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Here are the best things I came across that will help you learn about the world and make you think.

PODSKETCH: Where I do a terrible drawing of my favorite thing of the week

I love space. I love Planet Money. So a Planet Money four-part mini-series about the business of space makes me really happy. The Planet Money team procured (borrowed) their very own loaf of bread sized satellite and you’ll learn so much about the state of the private space economy as they navigate how to actually get it into orbit. SpaceX isn't the only cool thing going on in the private space sector.

Ep 1: We're Going To Space
Ep 2: Wait, Why Are We Going To Space? 
Ep 3: Rocket Shopping
Ep 4: 3,2,1
1) Longform podcast did an in depth interview with Michael Barbaro, which is necessary listening for any fans of The Daily.

2) I love Wait But Why, and loved the interview Tim Ferriss did with Tim Urban, its creator (this is on a new podcast from Ferriss, called Tribe of Mentors). I think this will make you a fan of Urban if you are not already, and it certainly has me excited for his upcoming podcast next year.
3) Sum of all parts had two music related episodes to end its first season that I wish I had listened to before compiling a list of great music episodes from non-music podcasts. A mystery solved about the most famous chord of all time (Beatles) and the fascinating world of music composition via data analysis (specifically data from a seizure). 

4) Slow Burn is a new short run series from Slate about the Watergate investigation that draws parallels to today's political reality. There are only a few episodes so far and it's much more interesting than you would guess.
5) Hi-Phi Nation brings you inside the surprisingly interesting Ethics Bowl, which is basically the morality Superbowl for high school philosophy debate teams (um, where was that at my high school?). It was also a nice reminder of how many high schoolers would simply crush me in an argument.

6) I am particularly jealous of Mark Rober's (ex-NASA employee/current science YouTuber) liquid sand hot tub.

7) I recently finished The Information, which I bought for a dollar at a book sale entirely because the cover looked cool. Reading more biographies is a goal of mine, and I didn't realize I would be kicking this plan off with a biography of information itself. This is for you if you like big picture science and want to know how we got to this point of insane floods of data everywhere.

8) A newsletter worth subscribing to if you like numbers in the news: Significant Digits from FiveThirtyEight (signup at bottom).

9) A famous internet mind-bendy very short story that many people don't realize was written by Andy Weir, author of The Martian.

10) The comment section of this article about the power hungry nature of the bitcoin economy is pretty heated, but this quote caught my eye: “Already, the aggregate computing power of the bitcoin network is nearly 100,000 times larger than the world’s 500 fastest supercomputers combined.”

That's all for this week!

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