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President's Address

Hi Ladles and Jellyspoons,

We’re on the final stretch now; another three weeks to go! I hope your study break was filled with equal parts ‘study’ and ‘break’. Who am I kidding, just ‘break’. I do hope you are all well and shredding through the last lot of assignments and tests. Or you could be shredding for Stereo, either way, whatever gives your life meaning!

As the year draws to a close and my term ends I have some ‘old fart’ wisdom I’d like to impart.  I would highly recommend running for our 2017 Science Union Committee. I mean, one could easily live a very fulfilled life after having only read my monthly ramblings, but I’d like to think that our club has something to offer to everyone!  If you are serious about joining (which I highly encourage you to be), nominate yourself to to run and come to our Annual General Meeting this coming Tuesday from 1-2. There are more details on this on our facebook page!


We’ve recently updated our constitution; we redefined what a general member is (to include postgraduate science students) and added new appointed positions (a Postgraduate Student Representative and an International Student Representative).

What else is going on?

Science Union is doing Relay for Life this weekend! You are more than welcome to join us at our tent/area to chill, chat and (re)charge! It’s for a good cause and generally a lot of fun!


This coming Wednesday from 3-5pm you will have the chance to have a beer with your favourite professor, given they have accepted our invitation! So far we have about 10 pretty ladzy professors keen to sink the ol’ pint. How excited am I??? Well, if I had a pinocchio in my pants, he’d be telling big old lies! Besides why wouldn't you want to get schooled by professors/lecturers in a tavern environment!

Hope you all are looking after yourselves,

Thomas Wimmler

UWA Science Union

Upcoming Events
3:00 pm, 19 October

UWA Guild Tavern
Facebook Event
1:00 -2:00 pm, 18 October

Bayliss Building G33 Lecture Theatre
Facebook Event
Science Union events:
UWA Science Union Presents: Sandstorm Ball
3:00 - 5:00 pm,  19 October

UWA Guild Tavern

Bring your friends and come join Science Union and your professor, lecturer, lab demonstrator or tutor at the Tav on Wednesday the 19th of October between 3pm to 5pm!

This event is free!

Please note this is an 18+ event valid photo ID must be shown upon entry.
Please Drink Responsibly.
Don't Drink and Drive.
Facebook Event
UWA Science Union Annual General Meeting
1:00-2:00 pm, 18 October

Bayliss Building G33 Lecture Theatre 

Science Union will be having a Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 18th October from 1-2 pm in Bayliss Building Room G.33.

This meeting will be the chance to hear speeches from people running for 2017 Committee. It will also be when the voting opens up for those positions. After the AGM voting will be open from 12pm-2pm in the Science Library Foyer on the 19th, 20th and 21st of October. In order to be eligible to vote you must be doing a unit run by the Faculty of Science this semester.

The meeting will also include:

President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Speeches from those contesting positions
General Business

Facebook Event
Be sure to check out all of the photos taken at our Ball!!
Click here to find out what else is happening on campus!

If you are interesting in volunteering this semester with Science Union. Join us on Facebook or contact our volunteering coordinator Asha Davidson at

External Affairs
Volunteer for TEDxPerth
Future Scientist Award - The Kelly Services

CPA Australia International Student Forum
Career Mentor Link 


Steps to Medicine Success with Frasers!

The Post-GAMSAT Void

For some of us, this will be a very strange time emotionally. The September GAMSAT 2016 has just finished, and a void in our lives that once was occupied by GAMSAT study is now empty. Having seen students go through this period during both March and September GAMSAT’s, I wanted to dedicate this first blog to what to do with that void and more importantly, what not to do with that void.

It would be very easy to fill this void with letting our imagination run wild: “I wonder if the answer to this question was such and such…” “I heard someone say the answer to X was Y. I put Z.. Maybe I got it wrong..” Then the imagination really kicks in: “Maybe I got them all wrong???? Maybe I did EVERYTHING wrong… Gee those essays felt rushed…” and on it goes. Whilst it’s perfectly normal to reflect and ponder, and in fact these two habits are synonymous with having a healthy headspace, too much extreme of anything isn’t a good thing. So as a way to manage this try the “debrief strategy” as a way to move beyond the emotional attachment.

The debrief strategy is commonly used in sports as a way to measure performance and start the goal setting process for the new season. So basically grab a mate, and dedicate an hour to discussing all the thoughts on your mind re GAMSAT. Even breaking the time up for each section so you do the process some justice will be worth it. The aim is simple, we want to deconstruct the process, have a sounding board whether what we are saying is reasonable, and then feel like we can move on. Because at this point everything is now out of our control. We can’t alter the scores, we can only wait patiently for them to come out so in order to make this period a productive period as far as headspace goes, a debrief is a great metaphorical “line in the sand.” This is different from venting too: venting isn’t strategic and doesn’t have a clear outcome. Debriefing is about analysis and reflection – maybe there are some genuinely beneficial thoughts you have that could help for next time (if there even is a need for one!)? Maybe there are some thoughts/points that can be looked at from another perspective? Maybe some assumptions you had about the exam are now no longer there and those assumptions have taught you something?

A word of caution though – don’t mention scores (and for you designated “mates” of someone debriefing, don’t let your friends try and correlate ANYTHING from the day with scores). This is because for us, unlike a footballer who knows ladder position etc., we actually don’t have the tangible measure on which to base anything on and provide forward planning as yet. We literally have no way of saying how what we feel right now correlates to something numerical – this is what NOT to do as you’ll find yourself in an endless cycle that can become consuming.

So focus on just removing this volume of thoughts from the void in your mind, and from here try refilling it with whatever it was you used to do prior to GAMSAT (if you can remember….). Who knows, you may find the whole process has positive growth effects for you as a person and as a student for the rest of your studies!
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