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Happy late Sunday night. The recommendations below are giddy with anticipation for lodging themselves squarely in your brain. 

In Our Time: Rousseau on Education
  • Three experts on Rousseau get grilled by host Melvyn Bragg about his ideas of education.
  • Bragg really knows how to keep things moving and extracts just the right bits from his guests. Lots of ground gets covered relatively quickly.
  • Every episode of this show I've ever listened to has been interesting. A true OG of educational podcasts. 
Episode art for In Our Time: Rousseau on Education. Btw, achieving that crazed face and hair is my new stretch goal for retirement.  

Distillations: Learning History with Video Games
  • Interesting exploration of what kind of liberties are ok to take within video games that take place within a historical context, and how useful they might be for learning history in general. 
  • This episode made me really want to try one of the Assassin's Creed games for the first time. 

Going Wild with Dr Rae Wynn-Grant: Tracking Lemurs in a Lost Rainforest
  • This is a great new wildlife adventure podcast full of stories from wildlife biologist Dr Rae Wynn-Grant.
  • The first episode is an excellent way to get to know the background and charm of the host, but this second episode I linked to is a wild tale. But you know what, go ahead and listen to episode one afterwards (or first, it's all good). 
  • If you like great storytelling, soundscapes, and wildlife, this is a show for you.

Ministry of Ideas: Out of Time
  • An excellent examination of our modern relationship to time and productivity.
  • "We now live in the age of capitalist time, where time is money and must be spent as productively as possible. As we struggle with a global pandemic, it's time to rethink what we hold sacred." 
  • Any episode that includes a clip of comedian Ronny Chieng gets an auto recommend. 


The October playlist for Podcast Brunch Club is Geoengineering the Climate. I listened to all five episodes listed and they are a great primer on this topic. I now know what the heck geoengineering is!


Did you know the first moonwalk dance preceded Michael Jackson by decades? Skip to the last 10 seconds to see it done in 1955 by Bill Bailey at the Apollo Theater.  

The Shark Painting Edition. A wonderful short look at a bizarre painting and its origin stories. Written and illustrated by the always great Edith Zimmerman of Drawing Links

The Simpson's Paradox Edition. Another issue of Why is this Interesting? This one is great for any fans of odd statistical paradox's. 

Two Stacey Abrams hits for you. She's my new role model.   

For fun: Basically every video essay

For fun 2: You're in a bathroom at a 2012 party

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That's all for today. See you in two weeks!

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