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On Sunday our Board met in a special Zoom meeting to set the budget and approve our Annual Business Meeting Report. Due to the current restrictions in place we weren't able to meet as we normally would, and the District permitted the Board to function in the capacity of the Local Church Conference (where members normally review information and vote).

Click Here to see a copy of the report.
You will notice that all positions and memberships have been carried over from last year, and that the new budget has been set in such a way that it is much less than last year. The budget change is due to several factors including: current pandemic restrictions, some renovations were completed last year, reduction of special ministry honourarium from 4 people down to 1, and it more closely matches what was receieved in donations last year.

This is still a moment for us to be challenged and see God do incredible things. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the Annual Report, please feel free to contact me or any of the board members.

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Sunday's Message 

I may not have been popular in school, and I may have been the loner who played tuba by himself in the music room each lunch hour, but I wasn't really lonely. For many people around us, and around our world, loneliness is very real and very heavy. The Bible speaks clearly about what we are supposed to do about that.

What We Learned:
James 1:27 & Ruth 2:8-9
Our job is to serve, protect and accept those who are vulernable and lonely.

Reminder Phrase:
Be Like Boaz

Listen to our messages on our website, on SoundCloud, through our ChurchLink App, and as a Podcast on iTunes!

Essential 7

Here are the 7 things that we feel are the most influential ministries/projects we can be engaged in:
1. Sunday Morning Message & Worship Playlists / our podcast on our Website
2. Small Groups & Micro Groups (email me for details)
3. Friday Night Teen Events
4. Konnect Kids Online
5. Daily Prayer Times (Including Prayer and Fasting Thursday)
6. Serve Your Community (Neighbours Helping Neighbours, Thank You Essential Workers, Windows of Thanksgiving, etc.)
7. Amherst LIVE

Shut-Ins, Hospital and Long-Term Care 
Let’s brighten someone’s day! Write some short happy notes, in large print, on the cards with a marker. Blow up a balloon and attach a ribbon. Go to Gabels, Centennial Villa, White Birches (on the patio) or the Hospital…and tape the card to someone’s window and tie up the balloon close by. If you need supplies contact Pastor Sheryl she has packets of supplies ready to go!

Neighbours Helping Neighbours
This is a special website and network run by a number of different organizations in the community designed to connect those who want to help and those who are looking to get some help. I highly recommend you check it out.

Amherst LIVE
Wednesdays at 7pm join us for a once a week live interactive online show that will have a variety of segments from week to week! Sometimes there will be contests, challenges, interviews, testimonies, updates, games, and other fun and encouraging elements that will be designed to get you involved in the show itself, and to invite your friends and family to join in! 

The Big Give
Last year we held an event called the Big Give. It was a giant yard sale where everything was free for the community. If you are cleaning out your house during this time, then I want to encourage you to keep stuff for the Big Give so we can bless our community once again. Only things in good or like-new condition will be accepted.

Social Media Tips
Also, here are reputable government sites where we should all be checking rumors and articles against before panicking or sharing online:

NS Health Authority
NS Gov't Site
Canadian Gov't Site

And be cautious with online news sites with sensational headlines. If you don't recognize the website, ignore it, and remember to actually read the whole article before you share it, as headlines and opinions can be very misleading.

Even though things are getting weird, and financial pressures are mounting, I know that many of you have committed to tithe, give to missions, or would like to continue supporting the Church as best you can. Find Ways to Give

Hot Meals Ministry
If anyone has crock pots or slow cookers, our meals ministry is looking to have some donated. 

World Hope Gala
If you are in need of some good news, you won’t want to miss World Hope Online Gala on May 29th at 6 PM EST, 7 PM AST. This evening will be a time of laughter and joy as we come together to be encouraged and inspired. We need each other right now more than ever during this difficult season and we are looking forward to the connection with others as we participate in something that is greater than ourselves. Together we will celebrate lives changed around the world!


Here are a few points of celebration, or "Wins" from this past week:
1. It was great to connect with the AWC Board on Sunday and I was glad to have this group of leaders walking with me through the hard decisions we needed to make.
2. Our Finances weren't as healthy as we had hoped for this past year, but as we watched the numbers each month it was remarkable how God continued to provide even when tithes and offerings would normally have been a lot lower! Despite snowstorms and haveing to cancel on-site services, God is still providing for His Church.
3. I was happy to recieve your feedback on our new sermon format.  We are trying something new and I am always glad to have you all involved and connected! Thanks for your thoughts and comments! Keep them coming!

Prayer & Fasting

Please join us Thursday at noon as we pray and fast from our own homes
Between 11:30am and 1pm join us as we pray for our church and for God's Kingdom to affect Amherst, and for COVID-19 to be stopped and the miracle of healing to touch our world!

We also do a daily prayer time at 11:30am hosted on our Facebook Group.
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Prayer Time 11:30am

Amherst LIVE 7pm

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