's family settled.
While in Eudunda, they happened to come across Pam Dutschke, who is a distant relative on the Wittwer Family (Dad's mother's) side.
Others with German or Prussian Lutheran connections contact us from time to time - there seems to be quite a lot of interest in the area, from a family history point of view.

Eudunda proudly hosts the local Colin Thiele website and a regular number of emails get passed on to the Thiele family, requesting permission to use some of Colin's work.

Photo: L-R: Janne, Rhonda, Sandy

Probus Nov Meeting Tours Macedonia

At the November Probus Monthly Meeting a good gathering attended to hear the guest speakers Judy & Ron Milde speaking on thier visit to Europe. The main emphasis on thier visit was to Macedonia and a highlight was to visit the family of Eudunda resident George. It was a very entertaining slideshow. The remainder of the trip will be shown early next year.

Photos Below (L): George Mitev, Ron Milde (R) Judy Milde

Christmas Lunch Celebrations for Dec Meeting

With no formal meeting members attended to enjoy a lovely meal, put on by the Eudunda Hall and Catering Committee.
As well as general fellowship, quizzes were organised by President Hedley, one challenge in particular was to name how many towns and suburbs in South Australia ended in the word "town", with Hedley telling the gathering the target was 15 or more.

Guest Peter Herriman also recited part of a story written by former resident John Harms, who had several links to the area, with his Father being a Lutheran Minister in Eudunda in the early 1980's and then when he and his brother came back some years later to work in the silos. The them was about the drought in 1982-83. Peter also invited members to send Christmas greetings to Mrs Rhonda Thiele and her family on a special card made for the district to send.

The next meeting will be Wednesday 21st February 2018. New Members Welcome!

Photo: Ross and Myra Schutz enjoy the Probus Christmas Luncheon

GOLD for Liam

Liam 'Skittles' Waldhuter was very pleased to win Gold at the 2017 Regional WorldSkills Plumbing Competition Awards Night.

"I wouldn't be where I am today without my family and amazing girlfriend Jessica, as well as the guys at Domain Plumbing and TAPS. Thank You everyone!"

Congratulations Liam you do our region proud.

Outstanding Volunteer Service Award for Emily

Congratulations to Emily Geister on being awarded the Minister for Education and Child Development Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service for her work at the  Eudunda Community Preschool.
Photo (L-R): Emily Geister with Sandy Keith (Director)

Road Safety Truckie Message:
'Give Motorists Room to Be Wrong'

This is the wise Christmas message from SARTA, the South Australian Road Transport Association, and all motorists can take heed of it too.
Although most motorists are fine, they list a whole heap of reasons motorists make mistakes on the road.
SARTA ask all truck drivers to remember that:
1. 80% of fatal car-truck crashes are caused by the motorists involved;
2. So Truck drivers should ANTICIPATE dangerous moves by motorists AND GIVE THEM THE ROOM TO SURVIVE despite their stupid/dangerous moves.

a. ie Give Motorists the Room to Be Wrong

They also suggest that truck drivers should shrug off the silly actions motorists make and make it a positive thought of “Oh well there’s another one I saved from their own mistakes”.

It is one all motorists could also take home with them.
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.

Lavender Trail to Reach Final Clare Destination

Saturday 5th May 2018

Put this one on your calendar! Come and celebrate with the South Australian Recreation Trails inc (SARTI) as they make the dream of Terry Lavender to establish a Walking Trail from Murray Bridge to Clare on the Eastern Side of the Mt Lofty Ranges come true.
Built entirely by volunteers, and supported with various grants from State and Local Government, the trails 325km serpentine course takes it into the townships of Murray Bridge, Tungkillo, Dutton, Eudunda, Waterloo, Manoora, Mintaro, Watervale and Clare.There are another 96km of additional Loop and Spur trails connecting many small towns bringing them vital tourism links.
Keep your eye on the website for further details closer to the event.

Eudunda 8-Ball Open Draws Talent - Larossi Wins!

Local Organiser Aaron Court was pleased with the inaugural weekend long competition held over the 2nd & 3rd December.

"We had a total of 33 entries varying from South of Adelaide and Murray Bridge to the more local ones like Burra and Tanunda.

Lui Larossi won the event with a 3 – 1 score against Sawan Naker both being players from Adelaide.
Lee Irwin (Tanunda) defeated Mitch Scott  (Sandy Creek) to claim 3rd place.

We had local entries from the Eudunda and Districts 8-Ball Association from Point Pass Hotel and Sutherlands Hotel and the local postie CJ who plays for the Julia Hall.

Much fun was had Friday night with a few extra locals that didn’t play in the main event joining in the knock out comp with Mikey Cacciola beating Sawan Naker to win on Friday night.

After the knock out we had a second knockout being a Mystery Doubles Scotch format which showed to be a real crowd pleaser and a lot of fun.  As the night progressed more locals started to participate when we had a couple of rounds of Killer where the players get 3 lives and have to pot a ball each turn or lose a life.

Photos: Top: The winners L-R Mitch Scott 4th; Lui Larossi 1st; Sawan Naker 2nd; Lee Irwin 3rd.
Bottom: Elmore Schutz is the oldest Competitor in the Eudunda and Districts 8-Ball League and Jackson Court is the Youngest.  They are not strangers as they have drawn each other in the weekly competitions a few times. 

Well Attended Business Networking Breakfast

Eudunda benefits from Council Networking Initiative.

The Regional Council of Goyder invited local businesses their Series Two Business Breakfast titled "Make it Happen!” on Friday 24th November 2017.

With dignitaries  Rowan Ramsay MP (Federal Member for Grey), Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP (Member for Stuart), David Stevenson (CEO, Regional Council of Goyder), Jane Kellock (Deputy Mayor, Regional Council of Goyder), all Ward Councillors attending as well as representatives from the Regional Development Australia - Yorke & Mid North and Council Staff all in attendance, everyone had a great opportunity to network..

Guest Speaker  for the morning , Geoff Schell, Principal, Ray White Clare Valley gave us an insight into the state of real estate at the moment. (photo above)

The topic is most relevant at the moment as the Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee (ECBAT) have identified that as one of its focus areas

See full article at website

Community Calendar - Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

Click on the links to go to the Southern Goyder Community Calendar to see more about the event

Have a Happy and Safe Easter!
  • 24th Dec - Christmas Eve Program at Neales Flat
  • 25th Dec - Public Holiday - Christmas Day - Merry Christmas Everyone
  • 26th Dec - Public Holiday - Proclamation Day
  • 31st Dec - New Year's Eve
  • 1st Jan 2018 - New Year's Day
  • 26th Jan - Public Holiday - Australia Day
  • 26th Jan - Australia Day Breakfast - Eudunda
  • 26th Jan - Australia Day Breakfast - Robertstown 


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