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Who ordered the bag of podcasts? Got 'em right here. Let's dig in. 
Planet Money’s Summer School
  • The episodes so far: The Stock MarketIndex Funds401k’s
  • Last year’s Planet Money Summer School was all about basic economic principles. This year is all about how investing works. 
  • I love this so much. Imagine if this kind of investing advice and guidance was given to every high schooler out there?
  • Even if you feel like you know the basics of investing, these episodes are great because of the bits of history and context they provide. 
  • The upcoming Summer School episodes are about bonds, bubbles, and crypto. 
  • You know how much I love episode specific artwork, so I can’t believe I didn’t realize season one of Planet Money’s Summer School has some pretty stellar artwork from Therrious Davis. Check out the artwork from season one and two here.

Cosmic Vertigo: Black hole, or Curly Wurly?
  • One of my favorite shows has been resurrected (I thought it was gone for good). New hosts. New music. New show art. Same astronomical goodness.
  • This first episode explores what went into the now famous picture taken of a black hole (this one).
  • Very cool: The network of radio telescopes that collected the data for the image was collectively known as the Event Horizon Telescope, and is equivalent to a radio telescope the size of the Earth. It can collect 5 petabytes of data per day. This is the same ridiculously large unit of measurement used to talk about the amount of data passing around the entire global internet per day, which is 2,000 petabytes per day!
  • Not so cool: Katie Bouman — the computer scientist who led the team in creating the necessary algorithm to piece the image together — has faced sexism and pushback around her contribution.

Unexplainable: A 150-year-old human
  • Really thought provoking episode from Unexplainable about the possibility of anyone ever living to 150 years old. 
  • “Getting to 130 from 122 is light-year of a difference. Getting to 130 to 150 is a whole other universe.”

After the Fact: Race and Research — America Today
  • This is the first of several episodes Pew dedicated to exploring statistics around race in the U.S. in the context of new census data.
  • A pretty interesting conversation all around, with the most surprising bit for me being that for those 18 and younger, non-white is now the majority demographic. 


What is the best podcast episode you’ve ever listened to? Reddit thread with lots of comments. 


All three of the below were found in Open Culture, a great site and newsletter. 

A ranked list of over 200 classic books that were adapted into graphic novels.

The Classics Illustrated Collection. An awesome and free library from the internet archive of tons of old school graphic adaptations (different than link above). "Classics Illustrated is an American comic book/magazine series featuring adaptations of literary classics such as Les Miserables, Moby Dick, Hamlet, and The Iliad." 

Carl Sagan on the existence of God. Every clip I watch of Sagan makes me so wish he was around during these crazy times. 

For fun: dog caught sneaking into off limit room

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