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21 November 2018 
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Transport's power of inclusiveness

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim highlighted transport's role as a driver of inclusiveness in society at UNESCAP's Committee on Transport Fifth Session in Bangkok, Thailand, on 20 November (photo). The Committee is meeting to explore the significant contribution that sustainable transport can make to society in its effort to attain the targets set out in the 2030 Development Agenda. Read more

Tackling Africa's road safety crisis

The importance of good data to inform road safety policy was the focus of Secretary-General Kim's opening speech at the First African Road Safety Forum in Marrakesh, Morocco (photo). To this aim, the creation of the First Road Safety Observatory in Africa - providing governments with a tool to improve the collection of crash data - was announced during the Forum. Find out more

First global benchmark for road safety in cities

ITF's Safer City Streets, the worldwide traffic safety network for liveable cities, published its first global benchmark of urban road safety. The data - collected from 31 cities in 20 countries - reveals striking differences in road safety performance between cities. The number of road fatalities in the benchmarked cities range from 0.9 to 24 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants – that is over 25 times more. Get the full results

Progress towards seamless transport

The first ever ITF Conference on Implementing the Summit Declarations took place in Seoul, Korea, on 7 November (photo). Initiated by ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim, the Conference reviewed progress towards seamless transport and mobility made since the 2012 ITF Summit on that theme, with presentations from member countries Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Korea, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal and the United States. The findings will feed into the 2019 Summit on "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration" to be held in Leipzig, Germany, on 22-24 May 2019. Find out more

ITF combines forces at Seoul meeting

A key element of Secretary-General Young Tae Kim's vision for ITF is the enhancement of links across the organisation's statutory bodies. For the first time, a historic joint session of ITF's Transport Management Board (TMB), Transport Research Committee (TRC) and Corporate Partnership Board (CPB) convened in Seoul, Korea, on 7 November 2018 (photo). Find out more

Fostering closer links with Asia

As part of ITF's drive to enhance engagement with Asian countries, Secretary-General Young Tae Kim met with China's Vice-Minister of Transport, Dongchang Dai, for bilateral talks in Beijing on 2 November (photo). The discussions focused on China's transport policy priorities and the link to ITF's recent work. Mr Kim also met with Yasuhiro Shinohara, Japan's Vice Minister for International Affairs at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) in Tokyo on 30 October. Find out more

How transport CO2 reduction pledges fall short

Climate change cannot be stopped without decarbonising transport. Yet current transport CO2 reduction commitments are not enough to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. A better understanding of transport's potential to contribute to achieving national CO2 reduction targets can help. Find out more
Photo: Flickr cc | Renato Oliveira

On course for carbon-neutral shipping?

The first-ever CO2 emissions targets for international shipping were adopted by the International Maritime Organisation in April 2018. Ahead of COP24, we explore the measures which will make the strategy work. Our findings show that currently known technologies could decarbonise maritime transport by 2035. Find out more
Photo: Flickr cc | melfoody

The key to future airport success

The ever-increasing demand for air transport across the globe is straining airport capacity in many countries. ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim explored the future of airports in a special keynote address on “The Next Generation Airport" at the World Aviation Conference, in Incheon, Korea (photo). Find out more

UNFCCC designates ITF as focal point for transport

ITF is a focal point for transport, as designated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MP-GCA). This gives ITF and the Decarbonising Transport initiative a central role in the exchange of information between transport stakeholders and UNFCCC. We will lead a strong presence at the upcoming COP24 meetings in December. Find out more

Advancing through smarter road use

How can governments cope with the ever-increasing mobility demand? Better use of existing capacity is often more effective than building extra capacity. An ITF expert workshop in Tokyo explored smart solutions to city congestion including road pricing and use of big data. Find out more
Photo: Flickr cc | VaDOT

Regulating for app-based mobility services

Devising appropriate regulatory frameworks for app-based mobility services is a key concern for ITF member countries. Experts from around the globe convened to consider the rationale for economic regulation for these services in light of market imperfections in their delivery and in public transport markets more generally at an ITF Roundtable in Beijing on 1-2 November (photo). A Roundtable report will publish the findings

