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Well, as I sit here writing this newsletter I see that it has been announced that the NS/NB border will be closed as of midnight tonight. NB is locking down more regions, and HRM is in some pretty deep restrictions. It is getting dark out earlier, but thankfully we haven't entered the deep freeze yet. The sense that we are headed back into a dark and stressful time is tangible. I can feel the stress level rising, and my initial gut instinct is to go to DQ, get a full-sized icecream cake, put the kids to bed, and sit in the dark with Heidi and eat the entire cake while watching comedies until 2am. I know, I know, it sounds glorious and you are thinking, "What an elegant and classy pastor I have!"

But seriously, how are we supposed to respond to the season's change and an increase in restrictions again? 
1. Allow yourself to enjoy what is available, there are still good things!
2. But, don't expect food, movies, shows, scrolling online, or "wasting time" to fill you with joy or courage.
3. Serve others, bless others, somehow.
4. Find ways to worship Jesus where you are, with whatever you have.

This pandemic is not our eternity. We will get THROUGH this. Hang in there. The Kingdom of God is still advancing and we are not losing. Death couldn't stop Jesus, neither will this.


1. Plans and video details for our Christmas events are coming together quickly and they are looking really really good!
2. I continue to get reports about how small groups are connecting people and providing meaningful relationships, support and encouragement.
3. We are seeing the teens that work on Friday night and can't make it to our youth program actually come to the hang-out time afterwards, or whenever they manage to get off work!

Last Sunday's Message 

Sometimes we get into ruts where we repeat negative behaviours over and over again. Sometimes those ruts get passed down from generation to generation. These negative cycles can do incredible damage if they remain unchanged, but they don't change by accident or without a lot of power and focus. But they can be changed!

What We Learned:
1 John 1:9 & 1 Peter 1:18-19
To break a cycle there has to be an intervention.

Reminder Phrase:
Break the Cycle

Full Message Podcast

Listen to our messages on our website, on SoundCloud, through our ChurchLink App, and as a Podcast on iTunes!

What's Happening

Christmas Food Boxes (NEW)
Every year we participate in putting together food boxes for those in need in our area. I believe AWC has committed to putting together 5 of these boxes this year. If you would like to help with this, you can get the list here, and contact Jamin to let him know you'd like to donate towards this project. Jamin's number is 1-902-890-9759, and his email is 

Christmas is the Worst
As soon as November and December come along, it is hard to ignore, Christmas is on its way.  Holidays are hard when we are grieving and Christmas can be particularly difficult.  Everyone is busy preparing for the holiday and we just cannot seem to “get into the spirit”.
Drop in to enjoy a cup of coffee and get some information about getting through the Christmas Season while we grieve.  Grief is not “choosy” it affects individuals and families, children are welcome.  Registration is not required but is helpful. Please call (902) 667 9126 if you plan on attending.
Saturday Nov 28th - 6:30pm-8pm

Christmas Wrap-Up: Around the Block
There are people living within reach of the church who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This Christmas, we want to show them the love of Jesus with the hope of other conversations to come. We are purchasing 45 ten dollar gift cards from McDonald's, and McDonald's has agreed to donate ANOTHER 45 gift cards of the same value! Praise God! This allows us to bless 80-90 houses!

We will attach the gift cards to a Christmas card. On the Christmas cards we will make an offer to help people with gas, groceries, winter clothes, or yard work. In order for them to receive help, they will need to contact the church. When this happens, we will share the request with the church and look for volunteers to step up and bless these people with their request. The details of how this will play out will be shared later.

On Saturday, November 28 at 9 AM, we are inviting church attenders to join the team at the church to prep the Christmas cards and deliver them Around the Block.
As well, we will be doing Christmas Cheer boxes. The list of food items will soon be made available at the church.

Let's show the people the love of Christ this Christmas. Let's share the Gospel with those right on our doorstep.

Konnect Kids
We are launching Konnect Kids again! Kids ages 2-12 can join the fun on Sundays on-site at AWC at 11am! Parents can register their kids when they register for the worship service!

Celebrate Recovery 
The God of the Bible, The Father, Son & Holy Spirit are THE higher power – the only one that can be in control.
Only 1/3 of people who attend Celebrate Recovery (CR) do so because of a chemical addiction, the rest are hurts and hang ups. Hurts: abuse, emotional, physical and sexual. Hang-ups: bitterness, anger, trust, do not measure up Habits: behaviours and addictions
You don’t need to hit rock bottom before starting recovery. The 8 principles are based on the beatitudes and the 12 steps flow out of the principles. Join us Tuesday nights, the doors open at 6:15 pm (starts at 6:30). Masks are required and physical distancing will be observed. You can register HERE or call the church at 902 667 9126.

Flamingo Season is Here
When you flock someone, flamingos will be placed on their lawn for 24 hours. (You must personally know this person.) 
These flamingos will be placed with a message from you to the target. The message will include what the event is, how long the Flamingos will be there, your name, as well as a personal message from you.
The money raised will be going to the youth ministry at the Amherst Wesleyan Church. 
Click here to fill out the form and get flocking!

Did you know that you can do church wherever you are? We put together special content each week so you can do church at home! You can find our videos here!

Register for On-Site Services
If you'd like to attend AWC on-site (live in-person on Sunday), you can register ahead of time by clicking here, (you will also see all of our safety measures and instructions listed there) or you can call us or show up on Sunday and register there. We have limited seating available due to COVID-19 so seating is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Mobile Sites
If you'd like to continue doing church where you are, in your home or someone else's home, and would like to become an official AWC-Mobile Site to receive extra support and resources, click here to register!

Small Groups
We have a number of small group options this year, using in-person and online connection methods. Click here to see the options and sign-up now! 

Konnect Kids Online
If you've got kids, or grandkids, nieces or nephews, and you'd like them to grow in faith, character and wisdom, you might want to check out our online resources for kids! Since we can't effectively do in-person kids events every week, we are trying to put together high-quality online resources each week.
Check out our Konnect Kids facebook page!
Find our Konnect Kids videos for pre-school (Bible Adventures) and school-age students (Konnect HQ) on our Youtube Channel Here.

Thursday Prayer
We are starting back up our Thursday Prayer & Fasting time. We encourage everyone to take Thursday at noon to fast and pray. You can join us on facebook Live on our AWC facebook page Thursdays at noon sharp too!

EDGE Youth
Our teen ministry is using a combination of online and in-person events and services to connect teens with their faith and each other. You can find out more on their facebook group here.

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