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ELTA Newsletter: September-October 2015

It is “back to school” for us all and we hope this 5th ELTA Newsletter issue in 2015 would give you a boost of energy to take on the forthcoming obligations. Here is what we have prepared for you this time, with the immense help of our contributors, of course.
If you are a phonology-lover, you will certainly enjoy the article written by Miljan Janković. In this issue’s
Academic corner, he invites you to explore the different varieties of English, both in and outside of the UK borders.
These autumn days and the long-awaited temperature drop are perfect for cuddling up with a good book and a cup of tea. We think you should listen to Snežana Pantelić’s advice and read the new book by Kazuo Ishiguro which she rewires for you in the
Bookworms column.
In case your students come from the world of business, Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat provides ample advice on how to give a good presentation. The advice she gives in the
Business English section of the Newsletter may be beneficial to giving speeches in all walks of life, so make sure you read the article, whether you are a teacher or a public speaker. The quick and simple solutions she gives at the end of her piece are a life-saver.
Next, we were happy to see and talk to a lot of you at the 13th ELTA Conference. In this issue, in the
ELT Flash section, you will find a conference report written by Sandra Vasković, one of the RELO sponsored teachers who attended the conference. This report will remind you of what issues were discussed at the conference, and of some of the workshops. In case you missed the conference this year, it will provide interesting tips and references you may use in your teaching, and it will hopefully incite you to participate next year. Under the same Newsletter heading you will find a wonderful article about eTwinning in Hamburg written by Biljana Pipović and a report from the SO(u)l Camp held in Sremski Karlovci written by Branka Dečković.
In our
Feature Article section, you can read David Crabtree’s thoughts about inclusive learning and learners who learn differently.
We all know discipline is a problem, and this time we offer advice on how to tackle these tricky situations. The advice comes from a young teacher, Nevena Stoilkov. We believe she might be able to shed new light on an old issue. In the
First Aid Kit you will find out how to dig deeper and understand our students’ problems better.
In order to better grasp the role of technology in translating, read Albert Brown’s piece in the
IT for ELT section.
Our students were not idle this summer, and we got plenty marvelous pieces of writing for our
Students’ Corner.
Those of you who are at the beginning of your career and have to face multi-grade classes can search for help in the
Teacher Development rubric, in the article written by Jovana Stevanović. In it she deals with issues such as classroom management, different teaching techniques, overcoming stress and staying positive.

As always, the
Upcoming Events column is a pool of information concerning the approaching conferences, seminars and webinars.
Last but certainly not least, in our
Young Learners’ Playground you can read about the use of stories and rhymes with young and very young learners. The author, Zhivka Ilieva, tells us why and how to exploit these strategies when teaching young learners.
We sincerely hope you will not only enjoy reading our 5th issue, but will feel inspired to write for us and get some of your own work published. If you do, we will be waiting for your submissions at

All the best,
ELTA Editorial Team

English Speech within Different Varieties of English

by Miljan Janković, Secondary Music School ’’Josif Marinković’’, Zrenjanin

The Buried Giant
by Kazuo Ishiguro
Reviewed by Snežana Pantelić, MA in English Language and Literature
Helping Our Clients Give Good Business Presentations in English
by Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat, Freelance Business English Trainer and Owner of English with a Twist, UK
Report on the 13th ELTA Serbia Conference “A Taste of 21st Century Teaching”
by Sandra Vasković, Secondary school for mechanical and electrical engineering Bor, Primary school "Stanoje Miljković" Brestovac, Technical school Bor, Serbia
Kids of Challenging Behavior – Challenge Accepted!
by Nevena Stoilkov, English teacher at primary school “Milisav Nikolić”, Boževac,
The End is Not Near - It's Here!
by Ana Đorđević and Katarina Vozić IV2, School of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy,
SO(u)L Camp Serbia 2015
Sremski Karlovci
“Rivers, ripples and reflections”

by Branka Dečković, English language teacher at Medical School, Kragujevac
Facts You Need to Know about Language Translation
by Albert Brown, Translation Excellence Inc.
Teaching Multigrade Classes at the Beginning of Your Career
by Jovana Stevanović, Primary School “Brekovo”
Stories and Rhymes with Young and Very Young Learners
by Zhivka Ilieva, Dobrich College, Shumen University, Bulgaria
eTwinning Seminar in Hamburg
by Biljana Pipović Gimnazija “Stevan Jakovljević”, Vlasotince
Inclusive Learning and Learners Who Learn Differently
by David Crabtree, founder of Achieve Ability, an education expert on neurodiversity and learning differences
Braving the Venus
by Aleksandar Avramović, student of Faculty Philology, University of Belgrade
Upcoming Events
by Editorial Team
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