Madestones® March Newsletter 2017
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Madestones®, the largest European distributor of laboratory grown diamonds and Insignety, an innovative luxury brand, joins forces to bring innovation in the diamond and jewelry industry

Insignety, soul signed jewels, is an innovative, luxury jewelry brand for today’s demanding customer and retailers. Insignety believes that pieces of jewelry that are connected to special moments in life are even more valuable when they have been personally designed by the customer. “That’s exactly why we provide jewelry retailers and consumers worldwide with both a high-end jewelry collection set with laboratory grown diamonds and an innovative end-to-end in store design solution that is unique in the industry. Because real-time personalization and the alternative choice for mined diamonds is the new standard” says founder of Insignety, Mark Bos. 
The smart design toolkit makes it easy for the jeweler to create and customize wedding, engagement and multiple gift rings - together with their customer. Insignety provides a number of design features that you can add to your piece of jewelry in real time using the provided hardware. Features like your own heartbeat, a personal handwriting or a fingerprint. The possibilities are endless, the process easy, interactive, fun and intuitive. 
Founder Mark Bos: “Enter tomorrow’s world of jewelry design innovation and discover the possibilities of timeless craftsmanship, united with new technology.” 
Thierry Silber, CEO of Madestones®, says: "I'm proud to be involved in the Insignety project which is perfectly matching with my vision of the future of the diamond industry. Every industry needs to embrace new ideas and new technology. There is no reason why the diamond industry should be an exception.”
Laboratory grown diamonds offer new opportunities and create new markets. “I see this new choice in diamonds as a real and viable alternative for mined diamonds rather than a substitute for the natural product”, explains Thierry Silber.
"Jewelry players can’t simply do business as usual and expect to thrive; they must be alert and responsive to important customer trends and new technology, or else risk being left behind.” (McKinsey 2020 Insights Report) The same applies to diamonds.

Laboratory grown diamonds are not a substitute for natural diamonds but a new and very relevant alternative.


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