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I went into the vault this week and listened to some podcasts that have been hanging out in my feed for a while. Some pleasant surprises I'll share below.

And a new article: Could you learn about evolution as you run?

On to the podcast recs!


The Last Archive: The Detection of Deception [the liar behind the lie detector]
  • Historian Jill Lapore examines "who killed truth" in this podcast.
  • This is the second episode, and it really sold me on the series. 
  • There is some audio reenactment used to good effect and a fascinating history of the dubious character behind the lie detector test, William Marston.  
  • I won't spoil it, but there is a pretty stunning reveal towards the end connecting Marston to a very famous comic book character. 

The Constant: Foolkiller Part 1- Tears Fallin from the Sky [history of getting things wrong]
  • When looking at things we've gotten wrong, there's just so much to choose from! But The Constant never disappoints in what it picks.
  • This episode sets up the mystery of a small submarine found at the bottom of the Chicago river, but also details the disastrous decisions surrounding the SS Eastland, a catastrophe overshadowed in our history by The Titanic. It's equally tragic though.

Thoughtful but anxiety inducing playlist around the US election. If you would like to take a break from doomscrolling and instead do some doom-listening, maybe I suggest these three episodes? You will gain some true insight into the possible scenarios of what the next few months and even few years might look like within best case scenarios and worst case scenarios. 
1) Soonish: American Reckoning, Part 1 - Civil Wars and How to Stop Them
2) Soonish: American Reckoning, Part 2 - A New Kind of Nation
3) Radiolab: What If?

Some interesting looking new-to-me shows coming up in my feed:  

The Evolution Jog [Medium] What happens if the timeline of evolution takes place over a 5k run?
Drawing of T-Rex in running shoes

10 Inventions from Arab Inventors We Were Never Taught About [Medium]. Coffee and anesthesia are pretty incredible, and that's only two.

Suggest me a science fiction book that actually makes you question reality and gives you an unsettling paranoid feeling. [Reddit thread]. Great source for new reads. 

You Can Only Fall Asleep on Your Own [illustrations about insomnia on artist's homepage]. Check out the rest of her site and Instagram for more fantastic illustrations.

What is the best episode of this American life? [Reddit thread]. I'm ready to dive back in with these. 

Secrets of the Psychics [YouTube documentary] RIP James Randi. I was first introduced to the father of the skeptics movement in high school psychology class with this very memorable encounter with two Russian psychics [starts just before 46 minute mark]. 

For fun: McConaughey on Hot Ones [my go to show for procrastination]

For fun 2: Samuel Adams

That's all for this week!

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