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30 October 2018 
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High-level action for road safety

Young Tae Kim with  President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron
Secretary-General Young Tae Kim updated the High-Level Panel for Road Safety of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) on ITF's work on regional road safety observatories at a meeting in Paris on 1 October. Concrete steps for the creation of an African Road Safety Observatory will be taken at the 1st African Road Safety Forum in Marrakech, Morocco, on 13-15 November. France's President Emmanuel Macron hosted Panel members at the Elysée Palace following the meeting (photo). Read more

Shared mobility solutions could revolutionise transport in Dublin

Dublin Shared Mobility report link
All car trips in Ireland's capital could be provided with just 2% of today’s vehicles, finds ITF's latest study on shared mobility solutions. Even if only 20% of motorised trips in Dublin were replaced with shared taxis or taxi-buses, the total distance driven would still fall by 23%, reducing vehicle CO2 emissions by one-fifth and helping Ireland to achieve its CO2 reduction targets. Read more

Digitalisation's huge potential for maritime logistics

The maritime sector is already harnessing data via digital technologies to improve the logistics chain. A new ITF report highlights the potential for further transformation and sheds light on challenges, including cyber security risks. The report was simultaneously launched to stakeholders in Hamburg, Germany, and Rotterdam, Netherlands, two of Europe's largest maritime ports. Get the report

Bringing us together: the sky's the limit

Government Support Measures for Domestic Air Connectivity
Every day airlines launch new international routes to serve our increasingly connected world. Many aviation links within our own countries are at risk, however. A recent ITF workshop addressed the issue to help member countries to preserve domestic connectivity by air. Read more

Shaping the future of Argentina's container ports

Container Port Strategy Roundtable
Argentina currently has an opportunity to redesign its containerised freight transport system. The three concessions for the terminals at the port of Buenos Aires (Puerto Nuevo) will expire in 2020, which raises fundamental choices. A new ITF report presents recommendations for a mutually beneficial balance between port and city. Read more

Destinations for all: Providing accessible tourism

Inclusive mobility has many facets. At the World Summit on "Accessible Tourism: Destinations for All" in Brussels, Belgium, on 1 October (photo), Mary Crass, ITF's Head of Institutional Relations and Summit, presented recent ITF work on accessible taxis and on regulatory aspects of app-based ride services.

Liberalisation of aviation markets

Air market liberalisation remains a hot topic for transport policy makers. ITF's aviation and infrastructure expert, Jagoda Egeland, shared conclusions from the ITF Working Group on Aviation Liberalisation at the European Aviation Summit in Vienna, Austria, on 3 October (photo). ITF's participation was by invitation of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The Working Group's final report will be published shortly. Sign up for ITF Publication Alerts

Data with latest transport trends released

ITF Short term trends
Transport data for the second quarter of 2018 is now available. The numbers provide an overview of passenger and freight trends for road and rail as well as inland waterways freight. Additionally, data covering annual transport trends for 2017 is now available for freight, passengers and safety.
Photo: Flick cc | JohnGreyTurner

