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28 January 2019 
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High-level US DOT meeting wraps up TRB week

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim met with Derek Kan, US Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy, in Washington, D.C., on 17 January (photo), marking the end of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting week. Secretary-General Kim led a strong ITF presence at TRB and the World Bank/EMBARQ Transforming Transportation conference which saw ITF experts share insights on a global stage. Read more

ITF and TRB agree to enhance partnership

The ITF and the Transportation Research Board will further develop their longstanding co-operation. At a meeting during TRB week, ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim met with Neil Pedersen, Executive Director of TRB (photo). They emphasised their joint intention to further enhance the existing collaboration in mutually beneficial and pragmatic ways. Read more

Climate action calls for transport decarbonisation

At COP24, the broad climate change community acknowledged that climate change cannot be stopped without decarbonising transport. This message was bolstered by ITF's unique position as a focal point for transport, as designated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Key findings from our events will feed into the Decarbonising Transport initiative. Read more

Rail's sustainable chain of mobility

Railways provide efficient and cost-effective mobility for people and freight worldwide. With carbon emissions around eight times less than that for road, rail can provide answers to the burgeoning demand for transport services, particularly in non-OECD countries. Secretary-General Young Tae Kim provided insights from ITF research to a high-level panel at the International union of railways (photo). Read more

Poland's transport policy priorities in focus

Secretary-General Young Tae Kim met Poland's Minister for Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk (photo) and with leading Polish transport officials in Warsaw, on 11 December. Poland's transport policy priorities were high on the agenda, with a focus on Polish infrastructure development. The meeting also explored Polish rail and air transport challenges. Read more

Artificial Intelligence and well-being in transport

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim highlighted Artificial Intelligence's (AI) potential to improve transport safety and security during the 6th OECD World Forum in Incheon, Korea, on 27 November (photo). Mr Kim also discussed AI's ability to achieve better sustainability and improved access at the Forum, on the topic of "The Future of Well-being". Read more

Advancing alternative fuel policies for shipping

The global discussion aimed at finding short-term CO2 reductions for shipping has been bolstered by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) targets adopted in April 2018. ITF convened a workshop of around 50 international experts (photo) to explore the use of alternative fuels, widely considered to be important, but still fairly unexplored in terms of relevant policies and measures. Read more

Algorithmic governance in transport

Can governments regulate by algorithm? Should transport authorities issue regulations in machine-readable code? Leading experts met to explore the potential of algorithmic governance for the transport sector at a recent ITF Corporate Partnership Board workshop (photo). The work has broad implications from enabling Mobility as a Service to dynamically managing our public spaces. Read more 

ITF welcomes European policy approach to research

The European Commission's new "Horizon Europe" programme pursues a mission-orientated policy approach to research and innovation. But how can European research respond to pressures for the deployment of new technologies in the mobility sector? ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim explored these issues at the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes' 15-year anniversary. Read more

Join the 2019 Summit connectivity debate!

The 2019 Summit will take place in Leipzig, Germany, on 22-24 May. There are three ways to join the debate on how better transport connectivity can help integrate regions - from local communities and cities to global regions:
- Become a Summit partner or exhibitor
- Host an event at the Summit or give a presentation
- Apply for ITF Awards
Deadlines for applications to host an event and the ITF awards are on Monday, 11 February.

Go to the 2019 Summit website

Better data for urban road safety

Good data is essential for developing good road safety policies for cities. Learning from data was the focus of the ITF's 4th Safer City Streets network meeting, on 20-21 November 2018 in London and Manchester, UK (photo). The meeting of ITF's global traffic network for liveable cities gathered representatives from 18 cities around the world. Read more

Towards road freight decarbonisation

How can trucks become emissions-free? ITF's Francisco Furtado shared insights from ITF's work on road freight decarbonisation at the 5th International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight in Cambridge, UK, on 29-30 November. Mr Furtado also presented at a high-level event on zero-emission transport organised by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) in Brussels on 4 December (photo). Get the report "Towards Road Freight Decarbonisation"

How information flows help people move

Using data from a wide variety of actors allows a fuller understanding of travel behaviour and thus more efficient planning. Responsive multimodal transport can flourish where shared, standardised, and interoperable information flows are available. ITF Advisor on Innovation and Foresight, Philippe Crist (photo), moderated the plenary session “Opening Up: Smart Data for Smarter Mobility” at the LA CoMotion conference. Watch the recording

Finding a place for drones in the transport mix

Which policies are needed to successfully integrate drones into our transport system? A new ITF working group "Drones in the transport system" held its kick-off meeting in Paris, France, on 10-11 December (photo). The group brings together experts from around the world to study the rapidly-developing drone concept services in the light of their public acceptability and safe integration within the transport system. Read more

