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Anyone else getting a bit overwhelmed by the media, online content, and the lack of actual human connection? No? Just me? Ok... :( 

Hang in there. You have been faithful and that has allowed our provinces to ease restrictions and open things up. You have continued to support each other the best you know how, and that selflessness and compassion is open doors. This pandemic isn't over, but it also won't last forever. Our church may need to look different for a while, but I think it is going to look really good.

Rescue is coming. God hasn't forgotten you. He hasn't forgotten us. God is up to something really really good!

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Sunday's Message 

Fear gets in the way of a lot of good things. It especially gets in the way when God calls us to do something bold and challenging. But when God called the prophet Ezekiel He gave him some powerful and clear directions about that fear.

What We Learned:
Ezekiel 2:2-8
You don’t need to be afraid and you don’t need to worry about the results, all God wants you to do is listen to Him and follow Him boldly.

Reminder Phrase:
No Fear

Listen to our messages on our website, on SoundCloud, through our ChurchLink App, and as a Podcast on iTunes!

Essential 7

Here are the 7 things that we feel are the most influential ministries/projects we can be engaged in:
1. Sunday Morning Message & Worship Playlists / our podcast on our Website
2. Small Groups & Micro Groups (email me for details)
3. Friday Night Teen Events
4. Konnect Kids Online
5. Daily Prayer Times (Including Prayer and Fasting Thursday)
6. Serve Your Community (Neighbours Helping Neighbours, Thank You Essential Workers, Windows of Thanksgiving, etc.)
7. Amherst LIVE

Food Bank
If you'd like to make a donation to the food bank, we're obviously not the place to drop it off at. You can actually drop any donations for the food bank off at the Cumberland County Museum.

Even though things are getting weird, and financial pressures are mounting, I know that many of you have committed to tithe, give to missions, or would like to continue supporting the Church as best you can. Find Ways to Give

Annual Business Meeting Report
Our Board met with approval from our district office to set the budget and review our annual business report. You can find a copy of the report here. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this email or contact one of our board members.


Here are a few points of celebration, or "Wins" from this past week:
1. Some of our Small Groups have started meeting at the church, physcially distanced, but in the same room, and it is glorious!
2. We have worked out a couple ways we can get our Worship Team back into the mix of our weekly services, and things are coming together pretty well to begin experimenting with it!
3. I am really really pleased with our staff at AWC, in how they are serving, connecting with our community and setting an example. This is a strange time for them too, and they are serving sooooo well!

Prayer & Fasting

Please join us Thursday at noon as we pray and fast from our own homes
Between 11:30am and 1pm join us as we pray for our church and for God's Kingdom to affect Amherst, and for COVID-19 to be stopped and the miracle of healing to touch our world!

We also do a daily prayer time at 11:30am hosted on our Facebook Group.
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Important dates
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Prayer Time 11:30am

Amherst LIVE 7pm

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Trust Over Fear
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