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Forum highlights

Shane Ross, Ireland's Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, met with ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim for bilateral talks in Dublin, Ireland, on 22 October. Ireland will assume the Presidency of the ITF in 2019-20. On invitation by Minister Ross, Secretary-General Kim opened the autumn session of the ITF Group on Road Transport held in Dublin (photo).
Young Tae Kim welcomes Rob McInerney iRAP
Rob McInerney, CEO of the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), met with Young Tae Kim in Paris on 9 October to explore ideas for collaboration. The meeting continues the long-standing co-operation between iRAP and ITF in promoting policies for safe and sustainable transport. Read more
ITF's Head of Statistics and Modelling, Jari Kauppila, presented work on shared mobility as an example of altering user behaviour in transport at a workshop on Rethinking Energy Demand in Nara, Japan, from 24-27 September (photo). The workshop sought to forge a better understanding of future energy demand given changes in technology and behaviour on the demand side. Read more
Findings of recent ITF work on private investment in transport infrastructure and on the social impacts of road pricing (cover photo) were presented to the Commission on Private Investment of Iceland's Ministry of Transport by ITF's Head of Research and Policy Analysis, Stephen Perkins, in Reykjavik on 16 October.
What will be the future of parking? Insights from our report on “The Shared-Use City: Managing the Curb” led to a lively discussion at the “Parking Innovation” conference in Prague, Czech Republic, on 13 September. Philippe Crist, Advisor Innovation and Foresight at ITF, delivered a keynote highlighting the changing uses of the curb in cities with the emergence of ride-sharing services. Watch the video
The regional transport challenges facing Portugal's Azores islands   were the focus of an ITF mission on 28 September. ITF analyst Francisco Furtado presented ITF's work on connectivity and the topics of the upcoming 2019 Summit on "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration" to regional government officials. Sign up for free Summit updates
Photo: Flick cc | AnnetteWho
How can transport reduce its carbon footprint quickly? ITF analyst Elisabeth Windisch shared findings from the work of ITF's Decarbonising Transport initiative with experts and stakeholders from emerging economies at the Climate Action in Transport Conference, organised by Germany's development agency GIZ, in Berlin on 27 September (photo). Subscribe to the Decarbonising Transport newsletter
Central Asia is of strategic importance for the development of transport links between Asia and Europe. ITF Analyst Olga Petrik presented results from the joint ITF/OECD project on “Enhancing Connectivity in Central Asia”, at the conference on "Central Asia in the system of international transport corridors", held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on 20-21 September (photo). 

New publications

Shared Mobility Simulations for Dublin

Women’s Safety and Security

Policy Priorities for Decarbonising Urban Passenger Transport

The Social Impacts of Road Pricing

Container Port Strategy

The Container Port of Buenos Aires in the Mega-Ship Era

Traffic Planning in Port-Cities

Connectivity and City Clusters

Surface Access to Airports

Policy Directions for Establishing a Metropolitan Transport Authority for Korea's Capital Region

Risk Allocation in Mega-Projects in Denmark

The Danish State Guarantee Model for Infrastructure Investment

The Mitigation of Risk in Resilient Supply Chains

Urban Toll: Rethinking Acceptability Through Accessibility

Balancing Efficiency and Resilience in Multimodal Supply Chains

Innovation and Technology in Multimodal Supply Chains

Efficiency and Sustainability in Multimodal Supply Chains

Reforming Private and Public Urban Transport Pricing

Long-Term Effects of the Swedish Congestion Charges

Assessing the Net Overall Distributive Effect of a Congestion Charge

The Thames Tideway Tunnel

Risk Pricing in Infrastructure Delivery

Public Transport Governance in Greater Barcelona

Forthcoming publications

Regulating App-based Mobility Services

Government Support Measures for Domestic Air Connectivity

Towards Road Freight Decarbonisation

Liberalisation of Air Transport

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Upcoming events

World Aviation Conference 2018
30 October - 1 November | Paradise City Incheon, Korea

Intelligent Transport Conference
1 - 2 November | London, UK

Regulating App-based Mobility Services Roundtable Meeting 
1- 2 November | Beijing, China

8th IRU International Taxi Forum
2 November | Cologne, Germany

Task Force 2019: 3rd Meeting
5 November | Seoul, Korea

Task Force 2020: 1st Meeting
5 November | Seoul, Korea

Transport Research Committee (TRC): 4th Session
5 - 7 November | Seoul, Korea

Transport Management Board: 28th Session
6 - 7 November | Seoul, Korea

COP24: 24th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
2 - 14 December | Katowice, Poland

2019 Summit "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration"
22 - 24 May 2019 | Leipzig, Germany

ITF in the media

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With Brexit Talks in Gridlock, British Truckers Plan for the Worst
New York Times, USA | 25 October

Major taxi firm wants to roll out autonomous car service in London by 2021
CNCB, USA | 22 October

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