Supporting domestic air connectivity

Every day, airlines launch new international routes to serve our increasingly connected world. Many aviation links within our own countries are at risk, however. A new ITF report examines ways to preserve domestic connectivity by air in a cost-effective manner. Read more

Forum highlights

Secretary-General Kim explored areas for collaboration with the European Commission's Director for Transport in the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Clara de la Torre, in Brussels, Belgium, on 13 December (photo). The meeting focused on technological innovation in transport and reviewed progress of joint work with the Decarbonising Transport initiative
Secretary-General Kim met with Tadeusz Szozda, Chairman of the Organisation for Co-operation between Railways (OSJD), in Warsaw, Poland, on 11 December (photo). Discussions centered on opportunities for cooperation and OSJD's participation at the 2019 Summit
Secretary-General Kim and ITF Head of Quantitative Policy Analysis and Foresight, Jari Kauppila, met with Ertico's Chief Financial Officer, Didier Gorteman (photo, centre), in Brussels on 13 December to explore future collaboration on transport innovation topics. Ertico has been involved in ITF's work on intelligent transport systems, including organising a side event on blockchain and cybersecurity at the 2018 Summit.
Secretary-General Young Tae Kim received the Ambassador of Israel to the OECD, Eli Emanuel Lev, on 5 December in Paris (photo). Israel became an ITF member country in 2015, following OECD membership in 2010. More than 30 ambassadors attended a briefing with Secretary-General Kim on ITF activities last September in Paris. The next briefing will be on 5 April. Read more
ITF brought its Safe System message for road safety to the MAPFRE Foundation Conference held in the Spanish Parliament on 10 December. ITF road safety expert Véronique Feypell (photo) provided Spanish road safety stakeholders with an overview of Safe System implementation worldwide, both at national and city level. See full conference coverage
Advances in fuel efficiency and environmental standards by Bulgarian hauliers can provide a best practice example for other ECMT Multilateral quota member countries. Elene Shatberashvili, Manager of the ITF Group on Road Transport, held meetings with Bulgaria's Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications, the Executive Agency Road Transport Administration and industry representatives in Sofia on 14 December to discuss future development of the Quota and its importance for the European road transport. ECMT Multilateral quota information
ITF statistics activities and the upcoming Annual Statistics Meeting in April were presented at the Eurostat Coordinating Group on Statistics on Transport (CGST) in Luxembourg on 29-30 November. ITF statistician Mario Barreto represented ITF at the event which allows an assessment of work carried out for EU transport statistics by all EU member states. More on next ITF Transport Statistics Meeting
The Global Maritime Logistics Dialogue, organised by ITF, brings together stakeholders to increase the performance of the maritime logistics chain via collaboration and dialogue on current issues in the sector. The Dialogue met for the fourth time in Brussels on 30 November. Participants discussed the potential of blockchain, common standards, collaboration and information sharing to increase logistics performance and avoid bottlenecks.
ITF presented its research on shared and automated vehicles at a workshop on policy levers for promoting efficient mobility at the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (photo) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on 14-15 November. ITF analyst Elisabeth Windisch also presented the Decarbonising Transport initiative.
Potential impacts of shared mobility on rail was the focus of a workshop organised by the International Union of Railways (UIC) in Warsaw, Poland, on 14 November. ITF analyst Francisco Furtado provided insights on how new digital mobility services could be used to provide first and last-mile solutions (photo). More on our shared mobility work.
Statistical tools are being developed to better understand current global transport sector challenges, such as CO2 emissions. ITF statistician Mario Barreto presented work on Transport Satellite Accounts (TrSA) at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Expert Advisory Group on Aviation Satellite Accounts held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 5-7 November. More on next ITF TrSA meeting
The annual coordination meeting of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI) took place in London, UK, on 14 December. ITF is a founding partner of the GFEI, which assists governments and transport stakeholders to promote greater fuel economy. Go to GFEI website
“Get Out of My Space! What Do We Make Room For in our Cities?” was the question posed by the POLIS 2018 conference in Manchester on 23 November. Philippe Crist (photo) moderated the session and contributed insights from ITF ’s recent work on curb management. Also showcased by ITF: recent work on blockchain technologies, Mobility as a Service and algorithmic governance. Get the report "The Shared-Use City: Managing the Curb"
Policies to support safety by leveraging new data sources was the topic of an ITF Corporate Partnership workshop on data-driven transport safety held in Paris on 3-4 December (photo). Experts examined current and emerging use cases where data can bring new insights. Subscribe to the Corporate Partnership Board Newsletter for updates

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MOVE: Models, Technology, Sustainability. Mobility Re-imagined
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28 February - 1 March | Paris, France

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