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Happy holidays everyone. One short newsletter of some great stuff from 2017 to wrap up the year.
The Bello Collective just put out a fine, fine collection of the best 100 audio stories from 2017. I contributed seven selections and I think you will find many shows and episodes that you will just love.

There are lots of year-end lists of the best podcasts. Here’s a great list of the lists from Discover Pods.
The podcasts that hurt my brain the most

I recommended my overall favorite audio of the year for the above list of the best 100 audio stories, but since this is a newsletter about hurting your brain (learning and thinking), I wanted to focus below on my favorite shows from this past year that most challenged the status quo of my brain. The shows that reminded me why podcasts are such a treasure trove of learnings about the world. My very subjective criteria was to reflect on which shows made me frequently pause the audio so I could think and which caused the most volume of scribbled notes in my notebook.

You Are Not So Smart- Backfire Effect (Ep 1, Ep 2, Ep 3)
Why don't facts seem to have any influence in arguments?  The backfire effect is a large part of this and YANSS did an essential three part series looking at what this psychological phenomena is, why it is happening, and what we can do about it.

Hi-Phi Nation: Hackademics (Part 1, Part 2)
Pseudo-science can largely seem harmless, but there is more and more confusion around what is science and what isn’t. This two-part episode helps explain the landscape.

Scene on Radio: Seeing White
This series is an incredible education on racial history in the U.S. A perfect description from the site: "A 14-part documentary series exploring whiteness in America—where it came from, what it means, and how it works."

The Pessimists Archive: The Good Ol' Days
If things could only go back to the good ol days. Right? There is a lot of that going around, and guess what? It’s been said since the literal dawn of recorded history.

Science Vs: Immigration
Some interesting and surprising statistics brought into a politicized topic. 

TED Radio Hour: The Source of Creativity
Ok this wasn't from this year, but I heard it for the first time while putting together a creativity playlist for Podcast Brunch Club. The last part from Elizabeth Gilbert has stuck with me more than any other line of audio this year. "Don't follow your passion, follow your curiosity".


Just one thing here. Science Friday did an episode featuring Maria Popova (from and Deborah Blum (from new science reporting site, around the best science books of the 2017. Some great selections (check the link for full list).
See you in the new year!

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