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Welcome to the Hurt Your Brain newsletter, the place to get podcasts and links that will make you think.

Because this is coming at you late on a Sunday, let's jump right into some podcasts, all of which are worth your time for the week ahead.  

Radiolab: The Rhino Hunter
  • This is the type of episode I love to highlight because it really challenges how you think the world works and it makes you think.
  • Is it possible that big game trophy hunting (including the kind with that dentist and the lion from a few years back) in African countries like Namibia actually does the opposite of endangering them?
Episode artwork for Radiolab by Andrea Mongia.

Very Bad Wizards: “We believe in nothing!” (Cultural diversity, relativism, and moral truth)
  • I’m checking out the very early episodes of this now well-known show featuring a psychologist and philosopher who discuss and debate various philosophical topics. 
  • I never really understood the arguments for moral relativism (there is no objective moral truth) and this was an enlightening discussion. 

Story Collider: Celebrating 11 Years - Our Favorite Stories from Years Past
  • Story Collider is a show of live storytelling with a focus on science. This highlights two great stories from years past that serve as an excellent introduction to the show.

Gastropod: You’re Wrong About Prohibition 
  • At first I assumed this was a collaboration with the You’re Wrong About podcast, but it is not. Really good though!
  • A fascinating walk-through of why the Russian prohibition, as well as the US prohibition that followed shortly after, were anything but a simple dynamic between straight-laced people in power and people who like to party.
  • Both movements were much more progressive in their roots than you would assume. 

99 Percent Invisible: The Clinch
  • This episode about romance novel covers sent me down numerous rabbit holes and opened up long forgotten memories.
  • For a class in college I had to read a romance novel. This was the gem I chose. I will say I remember the plot not being as bad as I would have assumed, but let’s just say that the plot wasn’t the most memorable part. 
  • For whatever reason, this episode led me to finally listen to the first episode of My Dad Wrote A Porno, which did not disappoint. 
  • This episode also mentioned an older 99 Percent Invisible episode called Perfect Security, which is about lock security. I checked it out and it’s great. It reminded me of one of my favorite YouTube channels to binge while procrastinating, the Lockpicking Lawyer

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An excellent short piece from Nate Kadlac about how even the great Richard Feynman needed help translating his ideas.

This New Yorker interview with one of the greatest Simpsons writers ever (who hates being interviewed) was just chalk-full of insight into creativity. He is quite the character. 
What is the big deal with prime numbers? A reddit thread with some great, simple explanations. 

Claude Shannon, the most important man you’ve probably never heard of. Short and excellent video on the father of the information age.

Looking for a wild and very short story about time-travel? Check out —All You Zombies— by Robert A. Heinlein. That's a free web version, or just grab it for a dollar for your Kindle like I did. Shout out to Justin Khoo from Cows in the Field for the recommendation. 

For fun: No worries if not!

For fun 2: alright alright alright

For fun 3: Things in Yellowstone that Can F—-ing Kill You

And in my other newsletter, I explored the visual style of Randall Munroe, creator of xkcd. 

That's all for today. See you in two weeks!

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