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Welcome to the Hurt Your Brain newsletter, a collection of podcasts and links that make you think.

I have a new article up, a nice roundup of all the endless podcast apps out there, and which ones might be worth checking out.
-Articles of Interest: Blue Jeans (31 min). I'm sad this series is coming to a close. It's uniformly delightful and insightful. "On any given day, half the population of the world is wearing jeans."

Science Vs: Soy, Almond, Oat Milks (10 min). A short episode with some jaw dropping facts. Like how much irrigation water would be saved per year if all dairy milk production was changed to soy milk production. Picture a giant cube of water, 250 km on each side. This is enough for everyone on the planet to shower for the whole year.

No Feeling is Final: The Vast Wasteland (26 min). "Hunting for a psychiatrist is a lot like hunting for 'The One'. Only much more expensive and with a tiny dating pool." Honor Eastly and the Australian Broadcasting Company have partnered to create this very personal memoir show. This podcast is one of the best ways you can possibly learn about mental health and the difficulties that come with navigating its systems.
Cryptonomics: Blockchain Beginnings (33 min). I keep hearing things online like "it's not about the Bitcoin, it's the blockchain maaaan." Consider this to be your primer on why this is. Cryptonomics is a short run series about cryptocurrency that lives inside the feed of The Next Billion Seconds, a show about the future. Both shows are hosted by Mark Pesce, one of the go-to tech experts in Australia (I think I just really like Australian podcasts). I'm a few episodes in and it really is an excellent explainer on what blockchains and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are, and why—like it or not—they are going to be an increasing part of our lives. 


kaptainkristian: Disney-The Magic of Animation [YouTube]. One of the greats of YouTube video essays came back from a year long hiatus with a fascinating look at what makes classic Disney animation so special. His videos are incredibly well done. 

Podcasts that "teach" about random subjects each week? [podcast subreddit]. There are some shows you will recognize from this newsletter, but there are many more to be found within this discussion. 

One-Sentence Reviews of the Entire Podcast Listening Landscape, Round 2 [article]. This is the article mentioned above. And here is round 1. Between both, there should be every podcast app you've ever heard of plus tons more you haven't. For the new one, I was most impressed by Entale and Laughable for their uniqueness and proof that there is plenty of room for innovation.

The Dialogues: Conversations About the Nature of the Universe [book]. Clifford V. Johnson, a renowned physicist, took a sabbatical to teach himself how to draw graphic novels. This book is the result. It's a fast and beautiful read. We get to eavesdrop on eleven different conversations that range from a scientist explaining to a lay person how math within physics can be beautiful, to how a black hole might make someone god-like, to even how to guess the correct amount of jelly beans in a jar. A perfect intersection of science and art. Here is more from Brian Pickings, where I first learned of this book.

For fun: My YouTube history is really a timeline of getting sidetracked. Here is one example: Every Owen Wilson Wow in Chronological Order (1996-2017). I watched the whole thing. It's more than you would guess I promise you. 

That's all for this week!

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