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Is your podcast queue ready for some love? I contributed to the 100 Outstanding Podcasts From 2020 put out by Bello Collective. Five are from me. The other 95 are all from people with even better taste.

Between that and the other articles listed below (two more from me), you just might have to join the dark side of 1.5x listening to keep up with the incredible bounty of audio you’ll have for the holidays. 

But first, just two regular recommendations this week from old favorites.

And don't forget to turn your image on if Gmail is blocking them.
99 Percent Invisible: According to Need
  • This is a new series from 99 Percent Invisible that delves into homelessness in the Bay Area in California. 
  • This is the culmination of over two years of reporting from producer Katie Mingle. 
  • The prologue and two episodes currently out are incredible in its storytelling and empathy. A must listen.

Radiolab: The Great Vaccinator 
  • A truly interesting episode. Many might have heard by now that the previous record for fastest vaccine ever is the mumps vaccines, which took four years. 
  • This episode tells the story of the man, Maurice Hilleman, who basically single handedly developed this vaccine via a throat swab from his daughter, and who is arguably the greatest scientist ever (that nobody knows).
  • He’s got a potty mouth, is humble, and helped develop close to 40 vaccines. What's not to love, the man is a legend. 

The Subtle Significance of Episode Art. Meet the unsung hero of the modern podcast team: the illustrator. Featuring a behind the scenes look at how Darknet Diaries and The Nocturnists incorporate art into their show.
Image linked article showcasing episode artwork.

A Brief Gallery of (Podcast) Art. Some highlights of eye-catching episode artwork from all across the podcast landscape. Look at some really interesting art, find new shows, and even check out the pages of the illustrators who created them.
Header image from article, a museum gallery with podcast artwork in the frame.

100 Outstanding Podcasts From 2020 [Bello Collective]. A long, fantastic list that will ensure no inbox zero for your podcast feed for months to come. 

Caroline Crampton Is the Queen of Multitasking [Timber]. A great profile of one of the most prolific and excellent podcast writers. 

Podcast with the best writing? My pick is The Memory Palace [r/podcasts]. Thread on Reddit.

A Big List of Philosophy Podcasts (updated) [Daily Nous]. A big ol' list found via Open Culture.

The 25 Best Episodes of This American Life [Podcast Review]. A great best-of list of one of the greatest shows.

A furniture farm where trees grow in the shape of chairs. [r/damnthatsinteresting]. It is indeed damn interesting. [personal website]. Several cool interactive things made by a self-described bored coder. Like Life Stats.

For fun: Dealing with constructive criticism
For fun 2: A new favorite thing to follow: places where cats shouldn't be

That's all for this week!

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