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Welcome to the Hurt Your Brain newsletter, a collection of podcasts and links that make you think.

Anyone else going to Sound Education in Boston, MA Oct 9-12? For educational podcasters and for those who like to learn from podcasts, it's a wonderful gathering. I'm volunteering again and super excited. Last year's was definitely one of the highlights of 2018 for me. Grab your tickets here and check out the Facebook event page here.
Philosophize This!: David Hume. How have I only just finally listened to this show? It's fantastic. If you are interested in philosophy this is a must listen. This episode is the start of multiple episodes on Hume, the patron saint of modern critical thinking and skepticism.

Learn about: Hume's timeless thoughts on religion, what is knowable, and many other insights on critical thinking. He was an influential cheerful Scottish philosopher who died in 1776 and was a champion of clear thinking about how the world really works. 

Open Source: Tarantino's 9th. The longest running podcast just joined Hub & Spoke and I finally checked it out and enjoyed this episode quite a bit.

Learn about: The ins and outs of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood from multiple experts on film, Hollywood, and the Manson murders (including the host of You Will Remember This).

The Journal: Why Faster Internet Isn't Worth It. This new co-production between The Wall Street Journal and Gimlet is a mix between The Daily and Planet Money. Episodes drop several times a week and revolve around investigative journalism from The Wall Street Journal.

Learn about: If you were to stream video on seven devices in your home right now, it would probably only use around 7-18 MBPS of your internet bandwidth, while internet service providers are pushing 100+ MBPS plans like our internet lives depended on it. Much more impactful to your everyday experience is the strength of your wi-fi signal, issues with the device you are using, and internet servers lagging that have nothing to do with what you are paying for.

How Many People Are Added to the Planet Every Day? A question I never thought about until stumbling across it in a book. The answer somehow surprised me.
I figured out how to create my own GIFs after using the internet for two decades.

The Amazon Is Not Earth’s Lungs [The Atlantic]. "Humans could burn every living thing on the planet and still not dent its oxygen supply." Not a call to destroy the environment but a call to not conflate our oxygen supply with other disaster situations like climate change. I believe I stumbled across this in the always high quality collection of articles that podcaster/author Colin Wright sends out.

We should all be reading more Ursula Le Guin [The Outline]. "'The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction,' an essay Le Guin wrote in 1986, disputes the idea that the spear was the earliest human tool, proposing that it was actually the receptacle. Questioning the spear’s phallic, murderous logic, instead Le Guin tells the story of the carrier bag, the sling, the shell, or the gourd."

What educational podcast would you recommend? [Reddit]. Now here's a list I can get behind.

For fun: Animator vs animation, a highly enjoyable video worth your time. Who said stick figures can't achieve the height of creativity?

That's all for this week!

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