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Welcome to the Hurt Your Brain newsletter, a collection of podcasts and links that make you think.

For The Bello Collective, I had the opportunity to interview Jad Abumrad from Radiolab about his new show, Dolly Parton’s America. If you know anything about me, it’s that there is no way I could pass up a chance to interview Jad Abumrad. He was fantastic and had the best answers. I hope you like it.

Free Will Playlist

Raise your arm. Blink your eyes. Eat that brownie (now we're talking). Are you in complete control of these actions? Or are they just the culmination of a complex series of causal events that trace a straight line all the way back to the beginning of the universe? Of course it feels like we have free will, but if we live in a universe of deterministic physical laws, what is so special about us that we would be outside of them?

I've long been fascinated by questions of free will, and have been hoarding thoughts, podcasts, and articles for years in the hopes to one day do something with it. 

Just as I'm wondering when I should do something with these thoughts, I saw that Podcast Brunch Club (like book club, but for podcasts) has a new listening list all about free will. I immediately listened to the whole list and they are a great selection. This has motivated me to do something with all my rambling thoughts in that Google doc, so hopefully I'll have that for the next newsletter. Fate will decide.

Below I'll list the episodes from their free will listening list, or you can check them out here for links to your podcast player and descriptions:

1) In Our Time: Free Will
2) The Truth: The Decider
3) On Being: Leonard Mlodinow—Randomness and Choice 
4) TED Radio Hour: Hardwired

Check these out, and while you are at it, sign up for the Podcast Brunch Club newsletter to get great themes and selections sent out once a month. And if you'd like to discuss the episodes live and can't make a local chapter, there is even a virtual meetup. I plan on checking out a virtual chapter for the first time this month. 

I don't invoke the name of this newsletter very often, but this is some truly brain hurting stuff.

How I Built This: Gimlet Media-Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber [In-depth interview with podcast company that sold to Spotify for 200+ million]
  • As someone who listened to all the Gimlet related episodes of Startup, I was surprised at how much I learned in this episode. For example, I wasn’t aware Matt Lieber was such a public radio guy before getting his MBA.
  • Towards the end they did talk about the sale of their company to Spotify for 200+ million dollars. Two newsletters ago I recommended The Unhappy Millionaire from The Happiness Lab, and both Matt and Alex said things that could have easily been in the episode:
  • Matt- “Someone asked me recently, ‘Oh how are you?' And I said, ‘Well I’m really fucking rich and it turns out money doesn’t make you happy.’ But it does make you safe.” 
  • Alex- “Right after it happened I kept thinking, ‘This feels like a big deal, I don’t know why I feel the exact same way. Like it feels like an event that should give you a whole new outlook or something, and it didn’t. It takes away this huge hum of anxiety that was always in the back of my mind, about money and the future, and that hum is gone, and that’s nice. But it takes away nothing else, which is surprising.”


Heavyweight’s Jonathan Goldstein in the Hot Seat. A great interview with the host of Heavyweight from Inside Podcasting's Skye Pillsbury. BTW, I finally got into Heavyweight and it is extremely fantastic. Let me be the one millionth person to come to this realization. Some good starter episodes: Buzz, Rob (funniest thing I've heard this year), Skye, Gregor.

The comforting science of the MBTI. A take down of the famous Myers-Briggs personality test that is worth your time.

A flowchart telling you which philosophical novel to read next.

A Twitter thread on some of the highlights I learned from Sound Education.

Any great podcasts on the Mayans, Aztec, Egyptians, etc? Reddit thread with great recommendations for anyone with these interests.

Which Planet is the Closest? It's not Venus. And it's not Mars. A three minute video from CGP Grey.

For fun: Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 music video from 1980.

That's all for this week!

Connect with me @erikthejones on twitter and if you've learned anything interesting, please forward this link to any curious natured friends or family so they can subscribe. Many thanks!

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