Gratitude and Looking to 2017
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Dear friends,
Ahhh November! This is our time to catch up on things that we haven't done for a while like read a book, watch a movie, and write a newsletter.  This 2016 season has been busy and we are grateful for the abundance.  Now we are enjoying planning and restructuring our 2017 Retreat Schedule! Given the dynamics of what is happening in the world we are aware of the need for "restructuring".  Most of us, when we roll out of bed in the morning just step into the same old program that we have been running for years.  So a suggestion; before you get out of bed make a conscious decision about how you wish to present your true self to the world  i.e. as I move through this day what are the most compassionate decisions I can make?

For 2017 we are looking for a Chef/Cook who will create lovely, organic, and delicious meals for our Retreat Groups.  This job is so rewarding for the gratitude and love that comes your way is so abundant.  It is one of the most important pieces of running a Retreat Centre.  If we feed people's physical bodies well, then their spirit and soul are also nourished!  Our gardens and greenhouses provide some of the food we use to feed people. Please call or email 250-344-2114 and

That brings us to our theme this month of eating, and growing healthy and delicious food yourself.  The beauty, the benefits, the Joy of growing your own healthy food, the nutritional value, and knowing where your food comes from is important.  Keep on reading this newsletter to learn more.

Otherwise have a blessed winter.  We have a couple of buildings still available for anyone wishing a peaceful Solstice, Christmas, or New Years; the Main Lodge for Christmas and then the North Point Cottage or the Cliff House for the entire holiday season.  Perfect for a couple or small family who want to celebrate in a spiritual and playful way.  Come snowshoe, cross country ski, toboggan, and/or just relax by the wood stove.

Wild blessings,
Annette and Brian

PS. In October we traveled to Salt Spring Island and were blessed to visit Salt Spring Seed Company. I have been buying organic, non-gmo seeds from them for years and it was wonderful to see Dan's operations and buy  garlic and seeds directly from him.  His vision is beautiful and pure!
Recipe of the Month
Ginger Yam Soup
Serves 4
2 tblsp olive oil
1 med. Sized yellow onion cut into ½ inch dice
1 ½ lbs of yams, peeled and cut into 1 inch dice
1 ½ tsp ground cumin
2 tsps salt
1 tblsp grated fresh ginger
5 cups water
2 tblsp chopped green onions

Heat the oil in a soup pot to medium heat, add the onion, and saute’ for about 10 minutes or until
golden brown. Add the yams to the onions, saute’ for 3 minutes more, and then add the cumin, salt, ginger, and water. Lower the heat, cover, and let simmer for about 30 minutes.
Using a hand immersion blender or regular blender; puree until smooth. If a thinner soup is wanted then
Add more water. Sprinkle the scallions over the top and serve.
Being a Part of the Local Food Revolution
The author, Michael Brownlee, of the book "The Local Food Revolution" says that any city in North America only has a 2 day food supply available for the population.  What happened?  Most of the population has become dependent upon the grocery store for their sustenance.  The backyard garden was replaced with lawns and Big Agriculture and Big Corporations (such as Nestle/Monsanto)who control 90% of our food supply.  Many people work 40 hours/week to make money in order to spend $100's of dollars on groceries/week.  And that does not include eating out in restaurants etc.  The GMO food systems that have been created are not sustainable and they certainly are not healthy.  One earthquake, one major drought, etc can bring the system to collapse.  97% of scientists say that it will only get worse with climate (change) catastrophe.  Prepare yourself folks, the times we live in are very interesting!

We believe though that we can all take part in what we call the Local Food Revolution.  By simply growing at least some of your own food, you are a part of the returning back to how it always was!  A simple patio garden, a few garden boxes in your backyard, a raspberry bush, a barrel garden ---just anything!  We need good and healthly food to survive.   The taste of a fresh carrot out of the garden  is so yummy.  A fresh tomato off the vine is like candy!  A kale salad with fresh kale just picked is the very best.  It is time to feed our bodies with fresh healthy food.  

It takes some effort and getting your hands in the earth to feed yourself!  But the end results are so worth it.  Community gardens are becoming more and more popular.  There is so much knowledge out there about gardening and permaculture.  We live in the information age!  Take a course on line, watch you tubes, and immerse yourself in learning how to feed yourself.  Go to the Farmer's Market and meet the farmers who grow the food.  Join a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and pick your food from the land!  If you eat meat buy directly from a farmer.  Pick out your cow/calf and watch it grow.  Become connected to your food again. 

Annette grew up on a farm and has eaten good food all her life.  Now here on the land,  gardening is such joy.  You put a seed in the earth, it gets watered, the sun does his thing, it sprouts into a big beautiful edible plant; it truly is quite magical :) I putter around in the Garden, weeding, picking, enjoying the goodness of all my efforts and creative planting!  It is spiritual as well!  Calling on the Diva's and Green Man to help grow is a sacred job - feeding ourselves.  And now  the freezer is full, the root cellar is overflowing, and of course our beautiful chickens are laying their eggs and creating compost for more vegetables. 

We had a interesting moment this year...a family complained about the look of our compost pile.  Interesting hey?  They saw an ugly pile of composting vegetation.  When I look at it I see big beautiful broccoli, juicy carrots and cucumbers, lovely peas on the vine, and so much more.  It is all a matter of perspective!

We are becoming more and more self sufficient too this year.  We are building a Greenhouse House!  We will be moving out of the office soon and will live down in a house that is attached to our greenhouse.  In our climate, this way we can keep the Greenhouse going all winter long.  The lights are attached to our solar system, the wood heat keeps it warm, and most of all I don't have to buy kale, spinach, lettuce etc from California anymore in the winter months. All homes ( and schools) could include a greenhouse!  How lovely hey!

We are very grateful with the abundance that surrounds us everyday.

So grow something!  Start small, make good choices for your health and the planet! 

here is to the Earth, Sun, Rain, Soil, the Creepy Crawlies, and the Garden Divas!
Annette and Brian
2016 November Newsletter

Thank you so much!

Brian and I would just like to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who came to stay with us so far this year.  Whether you came for a Personal Retreat or for a Organized Retreat, thank you for entrusting us to provide for you a place of peace and rejuvenation.  The land has been blessed by your presence.  Some of you soaked it up, while others added to the "metta" during the silent Meditation Retreats.  And blessing to the 11 Retreat teachers who created a Retreat with us.  We are honored and humbled by your willingness to create with us.  Gratitude and Love to you all.

Book to Read
The Local Food
Michael Brownlee

Movie to Watch
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Copyright © 2016, Quantum Leaps Lodge and Retreats All rights reserved.

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