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Welcome to the Hurt Your Brain newsletter, a collection of podcasts and links that make you think.

Thanks everyone for reading and for being part of this. Cheers to a great 2020.

To celebrate the end of the year, I wrote about what I learned from podcasts in 2019.

The Dream: What's Your Frequency? [critical look at wellness industry].
  • A great first episode of a new season of The Dream. The first season was about multi-level marketing, and this season is about the multi-billion dollar "wellness" industry.
  • The second episode of the season didn't hit the sweet spot for me, but I am extremely optimistic about this season being just as good as the first, and probably even more important.

Nerd Critic: Rian Johnson [movie criticism]
  • A self-professed nerd and a bonafide movie critic join forces to review movies.
  • I'll admit, the gist of my knowledge of Rian Johnson was that he wrote and directed The Last Jedi and that lots of fans hated him for it.
  • This show has me sold that Rian Johnson is in fact not only an amazing writer/director, but one of the best writers in Hollywood.
  • He wrote/directed Looper and the new Knives Out.
  • In anticipation for The Last Skywalker, they have released several Star Wars reviews, and they lay down the best defense of The Last Jedi (the Rian Johnson one) I have heard. Enough that I plan on re-watching it this week.

I didn't get much listening done over the last few weeks, but here is what I'm excited about in my feed: An Arm and a Leg, Reply All, The Knowledge Project, Witness History, Short Wave.

19 Things I Learned From Podcasts in 2019. Tidbits I picked up from some of the smartest podcasts around.

Why editorial illustrations look so similar these days [Quartz]. "The vector-based style, characterized by flat colors, simple shapes and a pared-down color palette, doesn’t have an official name. It’s most widely referred to as “flat illustration” or, pejoratively, “Corporate Memphis,” alluding to its frequent appearance in ads and interfaces for tech companies like Lyft, Spotify, Oscar, Airtable, and many others."
Do you know who listens to a ton of podcasts and has fantastic recommendations? Lauren Passell. She does a newsletter called Podcast The Newsletter that you should sign up for if you can't get enough great recommendations. She also recently interviewed me for her site.

My Semester With the Snowflakes [Medium]. Maybe we aren't doomed after all. One of the best essays I've read this year about getting along with those different than you.

Relative rotation rates of the planets cast to a single sphere (with apologies to Mercury/Neptune) [Reddit]. Very cool animation.


For fun: GoPro view of back-flipping over a canyon.

That's all for this week and happy new year!!!

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