Addressing future taxi sector challenges

A variety of structural and regulatory challenges have brought the taxi sector high on the agenda of ITF member country governments. At the International Road Transport Union (IRU) 8th International Taxi Forum in Cologne, Germany, on 2 November, Mary Crass (photo), ITF's Head of Institutional Relations and Summit, moderated sessions exploring the future mobility chain and legislation. The event continues ITF and IRU collaboration on regulatory issues related to app-based ride services. Get the report "App-Based Ride and Taxi Services"

ITF maritime research showcased at major events

ITF ports and shipping expert Olaf Merk presented the report "The Impact of Alliances in Container Shipping" (photo) at the European Social Sector Dialogue for Ports. Recent findings on modelling the impacts of greenhouse gas policies for shipping were also presented at the International Maritime Organisation Intersessional Working Group on Greenhouse Gas Strategy. Read more

Become a partner of the 2019 Summit!

The 2019 ITF Summit on "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration" will take place from 22-24 May in Leipzig, Germany. It is the world's largest gathering of transport ministers and the premier global transport policy event. Bring your voice to the Summit by becoming a partner or sponsor, hosting your own event, or apply for our awards. Find out more

Kakao Mobility joins Corporate Partnership Board

Transport innovation leader Kakao Mobility of Korea has joined the ITF Corporate Partnership Board. Kakao Mobility will join 29 other companies from around the world in working with the ITF on transport policy-related projects including decarbonising transport and new mobility. Secretary-General Kim signed the new partnership with Joohwan Jung, CEO of Kakao Mobility, in Seoul on 8 November (photo)  Read more

New ITF phone numbers and email

The ITF Secretariat is changing telephone numbers from 26 November. Two years after the introduction of the email handle, the previous email addresses using no longer function. To reach ITF staff, be sure to use the new phone numbers and send emails to Read more

Forum highlights

The Traffic Safety Agency of Serbia hosted the Autumn meeting of the International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD) in Belgrade from 16 to 18 October (photo). In addition to the over 20 countries represented, Bosnia-Herzegovina and South Africa participated as observers. The Group took the step of approving Serbia's data for future inclusion in the IRTAD database. See more on IRTAD
ITF's Corporate Partnership Board convened an expert workshop aimed at sharing experience in emerging market innovation at the Harvard Faculty Club, USA, on 15-16 October (photo). Results from the "Innovation in Emerging Economies: Insights for global transport authorities and companies" workshop will be published and presented to ministers and media at the 2019 Summit. Sign up for ITF Publication Alerts
ITF Advisor on Innovation and Foresight, Philippe Crist, delivered a keynote speech providing an overview of ITF work around emerging mobility services and their implications for the future delivery of public transport services for the Norwegian Public Transport Association in Oslo on 1 November (photo). See more on ITF's public transport work
Disseminating recent ITF findings on how to deal with uncertainty in private infrastructure investment contracts was the focus of a mission by ITF Project Manager, Dejan Makovšek, to Australia and New Zealand. Mr Makovšek presented to a range of Australian stakeholders including the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), and the Bureau of Infrastructure, and in New Zealand to the Department for Transport and the NZ Transport Agency (photo). See more on Private Investment in Infrastructure
ITF modeller and analyst, Wei-Shiuen Ng, updated the Steering Committee of the World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS) on the ITF 2019 Summit and upcoming ITF activities related to UNFCCC and COP24 in Rome, Italy, on 19 October. Ms Ng also represented ITF at the WCTRS Scientific Committee meeting. The ITF is an international organisation member of the WCTRS. See more on ITF at COP24
PIARC - the World Road Association - invited ITF to provide expertise as a member of their Steering Committee on the Road Safety Manual. The manual provides online guidance based on the Safe System approach to road safety and includes case studies for its application to low- and middle-income countries. Road safety expert Véronique Feypell represented ITF at the Committee meeting aimed at revising the manual in Geneva, Switzerland, from 2-4 October (photo).

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