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 Launches innovation : Ventures in the world of laboratory grown diamonds with its new brand 

Swarovski, the renowned Austrian company known for signature crystals, recently announced the launch of its brand ‘Diama’, an exclusive line of laboratory grown diamonds jewellery. The world's leading crystal jewellery company, with a presence in approximately 170 countries and annual revenue estimated at over $3.3 billion, marks a shift for the company and sets a benchmark for the diamond industry.
The brand name, ‘Diama’ is an amalgam of Dia for diamond and Ama for love. All the diamonds are set in 18kt gold. It is currently launched in the US, selling through agreements with retailers.            
Lenox Jewelers in Fairfield, a retailer who is selling them, commented to JCK magazine:
‘‘We got them a few months ago, and the first week we were educating ourselves. We look through the loupe and we see inclusions. So it does feel like a natural diamond. For customers, the first hurdle is for them to like the designs. Then you have to explain to them what the diamonds are.”
Lenox admits that education of consumers often takes a while: “If you say lab-created they think it’s fake. You really have to engage them in a conversation.”
There are talks on negotiations of Swarovski with De Beers’ Element Six to supply them with gem-quality rough laboratory grown diamonds on a long-term basis. Though the talks did not materialize this could be a turning point for the industry as a major diamond producer like De Beers is brought in the picture. This brings the industry a topic for future anticipation. 
In an article published in Diamond Intelligence Chaim Even-Zohar, a renowned diamond industry analyst says, ‘’From a natural diamond industry perspective it seems that the importance of the Element six talks with Swarovski is not its outcome, but the fact that it took place. ’’
Further adding, ‘‘The De Beers’ long-awaited participation in the gem quality lab-grown diamond market can no longer be far off.’’
To us, the launch of ‘Swarovski created diamonds’ is certainly a game changer. Swarovski with its strong brand image, resources and marketing excellence will rightly position the brand and the product. It will boost the product differentiation, transparency and ethical practices for the laboratory grown diamond industry.  Swarovski highlights the focus on a long-term vision for a sustainable business, not only for years but for generations to come. 

Madestones introduces diamonds for Jewellery & Watches - Small sizes (melee)

Improving technology allows us now to supply our customers with laboratory grown small size diamonds for specific usage in jewellery and watches. Available from 0.95mm to 4.10mm, filtered to serve the best quality in grades of D-F colours and VVS-VS clarity. The awareness and demand for sustainable jewellery is increasing. More and more popular and big companies are becoming early adopters. These leading giants are setting examples for others to follow - as predicted!
Kindly Contact us for further information.

Oppenheimer Blue makes history as the most expensive jewel ever sold at an auction

The demand for blue diamonds is rising worldwide. After the 12.03ct internally flawless ‘Blue Moon’ diamond auctioned last year by Sotheby’s, the latest news of another exceptional blue has taken over. The ‘Oppenheimer Blue’ – the largest fancy vivid blue diamond, weighing 14.62ct sets a world auction record at $57.5Million. The rare stone termed ‘legendary’ was sold recently at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels in Geneva.


Natural fancy colour diamonds are in reach only for the very rich or famous. This has now changed with laboratory grown diamonds. Madestones offers pink, yellow and blue colour diamonds at very affordable price and accessible for a large group of consumers.
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