Good morning SpiritSong, 

If you were present for worship--or joined us online--this past Sunday, you heard the news that Shawn Thomas will be concluding his time with us as Worship Coordinator at the end of October.  Below you may find excerpts from an email Shawn composed that communicates the reason for his and Brian's departure.  

We will honor and bless the two of them before they leave as their service and love have helped shape SpiritSong and advanced the Kingdom in the community for many years... and for that, we are eternally grateful.  Change is hard, but we rest in the truth that the Lord has Shawn, Brian, and SpiritSong in the palm of his hand.  

In Christ, 
Pastor Nate 


Dear Worship Teams and my dear friends -

You may have heard Brian or myself talk about his family in South Carolina before.  Both of his parents are older and have various health challenges, and his older brother has Down Syndrome and is beginning to fail both mentally and physically.  We've talked with each other for probably over 10 years about the fact that at some point we would need to move to be closer in order to care for them.  Brian's most recent visits with his family have shown that time has come.

I'm writing with both sadness and hope in my heart to let you know that we will be moving to South Carolina by the end of this year and I that will be resigning as Worship Ministry Coordinator at COHSS.  Brian has worked out a couple of options to continue his employment with AT&T, and I have a few options to consider for continued church work, and/or expanding my touring and other ministry work.  My last Sunday in worship at COHSS will be October 30th, and Pastor Nate will be sharing this information with the congregation at the end of worship this coming Sunday morning.

The Elders will be guiding me as I continue leading our Worship Ministry over the next couple of months, and part of my job will be to prepare the various teams for a time of transition - possibly without someone in this position for a time, or it could be that God provides the perfect person to step into this position right away.  A possible fear that could be felt, is that there might not be a person who can do the work that I've been doing.  However, I want to assure you that the church leadership has worked very hard over the past few years to develop a salary that is competitive with other worship leader positions, and they have succeeded in that goal.  It is not unusual to see job descriptions for worship leaders that include things such as being able to lead/play from more than one instrument, possesses programming skills in media and live-stream software, and has working knowledge of soundboards and audio equipment.  COHSS is located in a large city bordered by other large cities, and I'm confident God has a candidate already established in His plan.  The Worship Ministry at COHSS will continue to flourish and grow, as will each of you in your service to this wonderful congregation.

My gratitude to my family here at COHSS will be life-long.  Brian and I have so much love for you, and have been blessed by the many ways our lives have been enriched by our relationship with all of you.  Thank you for the years of love, support, and encouragement.

Feel free to reach out to me however and whenever you'd like with any questions or just to share what's on your heart.  Pastor Nate, Pastor Audrey, and the other Elders are also available to you.

In Christ,
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