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Hey everyone going to Podcast Movement next week. First, I'm jealous. Second, be sure to check out this talk with some fine folks.
Sum Of All Parts : Chiptune. I am endlessly amazed at the various hacker and tinkerer communities. This world of 8-bit music and programming live shows with nothing more than an old school Game Boy is just cool as hell. 

The Allusionist: Food Into Words. Helen Zaltzman speaks with recipe and cookbook writers about the art of balancing clear cooking directions with the limits of the medium the recipe lives in. It's a very funny and enlightening episode. Listening to this left me feeling grateful for these unsung heroes who create traditional recipes and who are NOT the bloggers writing ten paragraphs about their family before getting to the damn chicken and biscuits recipe.
  • I happened to be baking zucchini bread while listening to this and I think I can go ahead and thank this episode for it coming out quite delicious (this recipe).

Power Corrupts: From Dictator to Demigod. A new podcast from UCL professor Brian Klaas that is about "the hidden, and often nefarious forces that shape our world". This episode looks at the cults of personality behind some of the world's most repressive and deadly dictatorships to see what traits they share and what might be really going on with some of their truly bizarre behavior. 
  • I learned of this show from the Human Risk newsletter, which is all about behavioral science and interesting psychology and sociology related matters. It's not technically a podcast newsletter but out of two podcasts I've seen it recommend, both have been with excellent taste.

50 Things That Made the Modern Economy: CubeSat. With it's second season, this is technically the second set of 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy. These little inexpensive satellites this episode features were designed to fit inside a beanie baby box and are rapidly changing the economics of doing business in low Earth Orbit.

Next in podcast feed: In Our Time: David Hume.


I updated my list of places to discover new podcasts with 10 new podcast recommendation newsletters. Check them out to never be wanting for new stuff to listen to again. 

How scientists colorize photos of space. This short video from Vox honestly does an excellent job of both breaking your heart that most space photos don't really look like that and then making it all ok by explaining why it's done the way it is and how it's all still very cool.

For fun: Dumb and Dumber had the most accurate depiction of what parenting two kids feels like.

That's all for this week!

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